The English Mansion – For Vixen’s Pleasure

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
The English Mansion - For Vixen's Pleasure   Featuring: Mistress Vixen Mistress Vixen summons one of her slave's in to provide some entertainment for the evening. She starts with him placed under her electric queening chair, using his mouth to worship her shoes and suck deeply on the sharp heels before smothering him with her panties and perfect arse. Slave is then secured in the sit sling, helpless to Vixen's innovative brand of cock and ball torments, involving weights and administrating cold heat to his most sensitive… Read More

The English Mansion – Teasing The Prisoner Mistress Vixen

Friday, August 7th, 2015
The English Mansion - Teasing The Prisoner Mistress Vixen   Featuring Mistress Vixen Mistress Vixen delights in teasing the prisoner, he is locked up in the cell, in manacles and asleep on the mattress. She wakes him up and orders him to his knees, she then attaches biting nipple clamps so he cannot move from the cold steel bars. She slowly undresses, driving him wild, as she verbally humiliates and teases him until it becomes too much. Read More