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FemdomInsider – Punished for Bastard – Mistress Soraya

Mistress Soraya in Leather Boots Dressed like punish her Slave with sexy Whipping Time. She leaves nothing to the imagination as she embarks on a extreme whipping session that you will not soon forget. The cracks on the flesh are loud, painful and dramatic.
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FemdomInsider – Two oral Servants for our Dirty Boots

The slaves must exhibit their best oral skills while cleaning Mistresses’s boots. This testing them to determine who will make a better oral servant. The job must be done perfectly cause Miss Dolce and Mistress Soraya are never satisfied!
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FemdomInsider – Slapping Punishment – Mistress Soraya

Mistress Soraya the slave an extreme face slapping in the hall way of her house. She feels no pity for the slave as she continues to trash his face with full force face slaps. This is another fantastic face slapping clip from the angry Mistress.
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