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FemaleWorship – Yes, Eat Me – Victoria Voxxx

Being worshiped by an adoring male is something Victoria Voxxx is quite used to. Lying back as they kiss and adore her body while she gazes down at them. But she will never say no to being eaten out if his mouth takes him there.
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FemaleWorship – You Brought Me A Muffin, You Deserve A Cookie

It’s always nice when a man demonstrates adoration of his owner by bringing her something he thinks she may need without being asked. So when he brings Lauren Phillips a cupcake, she rewards his thoughtfulness with her pleasure.
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Female Worship – Sophia Grace – You Know What Good Boys Get

Sophia Grace is enjoying some downtime while her man adores her from below. He’s been a good boy though so she will take off her shorts and reward him with her womanhood.
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Female Worship – Ella Nova – Little Nibbles On My Clit

Sometimes Ella Nova likes it rough, and other times she wants it more subdued. Like right now she wants little nibbles on her clit and her male is happy to oblige.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Breathe In My Pussy

Breathe in deep and smell the fragrance of Riley Reyes. She always smells like pure bliss between her legs which is why any man lucky enough to have his mouth in the vicinity will also deeply inhale her female scent.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – You Can’t Go To The Gym Hungry

With her man about to head to the gym, Anastasia Rose knows he can’t go there hungry. But rather than feed him protein she instead gives him something between her legs to snack on.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Sweaty Pussy

Riley Reyes may be petite, but she definitely packs a punch. Her training sessions do make her all tired and sweaty though, which is why sometimes she needs a break. Fortunately her male doubles as both sparring partner and oral pet, and right now it’s time for him to switch to oral mode.
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Female Worship – Workout Your Tongue Before You Workout Your Body

Working out your body is fine, but every male needs to spend as much time working out their tongue. Fortunately this is a task that Blake Morgan is always happy to help her man with at all times.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Nice Steady Rhythm

The mood of Riley Reyes will vary from time to time. Sometimes she wants it fast and frenetic, other times she prefers a nice steady rhythm to her males oral ministrations. But any good male will pay attention to her body movements and supply the service she desires.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – Dinner

Dinner can mean a night at an expensive restaurant eating the finest foods, or it can mean going down on the woman you adore. For Olive Glass tonight it is most definitely the latter.
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Clubstiletto – Oh Cucky I Know You Heard Him Fuck Me Up The Ass

As Sexy Cuckoldrix Princess Skylar lies on her oft-used fucking bench, she calls out to her cuck husband, who has been kneeling in the corner. “I know you heard him fuck me” she says mockingly, knowing he’s feeling jealous but aroused at the same time. She tells him that since he did such a good job licking her ass clean in preparation for her lover that she’s now going to let him lick the cum from it. He’s ordered to lift her skirt and spread her ass cheeks, at which point she asks if he can see any cum. Meanwhile, a huge cum load runs from her ass down into her pussy and onto her legs. She tells him there’s more cum inside her ass than outside so he had better be sucking as well as licking.
Skylar didn’t clean her ass very well so the taste is salty and sweet. “You don’t get to brush your teeth tonight” she adds. It then strikes Skylar that the slave’s toothpaste should be cum from now on. After all, why waste money on toothpaste? More cum gushes out of Skylar’s ass, and she tells hubby that her lover came in her ass three times, so hubby can expect to do a lot of cum eating. “I also have another boyfriend coming over in an hour” Skylar adds. “Just make sure you get all the cum because I don’t want him to know I’m fucking other guys.” Hubby is clearly well-trained, and as the cum runs from Skylar’s ass, he diligently licks up every drop. Skylar has not only avoided telling her pending lover she has other boyfriends but hasn’t disclosed that she’s married either. “He’d be shocked if he knew I had a husband here licking another man’s cum from my ass” she laughs. Skylar orders hubby to give her ass a final lick because she doesn’t want a jealous boyfriend on her hands. “I just want men worshiping me, one way or another.”
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – That’s How You Treat A Princess

Anastasia Rose knows her man is relaxing in front of the tv. But princess needs attention which means princess gets oral, so he gets pushed to the side so he can kneel and get to work.
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Clubstiletto – Passion and Love for My Asshole

Kandy has her slave on the floor with his nose in her ass. She moves him in closer with her feet as she’s just farted. Raising her legs into the air, she remarks on how she loves having her ass licked for hours each day, and tells her slave to get busy. “The truth is, I have my ass licked several times a day” she says with a chuckle. “This is just the beginning.” She explains in detail precisely how she likes to have her ass licked, so if you’re an asslicker-wanna-be, you’ll find this clip both educational and arousing. She gets into specifics like what the tongue should do, but stresses the importance of having passion and a genuine love for the female asshole. “Nothing else matters but complete devotion to my asshole” she explains. Her ass cheeks are spread wide and you get a perfect view of her full ass and puckered anus.
Kandy says that everything this slave eats and drinks is at her discretion. Sometimes he gets more than nectar and nuggets, but if she’s in a crappy mood, she makes him wait and feeds him only from her body. She does, however, have other bodily treats for her slaves. She shaves her armpits, places the trimmed hair into a cup of water, and has the slave drink it. “Nail clippings, snot, spit, skin; he gets it all.” Meanwhile, the slave continues to lick. Kandy points out how close he is to her pussy, but says it’s reserved for real men and she would never allow a dirty slave tongue anywhere near her love-hole. For fun, sometimes Kandy sends her slave out to find a girl to kiss. But he must leave the scent of Kandy’s ass on his breath – no brushing his teeth! She wants the word to get around about how nasty his breath is, so all women will find him disgusting. “It turns me on to think he and some young vain hotty are locking tongues and sharing the taste of my ass” she laughs. She has the slave do some long licks from the bottom of her ass right up to her pussy. “But don’t you dare touch it” she warns him. All the anal probing has finally loosened Kandy up and she wants to hear some passion as the slave licks her, so she’ll know he’s ready for his breakfast. “Wrap your lips around my asshole” she demands. “It’s time for a big nasty treat”. The slave does as he’s told.
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Female Worship – Goddess Ella – Snookums

The girls often have pet names for the men they own, and Ella Nova is no different. She lovingly calls this one Snookums as he kneels and adorably puts his mouth to work on her bush.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – I Made You Dinner

How nice of Olive Glass to make her man dinner. It’s even kinder of her to lie back on the dining room table to offer him a first taste of her buffet, after which he will go make their actual dinner.
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