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TheEnglishMansion – Mistress Tease – Mistress T

Wearing sexy black latex and thigh high boots, Mistress T is playing with her bondage slave, strapped down in the dungeon. She mounts his body, controlling his breathing as she rubs his stiff cock, her expert hands edging his dick, before using the vibrator and nipple clamps to increase the tease levels. After more handjob action, she allows him the chance for a full orgasm, which he gladly takes, the Mistress of tease in amazing action.
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MistressT – Sexually Serve Domme – Virtual Sex

To hell with rules about what Pro Dommes do & do not do. You are mine to do with as I want and today, I want to be sexually served. You’ll worship my pussy until I cum. I’ll use your cock until I’ve had my fill and you won’t ejaculate until I give you permission. You cock belongs to me, your mouth belongs to me and I’ll use them as I please.

If you fail to serve me as I desire, we are surrounded by instruments of pain. You’ll be punished in ways you won’t like but that will amuse me. So, get to work, slave.
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MistressT – Depraved Man Ass Cleaner

Those depraved thoughts you have always float to the surface when you get horny. The idea of sucking cock & guzzling cum isn’t extreme enough for you anymore, but the thought of licking another man’s asshole while I make you do it better, deeper, sloppier…..ooooooh, your dick is so hard thinking about getting down on your knees for me, being a sicko.
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MistressT – Ass Obsession Seduction

Your obsession with women’s asses will be your undoing. So easily controlled with a beautiful ass. So weak for it. I trick you into drinking a potion that will cast a spell on you upon ejaculation. If you cum while looking at my ass you will become my possession. Your soul & body will belong to me for me to do with as I please…
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MistressT – MILF’s Driving Gloves

You’re maturing and changing. I’ve seen the way you look at my leather gloved hands gripping the steering wheel and you think about them gripping your cock. You know it’s improper to be aroused by your own MILF, but it’s really about the gloves, isn’t it? I decide to use my gloves to train you to be a better lover, to teach you orgasm control…so that if I fuck you, you’ll be able to please me…
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MistressT – Good Enough

Do you think you’re good enough for me? I’ll be the judge. Let’s see how much orgasm control you have. I’m not going to make it easy on you. I know you have a weakness for my leather gloves. I’m going to tease, keep you on edge, drive you crazy. Let’s see what you’re made of…
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Part of our intensive program to turn you straight is to create situations you can’t resist. To deny you orgasms for long periods of time & then have a sexy female therapist stimulate you to climax. We train you to be aroused by women. Our methods are unorthodox but effective. We’ll milk the gay right out of you!
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From: Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery

NOTE: Part 1 is all cuckolding & “encouraged” bi. The pegging/strap-on is only in Part 2, to be released a week later.

My cuckold is so desperate to fuck me he’ll do anything I tell him to. He does not want to suck cock, on no. I tell him I’ll “fuck him” if he does. Reluctantly he agrees. He fluffs my lovers cock & watches as another man gets what he so desperately wants. I let him taste my pussy on that cock after it’s been inside of me. I even further debase him by having him clean my lovers cum off my pussy.

I then tell him I’ll fuck him…but I bring out a big strap-on dick telling him that I meant I’d fuck him in the ass! Poor fella. ha ha

(Part 2 contains all the anal play/strap-on ass fucking.)
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It’s just you and me now. This is how you like it. Nothing to distract you. Just focus on me, my eyes, my voice. Having me so close is so intimate… it takes your breath away. I know how you crave this time together. You love to follow my instructions. The way I tease you drives you crazy. Edging you, controlling your orgasm. Show me what a good boy you can be for me and cum only when I give you permission…
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MistressT – Cheating Wife Encourages You To Suck Priests Cock

Going to Church has taken on a whole near meaning. Your religious wife has found a new way for you to worship. She’s been having an affair with your Priest and now she wants you to get down on your knees and take that holy sacrament.
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MistressT – Cuckolded By Tough Guy

You groggily wake up to find your girlfriend fucking another man…

He’s a tough guy you had stupidly started a fight with. He easily knocked you out with one punch. As a gentleman, he helped your girlfriend drag your out-cold ass home. One thing led to another…
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Clubstiletto – Get Mommy Off – Mistress T

M0mmy T has her oldest son seated at her feet with his head in her lap. She is stroking his hair and she is telling her son that she wants him to do what M0mmy has taught him. To lick her pussy just the way she likes it even though it is her time of the month. She knows this upsets his younger brother who is on camera at this time, but both brothers must learn to share in licking M0mmy’s pussy. M0mmy always wants her boys to share. She then spreads her legs and pushes his head into her pussy. “That’s a good boy, lick M0mmy’s pussy just the way I taught you,” she says. M0mmy T then describes the twisted life they have together as her son continues to lick her pussy. The verbals are incredible and as she is speaking, she starts to moan in pleasure and eventually commands her son onto his back so she can sit on his face and ride it. M0mmy T starts to feel huge waves of pleasure as she rides her son’s face to orgasm. The whole time we know his brother on camera is absolutely jealous of the favoritism M0mmy T is showing his older brother, but eventually all the boys will get their turn at “getting M0mmy off!” This video is extremely twisted and steamy hot for those into family fantasy adventures. Highly recommended!
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MistressT – Do You Measure Up?

So you think you have what it takes? This is an erotic, commanding edging scene, an interactive orgasm control exercise. An audition of sorts, a sexy hand job scene & a visual feast for lovers of pantyhose. Let’s see if you’re up to the challenge!
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MistressT – StrapOn-Worship Your Superior Goddess

This slave is auditioning to serve in one of the kinkiest brothels around. He’ll need to prove he’s proficient at sucking cock, taking huge dick in his ass, rimming & having the right service attitude.
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