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Gorgeous Miss Jasmine is lounging and wearing nothing but pantyhose and stilettos. “I just love suntan pantyhose” she says as she runs her hands up and down her legs. Jasmine calls her slave over to start worshiping her shoes but not for long as she wants to feel her foot in his mouth. She tells him to suck and get her feet nice and wet. As she sucks she looks at you and asks if you wish you were at her feet rather than him.

Jasmine talks through this video talking about her feet and legs and ass and her hose. The slave never skips a beat though even when she pulls the foot out and slaps his face with it. She gets up on all fours to torment him with her ass but tells him to kiss her legs. Then she is back sitting as the slaves tongue runs up and down the soles of her feet. She talks about how her essence gets imbedded in the fabric of her hose and then goes on her knees again so her pathetic bitch can give her ass cheeks a thorough kissing.
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FemaleWorship – I Wanna Go To Work Happy – Raven Hart

Miss Raven Hart is about to head to work but she wants to head there happy. The best way for that is with a quick cunnilingus pick me up, that will help her start the day all fresh and ready to go.
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SubbyGirls – You Just Spoil Me Every Time

Noemie Bilas and Sophia Grace love to spoil each other with their bodies. They will offer them up to each other anytime of day for regular worship and oral adoration.
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This scene opens with BBW Extraordinaire Lady Katy sucking her own toes. “I love sucking my toes” she says, and adds, “The only thing better is getting my ass licked at the same time.” You get a great view of her massive hairy ass and pussy as she calls her slave over to perform his task. The slave lies beneath her and soon his tongue is deep inside her asshole. “Now everyone is happy” Katy purrs. The camera gives you a great overhead view and you clearly see Katy sucking her toes while her asshole gets licked. She looks directly at you and asks which you like better, feet or ass. When her slave replies, she admonishes him, saying, “I wasn’t talking to you, dummy.”

She extends her other foot out for you and the scene has a bit of a POV angle to it. She curls her foot to show the creases of her sole and spreads her toes wide so you can slip your tongue in between them. She really starts to enjoy the double pleasure of sucking her own toes and having her ass deeply rimmed, and you hear her moans intensify. “I hope my asshole tastes as good as my toes do” she says, adding that the slave is lucky she can’t lick her own asshole or she wouldn’t need him at all. He stays very focused on keeping his tongue active on her asshole until she calls him up to suck the foot that was just in her mouth. While he does this, she fingers her pussy, then aggressively uses several fingers, and you can literally hear how wet she is. Katy is a real screamer, and as she finger fucks herself, she screams and thrashes until she reaches a mind-bending orgasm. “I’m done with you; I’m done with everyone” she says with a sigh.
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FemaleWorship – Let Me Finish My Makeup – Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is trying to finish her makeup, but she keeps getting distracted by the adoring male kneeling behind her. She loves his oral attention though so she will take a brief pause from her makeup to let him fully enjoy her taste.
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SubbyHubby – Step Daddy Can’t Smell My Pussy – Kendra Heart

Kendra Heart gets her black male escort from cuck daddy. She is super excited. Before she experiences her first black cock, she wants her pussy to be wet and, ready.
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FemaleWorship – Don’t Stop Until I Cum – Riley Nixon

Riley Nixon is in the mood to be worshipped. So she sits back comfortably, has her male kiss her hand in subservience and then puts him to oral work while she relaxes and enjoys the perks of female supremacy.
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Clubstiletto – Worship My Juicy Butt and Wet Pussy – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle is kneeling on the bed with her big plump ass there for her slaves, as well as you, to drool over. Her crotchless panties give them a Birdseye view of her butt hole and pussy too. “Slaves will do anything for this juicy butt” she says, as she then says you can crawl towards her and kiss each cheek. As she leans forward her big puckered pussy lips are right in your face. “Imagine burying your nose in there” she says tauntingly. Now she calls her slave onto the bed to smell her pussy and ass and tells him to tell her how much he loves it. “You probably wish I’d fart in your face” she says.

Now she orders him to tongue fuck her ass and she moans from the pleasure it gives her. She tells him to spread her cheeks to insure he gets his tongue as deep as possible. Nice views of her bubble butt and asshole through this entire scene. Miss muscle explains how this bitch works like a all day for her just to be able to eat her ass. Now she orders him to go get her black dildo as she wants an orgasm. He has to use his hand to move the dildo in and out of her exactly as she tells him to. Soon she is moaning and thrashing about as the pleasure starts to overtake her. “If you give me a good orgasm you can lick the dildo after” she tells him. Now she tells him to really thrust it in and out of her as she grabs onto his hair. She has a huge orgasm and pulls the dildo away. She is pleased and pats her pet on the head.
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FemaleWorship – Outdoor Living – Raven Hart

Raven Hart loves the outdoors. The sound of birds, a fresh breeze, and the view of a young male eagerly working his tongue to please her. It always makes for a pleasant afternoon.
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