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Clubstiletto – This Is So Much Fun – Raevyn Rose

Young and sexy Miss Raevyn is back and taking a try at trampling. The camera opens up on her amazing butt but we soon see her slave laying in the background. She runs across the room and takes a leap onto his body. The slave gasps as the air is forced from him and then again and again as she holds onto the fireplace and starts to leap. “He’s been waiting here all day” she says as she sticks her toes in his mouth and then runs her sole over his tongue. She jumps some more and never gets off his body. She steps on his groin, stomach, chest and head.

Raevyn then decides to take some more running leaps onto her slave and follows each leap with more jumping. “This is so much fun” she says. She jumps on his chest then squats down with her ass right in his face saying “This is what you want isn’t it?” She then does a few squats to torment him with her ass. Then more leaping, more jumping and then she squats down with her pussy right in his face and asks him if he can smell it. She asks if he wants a peak and then flashes her pussy to him. After some more walking and jumping she tells the slave to put his legs up so she can sit on him like a chaise lounge. She orders him to lick her toes while she touches herself.
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Clubstiletto – You’re Going To Eat My Man’s Ass – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn has you so whipped you will do anything to please her. “You do a lot of disgusting stuff because I make you” she tells you adding “but today you have to do something really dirty, you have to eat my man’s ass.” She says that she finds the more degrading things are the more turned on you seem to be. Her Man is kneeling on the bed with his ass up and Raevyn runs her hands over it, even spreads his ass cheeks so you can see his asshole which you will be licking soon. She pulls back her shirt to reveal her pussy and as she touches herself she tells you about how hard he just fucked her. “It’s still tingling” she says. She tells you that he’s a real man and you’re not but you can close your eyes when licking his ass and pretends it’s her pussy.

She orders you to get your nose between his ass cheeks and while at it you can reach up and stroke his cock too. “Maybe he’ll get hard again and want to fuck me some more. He can never get enough of fucking me just like I can’t get enough of humiliating you.” Raevyn gets his ass cheeks spread and says she told him to keep it dirty for you. “I want my man’s ass on your breath” she tells you. She says your friends will probably smell it and say “Your breath smells like ass, man” and the joke is that it is actually man ass. Now Raevyn cups her lovers balls and makes you eat his ass. She wants you to show him how you will do anything she tells you to. “He already knows you suck his cum out of my pussy” she says, “and he thinks you’re disgusting.” Raevyn reminds you how low you are, how she can humiliate you, and while you are locked in chastity her man comes 2 or 3 times an hour. “Not only does he get to fuck me but he gets his ass eaten by you.” She tells you to tell her that you’re a man ass eater and that you love eating his ass, that you like it. “You can even oink like a p1g” she laughs. She decides she will have him face sit you until you are out and then he will get off your face and fuck her again. “Loser!”
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Clubstiletto – Fart Sniffer You’re Going To Be My Full Toilet

Gorgeous, young Miss Raevyn is happy to see you. “I’m so happy you’re here because I’m so gassy today,” she says to you. She spreads her ass cheeks wide to reveal her tender sweet anus and orders you to bring your nose in close to sniff it. She tells you to lick her hole as it will loosen her up and help her fart. She wants the smell on your face “so your friends and family can smell it.” She says that by the time she’s done with you, everyone will be calling you fart face and that you’ll be so honored to serve her this way, you’ll tell everyone you know.

She rolls onto her stomach and the overhead camera pans from her toes to her head, giving you a view of her amazing bubble butt along the way. She tells you that you’ll do a good job or be replaced. The camera hovers over her ass because you’ll want the extra time to rub yourself as you imagine having your nose in that crack. She directs you to down to her feet to kiss and smell them, but not for long, because now she needs to fart. Her anus expands as several farts are released, one after the other. “Soon this won’t be enough,” she tells you, and your need to become her full toilet will only grow. “Deep down you know you’re really a toilet” she says to you. Raevyn kneels on the bed and blows one last fart in your face to end this scene. If you time your orgasm with her fart, your devotion to her will grow and you’ll spend more and more time longing to actually be her fart sniffer and toilet.
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Clubstiletto – Toilet Training For Big Brother – Raevyn Rose

As Miss Raevyn sits on the toilet, she tells you that her brother is on the floor in order to hear her, to smell her, and to condition himself to becoming her full toilet. “I know he loves the smell,” she says with a giggle. As she relieves herself, Raevyn waves her hand between her legs and towards her brother’s face, so that the smell wafts over to him. While she uses his body as a footrest, the camera moves in and you see Raevyn’s amazing pussy as well as her cute little landing strip. As she starts to pee, she tells her brother that this could all be going into his mouth tomorrow if he proves to be a good slave. She stays on the toilet until she’s sure she’s finished, and while she waits, she decides to stick her toes in his mouth.

