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Clubstiletto – Mistress Roxy – Swallow MY Cum Farts 2

Throw Back Thursday! A classic cum fart video, fart lovers will not want to miss. Kenny has been brought up by his domineering Mom to worship Women. She often has kenny licking her Ass, sucking Daddy’s cum from Her Pussy, or being humiliated in a myriad of ways. Poor kenny, his erections now rule his life, and while he is supposed to be a slave to only M0mmy and Step-Mommy, he can’t resist looking up other hot Women like Mistress Roxy. Roxy loves to humiliate him as you will see in this clip.
Kenny has been locked in the dungeon while Roxy is in the bedroom getting fucked up the Ass by Her lover. Kenny now has the task of taking her cum farts in the face. Loads of fresh cum shoots out, onto her anus and pussy, her legs, and the bench below her. Kenny has to sniff the farts and then kenny has to lick all that cum up. Good boy, kenny! Fantastic video for cum fart lovers.
Mistress: Mistress Roxy
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Club Stiletto – Who is the Bitch Now 4

Club Stiletto - Who is the Bitch Now 4

Bijou hops onto the bitch’s face and Roxy pulls out a vicious anal probe. She starts ramming the probe into their bitch’s asshole while Bijou smothers him with her ass. “”Grab your cock and stroke it bitch,”” they command. The girls are really having fun totally dominating their slut whore bitch. Can you imagine going to a massage parlor and ending up with Bijou and Roxy? Is that heaven or hell?

The bitch ends up blowing a beautiful load as Roxy drives the probe into his ass and Bijou smothers him completely. It supports the theory that orgasms are so intense when there is a lack of oxygen. The girls continue to abuse the bitch, even though he has blown his load, and they decide that he will continue to be their bitch from now on.

Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal, Mistress Roxy
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Forced Fart Sniffing

Duration: 00:05:50
File size: 129 Mb
Format: wmv

Mistress Roxy has done it again! Another disgusting, twisted, perverted fart video. The slave is secured with plastic wrap around his body and mouth. His nostrils are exposed and Roxy takes full advantage of his vulnerability. She sits on his face and blasts nasty farts right up his nose as he thrashes about within his plastic wrap prison.

These farts are NASTY! Roxy can barely stand making the video. Towards the end, she removes the plastic wrap from his mouth so he can clean her asshole of any remnants and announces there’s a big surprise coming and he better open wide.

Mistress: Mistress Roxy
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Lick it Good Bitch

Duration: 00:05:35
File size: 126 Mb
Format: wmv

Mistress Ava and Mistress Roxy decide to really put their new little asslicker to the test. Mistress Ava starts off sitting on his face in reverse position with her slave’s face providing just the right seat for her to have a cigarette while Roxy torments the slave’s cock. Roxy gets very turned on and starts licking Ava’s pussy while she’s seated on her slave. Then Ava turns into forward position and sits on the slave’s face.

Roxy keeps Ava’s ass cheeks spread nice and wide so the slave’s tongue can properly lick her sweet, perfect little bum hole. Super hot action. Then Ava moves into doggie position and Roxy grabs the slave’s head and forces it deep into Ava’s ass for more exciting and steamy ass licking. The Mistresses are really enjoying their power over their new little asslicker.

Mistress: Mistress Ava, Mistress Roxy
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Smothering Smorgasbord

Duration: 00:05:52
File size: 132 Mb
Format: wmv

Mistress Roxy delights in spending some quality smother time with her young slave. She crushes his face in side saddle position with no mercy before moving into forward and reverse positions. It’s a smothering smorgasbord of delight.

She parts her ass cheeks so he can taste her tangy asshole with his tongue and give her pleasure.Probing deeply into her asshole with his tongue. The slave better get used to spending a lot of quality time under Roxy’s Supreme Black Ass.

Mistress: Mistress Roxy
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