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Mistress Gaia – Teaser Girls

I’m joined by my beautiful mistress friends, and we have two slaves that we are going to use for our amusement and pleasure. The first is tiny cock, we bind his feet and hoist him up in the suspension cable. We are going to see how long it takes for his cock to get hard. He’s known for not being able to get it up, so we will tease him to see how long it takes. We begin with a vibrator, usually good for getting to the tickly bit. Then we give him some slaps, and tie a tight cord around his balls, and attach it to the suspension cable. Our bitch is squealing for mercy as the cord begins to wrench his balls. To give him some added incentive we then stick a butt plug tightly into his ass. Eventually, after some more teasing, we allow him the luxury of touching his cock to see if he can cum. However, he still can’t seem to get it up. We decide to get rid of him and bring out another slave. We warn him he better perform for us, if not… his balls and cock will be history. We hoist him up in the suspension and allow him to play with his cock. At we taunt and tease him, it’s not long before he squirts his mess over himself. What a filthy slut as he cums without our permission. We spit on him, and using his fingers make him wipe his cum and lick them clean. We finally leave our bitch to suffer on the suspension cable. It’s been great fun making our slaves suffer from the sexy skills of the teaser girls…
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MistressGaia – Fitness Femdoms

I would like you to make the workout session at the beginning done with attention to the detailed sweating and dirtying process done during her workout, so we can really see your slave sweating and the socks getting dirty and sweaty. You don’t have to film all the workout, but you can show the beginning for 1 minute, then if it takes her 20 minutes to get sweaty, you can skip most of it and film back when she is sweaty and the sneakers off, 1-2 minutes on workout with no sneakers, socks only and show the dirty socks and the sneakers back on, then 1-2 minutes of workout before the action starts. So the rest of the clip may last 20-22 minutes.

Make this look like a part of her global training program to make her totally addicted to filthy socks. The image of her being deeply fucked by her socks while she deeply blows the other socked dildo is the climax of the clip, as it will require her having well salivated on both socked dildos and she will have done already a few cycles of ass-to-mouth.

Then the ending is the slave having the dildo from her mouth being mounted off the harness and put all the way in her ass with her panties she puts back on to hold it and she gets up on her feet, you remove the second dildo from the harness and give it to her and she starts begging you that you give it to her, she takes this socked dildo in her hand and lick it like an ice cream as she is now fully conditioned to sweaty and dirty socks…
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MistressGaia – Just Choking – Dungeon Roma

Today Dungeon Roma I’m joined by my mistress friend, and we have a slave that’s going to experience some painful pleasure. I have him on the floor with his hands bound behind his back, his are legs separated and tightly bound to the spreader bar and raised up on the suspension cable. I have also tightly tied his balls with a cord, and can inflict pain simply by pulling tightly on the cord. There’s no escape for our bitch, and we are going to make him suffer. We begin with some teasing, as I pull the cord on his balls while my friend gives them a few gentle kicks. We then remove our shoes and take turns at footgagging him. It’s amusing as his balls are pulled and he squeals in pain, only to be stifled out with another foot shoved to the back of his throat. We continue to pleasure ourselves making our bitch suffer as we footslap his face and balls. Then it’s time for his reward. I bring out a vibrator and hold it on the edge of his cock. He squirms as we continue to put pressure on his balls, while at the same time getting him to lick my feet. Eventually, I allow him to cum and we both laugh as his cock pulsates and he squirts his mess onto his belly. We leave him in his mess and bound and on the suspension cable while we go shopping…
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MistressGaia – Ping Pong

My beautiful mistress friend arrives with a slave Dundeon Roma where she wants to enjoy some fun with her toy. Of course I’m delighted, and as we play our game we will make our bitch suffer. On inspection he has quite a large pair of balls, we will soon take care of that. We place him in the middle as we take up our positions. He has been warned to remain standing, and must endure the suffering for our pleasure. We begin with a couple of warm up kicks just to get our range. Then it’s time to make him suffer. We find our mark with relentless accuracy, eventually bringing our slut to his knees. We get him up again, and continue to painfully bust his balls as we enjoy our game of PING PONG!!
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