“I have so many people writing me about being my toilet. Maybe I should have you dig in the toilet once I’m done, to retrieve the logs so I can sell them,” she says to him. “They have to be worth $100 each,” she adds, and then questions why she should allow her brother to get his for free. Hmmm! Raevyn tells her brother that it’s time for him to lick her ass clean. She gets up and sits her dirty ass down, right on his face. She calls him vile names and tells him that he’ll always do as she demands, or their parents will see him eating her waste. “Maybe Mom will want to make you her toilet, too,” she suggests. She makes him stroke his cock to show her how much he loves her candy and tells him to think about Mom’s candy, too. She sits full-weight on his face and restricts his air while she continues to say vile things to him. “Eat it all up,” she tells him. “Oh, here comes another one!” she says, and then just as he’s about to cum, she tells him to stop. “You’re never coming again,” she says to him. She gets up, spreads her ass cheeks wide, and asks if it’s clean. “Yes, yes, Miss Raevyn, it is,” he says, fumbling for words and feeling overwhelmed by her power and beauty.
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Clubstiletto – I Think Of You As Toilet Paper

Miss Raevyn reclines on the bed, leisurely reading a sex toy catalogue. “This is a nice cock. It reminds me of my boyfriend’s cock,” she says, pointing to a photo on a page full of beautiful, hard cocks. cocks worthy of a Goddess like Raevyn. The camera zooms back and we see that Raevyn has her now-blackmailed brother on his knees, sniffing her ass. She looks at him with disgust. She finds him revolting, especially after seeing all those studs in the magazine. “I don’t hear you sniffing,” she says sharply, which triggers bro to start sniffing for all he’s worth. “I’m good enough to let you sniff my ass and you’re not doing it,” she admonishes. She looks directly at you now, and says “I’m sure you would do a better job, wouldn’t you?” She threatens to replace her brother and reminds him that if she dumps him, Dad will see the video she took of him sniffing Mom’s and her used panties, as seen in the clip ‘Mom and Sis Panty Sniffing Blackmail’. The camera angles give you a full-length view of Raevyn, starting at her feet, panning up her legs, and finishing with her sweet bubble butt.

Raevyn reminds her brother that in addition to the fallout from Dad, he will of course never get an ass like hers again. He has a lot to lose, so becomes quite diligent in performing his task, careful not to talk back or do anything to upset his owner. “Can you smell my farts? I’ve farted a lot in these panties, and in fact, I didn’t wipe myself after using the toilet so all of that is ground in, too.” She tells him that she no longer needs to wipe her ass because she thinks of him as her toilet paper. She moves him back and lifts her panties away from her anus, giving him a perfect view. She asks if she’s the only girl he fantasizes about now, and of course, he says yes. “I’ve spoiled you for any other girl,” she tells him. She instructs him to kiss her ass cheeks and reminds him that she now owns him. As he kisses, she goes back to enjoying her magazine. She says she will be buying one of the strapons in order to fuck him up the ass, and then he’ll know how it feels for her when her boyfriend fucks her up the ass. “We’ll finally have something in common,” she says with a smile. She tells him that if he keeps working hard, she’ll eventually let him stick his tongue up her ass, but he must earn this. She tells him to get his nose back in her hole and to breathe in deeply. Finally, she has him move back against the wall, just to gaze at her ass again. “I think you’re addicted,” she says to him, before she looks at you again, and says “I think you’re addicted, too.”
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Clubstiletto – I Like To Sit On A Slaves Face – Raevyn Rose

This scene opens with Miss Raevyn talking about how she does things in an untraditional way, like wearing bra, panties, garter and stockings to work out. and using a slaves face as her bike seat. As the camera pulls back we see her on the bike and a slave already kicking for air below her. Raevyn has such an amazing plump ass and it just wraps itself around the pathetic slaves head who despite his need to breath is in 7th heaven. The camera is down low and you get a great view upwards of her ass as it grinds the slaves face. Wisely the camera man just stays there for a good period of time because the view is just captivating. Then the camera moves back so you get a full view of Raevyn, the bike and her slave.

Once sweating heavily she stops peddling to insure there is a tight seal on the slaves face. He really starts to grunt and struggle until Raevyn finally gets up and moves to the couch. She lifts her arm in the air and you can see her pit is sweaty. “I bet you’d love to lick that up” she says looking right at you. Next she calls in her worm and makes him lick her left pit from top to bottom. She then lifts the other arm and tells you to lick it while her slave licks the other. There’s enough to go around for two slaves and she expects you both to keep the taste on your breath all day. “We’ll see who does the best job” she says, “and the winner gets to be my bike seat.”
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Sexy young Raevyn Rose is out in the woods with her dumb beast when she feels the need for a long ride. “We might be out here for hours,” she tells him. She directs him to move through the trails with a bit of speed, as well as the hills, before she sends him to an area Jasmine has suggested she check out. When they arrive, Raevyn is delighted to see an actual pony playground.

She directs her beast to the bench where she wants him to do some squats. She tells him she needs to make sure he’s strong enough to carry her whenever she wants, for as long as she wants. “Let’s start with 1,000 squats,” she says. She tells him he should be able to do that before sunset. “After all, it’s only noon now,” she adds. The scene rolls over to catch the last few lifts attempted by the pony, who is ready to collapse by this time. Raevyn doesn’t care though, and orders him up to carry her home. She warns him not to drop her and tells him that this cruel training will make him a better pony. Suddenly, the pony crumples to the ground, exhausted. Raevyn shows her disgust before she looks directly at you and asks, “do you want to be my pony?”
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Clubstiletto – The Final Reward – Raevyn Rose

This clip comes with a bonus pee scene at the end. We open as Princess Lily sits on her slave’s face while he assumes his position as her bike seat. Her ass drips sweat, and you’ll wish so badly that you could lean in to lick it all up. She rubs her ass, then feeds the slave some of the salty sweat right off her fingers. She pedals, which is an important part of keeping her ass so perfect, while the slave struggles below to catch some air. “Which boy hasn’t dreamed of being a girl’s bicycle seat?” she asks. Strategic upward camera angles give you an amazing view of Lily’s famous bubble butt, and she even stands on the pedals to give you a full view.

She stops pedaling altogether in order to get a really good seal on the slave’s face. He grunts, groans, and kicks, while Lily raises her legs in order to subject him to her full weight. “What a dream, being my bicycle seat, although real men dream about being between my legs,” she says. And she knows what you’re dreaming about. “I bet you want to be my bicycle seat, too, don’t you?” she asks, as she looks directly at you. She raises her arms to reveal sweaty armpits and asks if you want to lick them, too. She suggests a competition with the other slave where the winner gets to lick her body. She resumes pedaling, as she gets the slave’s nose and mouth deep into her ass crack and laughs while he kicks frantically. We end this clip with a 40 second bonus scene of Lily sitting on the toilet, peeing. She rubs some pee onto her hand and offers it to you to lick clean.
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Clubstiletto – These Cucks Can Never Get Enough Training

Miss Raevyn is sitting on the bed and says that her friend Miss Jasmine has lent her her cuckold for the day. She calls the dumb but obedient creature over and he rushes in on all fours. “Sniff my stockings” she tells him. “You can just never train them enough, it’s a constant struggle” she says. What a divine Princess Raevyn is, and she knows it and has no trouble treating the slave like a piece of meat. She comments how Jasmine has blackmailed the slave and he has no choice now but to do whatever he is told. “He brings home a pay check and does all the dirty work” she explains. As he sniffs her stockings she rubs her other foot into his hair. “Now come up here and sniff my boyfriend” she tells him as he moves in bringing his nose to her pussy. “I have a couple boyfriends coming over and I want you to fluff them for me” she says and then tells him to practice on her foot. She shoves the nylon clad foot into his mouth. She uses the other foot to press his head down on the foot. She warns him that the guys might beat him if they aren’t happy so she expects to do a good job.

Now Raevyn has the slave get on the bed as she wants to sit on his face. As she blocks his nose and mouth she tells him to stroke his tiny cock as she’s curious to see how big it actually gets. She moves into a forward position and her ass looks amazing crushing his face. Her skin so youthfully smooth and elastic, her wonderful bubble butt. The slave struggles hopefully aware that being in this position is one most guys would do anything for. She moves into a reverse position again and lets the slave kick while looking at you and saying “I bet you wish it was you.”
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Clubstiletto – Mom and Sis Panty Sniffing Blackmail

Raevyn sneaks into her parents’ bedroom with the video camera running while her brother lies on the bed stroking his dick and sniffing panties. “Boo!” Raevyn calls out, as her brother’s eyes open wide while he sits up in shock. “What the fuck are you doing here?! I thought you went on vacation with Mom and Dad!” he says, clearly upset. “Obviously, I’m not. and what are you doing?” Raevyn asks, as she picks up a pair of panties and points out that they are her worn panties. She picks up another pair and asks “and aren’t these Mom’s?” Raevyn is disgusted and her brother begs her not to tell. It’s all on video though and the only way out for him is to agree to be Raevyn’s slave. He protests but eventually realises he has no choice but to do as he’s told, since she has threatened to put the video on his FB page. The scene rolls over to the living room, where Raevyn sits on the couch, using her naked brother as her footstool.

She tells him that every time he’s subjected to things like this, she has even more video, and things will get a lot kinkier. She asks if he’s ever heard of a human toilet. “You’re going to learn to love eating my sch1t,” she explains to him, and says he will even crave it in time. She orders him onto all fours to give her a foot massage. “Imagine what Dad would think if he saw you on his bed, sniffing Mom’s panties,” she says with a giggle. She orders him to lick the dirty soles of her feet and to worship her feet in their entirety. She finds herself getting turned on and slides her hand inside her panties to touch herself. This gets her even more aroused and she tells Big Bro that in time he’ll probably have to watch her boyfriend fuck her. “Maybe I’ll make you suck his cock, too,” she tells him. He says that he doesn’t want to, to which Raevyn replies, “Yes, you do.” She says that after her boyfriend cums inside her she’ll stand over her hapless brother and let the cum drip onto him, followed up with some of her piss. This is just the start of a whole new life for her pathetic brother. “You’re going to regret the day you ever decided to sniff our panties,” she says, with a big smile on her face.
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Sexy Raevyn Rose is back and she has been thinking about you because it’s a hot day and she has been sweating and as she says “I know how much you love sweat.” She raises her arm in the air and exposes her sweaty and sticky armpit and you’re going to want to jump in with your tongue out and start licking for all you’re worth. “Can you see the moisture?” she asks you. She has you sniff first, first one pit and then the other. “Savor it, this smell should be in your nose all day.” Now she directs you to bring your lips up and kiss her pit. Then to lick all the way up and down.”I want everyone to smell my sweat on your breath” she tells you. She has you move back to the first pit and again directs you to lick the entire surface. She tells you her tits are sweaty too but you don’t get those, just her armpits and really you don’t even deserve that. Your mouth is so close to her lips now and you can feel her hot sweet breath on you but don’t even think of going there, you are only good enough for the stinky parts. “If you do a good job I might let you lick the smell from my feet too” she tells you as the camera scans down to show you her gorgeous toes and sole. She directs you to stick your tongue between each toe and then to suck on them. “Stick your nose between the toes now and smell” she tells you and then says before attending fully to her feet she wants you back to give her armpits one final lick. She says the pervert next door is always staring at her so do a good job or she’ll make him her slave instead. “One thing you both have in common though, neither of you will ever get this” she says as she slides her hands into her pants to touch herself.
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Raevyn Rose enters the room where you’ve been waiting for her arrival. As she enters, she points to her table toilet and tells you that where you belong is on the floor beneath it. “Anytime I need to use the toilet, you are my toilet from now on” she says to you. She adds that she will randomly holler ‘toilet’ at any hour of the day, and when she does, it’s your job to scramble beneath the table, mouth open. As she lifts the lid, she says that from now on, when she opens it she expects to see your face looking up at her. “You will have your mouth open and be prepared to receive my gift whenever I need to relieve myself.” So many would do anything to be her toilet, and now by some fluke you’ve found yourself alone with her and have been chosen to fill the most desirable position in her household. “Me and my friends; you’re going to be busy,” she tells you. “If I have enough friends over, maybe you can live off of it. After all, why should I be spending money on food for a slave?”

She hikes up her dress, sits down, and tells you to enjoy this perspective because you will never see it again. Soon you’ll be on the floor beneath the toilet and that will be your permanent place and your only purpose. She tells you how humiliating and disgusting this will be for you, as you obviously won’t get everything in your mouth, and that means you’ll be lying in a disgusting mess. “Whatever you miss, you will be licking off the floor,” she informs you. She can see you’ve become erect at the thought so she mocks you for your obvious need to be the lowest of lows in her life. She and her friends will see you as a vile, dirty, stinky thing and will laugh as they use you for their amusement. Raevyn leans back to give you a close up view of her “sweet pussy, where all my pee comes from.” She will pee only after doing her business and will use it to wash everything down. She orders you underneath the toilet because she realises she has to go now. The camera angle changes and you’re under the toilet, looking up at her ass, her pussy, and her beautiful face as she gazes down at you from between her legs. She tells you to look at all of her beauty and reminds you to keep your mouth open. She goes into detail as to what will happen, and warns you that the pee in your eyes will make it difficult to see, so you’ll have to use your other senses to position yourself in order to catch as much as you can. If you can’t do the job, naturally, you will be replaced. “You will be disgusting and dirty and I will leave you lying there for hours, just drying out with all my waste on you. The first thing I’ll do when someone visits is bring them here to show you to them, all dirty and crusty.” She orders you to open your mouth. it’s time!
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You spend your days naked at the feet of your Goddess Raevyn, head bowed in proper slave mode, until she snaps her fingers ordering you to look up at her. “You’ve done well serving me, you’ve been my best slave yet, locked in chastity for weeks, sleeping at night in a cold cage, I could have given you clothes or a blanket but wanted to see you suffer, harsh discipline including cropping and paddling, kicking you in the nuts, and as you have passed your test, I’ve decided to let you worship my pussy and my ass.” She then hikes up her dress to reveal her pussy and sexy V shaped landing patch. “That’s right bitch you are actually going to get to taste my pussy.” She touches herself then licks the fingers to titillate you before telling you to crawl between her legs to smell her.

Her pussy looks so divine, what a lucky slave being allowed to sniff her and then lick her. “Put your tongue between the lips, right where my boyfriend fucks me” she tells you. She parts her lips and tells you this will be the biggest reward you will ever get and even if she never allows it again you will always have the memories which alone should motivate you to continue to work hard and suffer for her. “A real man sticks his cock in there and you only get to lick it” she says. As she directs you how to lick it she tells you that she hopes by closing her eyes she can imagine it’s a big strong man, with a hairy chest and big hard cock that is actually there pleasing her. “When I open my eyes it’s just you. disgusting” she says with disdain. She stands up and now gives you a view of her amazing ass. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to get your tongue deep inside her hole. “You will suffer and work for me and always remember this special time” she tells you, “even when you’re lying in your cage alone and cold, with bruised balls, a shredded ass, and nipple clamps on.” She sits back down and dismisses you back to your cage with a snap of her fingers.
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Clubstiletto – There’s Going To Be Many Many Guys

Your wife Raevyn has called you into the room where she explains she has just been fucked by two men and has more on the way. All the cum running out of her has to be licked up. “A man does not want me to spread my legs and see another man’s cum down here” she tells you chuckling because she can see it actually turns you on. She tells you to sniff it first because she wants you to become familiar with the unique smell of each lover. She talks about her various lovers and how they will not only cum in her pussy but on her tits, her feet, all over her body and your job will be to lick up all the cum. “Maybe someone will even cum in my mouth and I’ll cum over and spit it still warm right into your mouth, then maybe wash it down with my piss.”

She tells you that even though her pussy is raw she is not finished, she needs more hard cock penetrating her, giving her the pleasure you never could. “I can feel the pressure all the way up to my belly button and I can feel the cum up deep up there too but it’s all going to ooze out of me for you to eat. It might leak out of me at anytime during the day or night and you will always eagerly lick it up.” She runs her fingers over the cum and into her pussy and then brings them up to your mouth for a taste. She calls you a filthy, devoted cuck. She then tells you that her next lover is going to fuck her up the ass and she’ll be farting cum for you. “Do you want to eat cum from my ass?” she asks with a touch of disdain and delight. She calls you a disgusting pig and says you will eat everything that comes out of her ass. “Real men want to come over and fuck me and all you want is to each my cum farts” she tells you. Now she scoops up more cum for you to eat and then tells you to get in and “lick the rest of it up because my boyfriend is going to be here real soon.”
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