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Raevyn’s boyfriend is in trouble now. He’s been caught spending too much money on fetish porn videos and not enough on his beautiful girlfriend. She’s contacted his accountant, Miss Snow, to confront him about his neglect. In the face of his mistakes he swears he’ll do anything to make it up to Raevyn. Miss Snow has a fantastic idea. They’re going to subject him to the things he jerks off to in those videos. They’re going to get all of it on camera as evidence of what a pervert he is. Then he’ll have a new budget. All of his money from now on will go to Raevyn. If he doesn’t comply, these videos will be making their rounds on the internet in no time.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Raevyn’s Sensual Facesitting

Featuring the alluring Raevyn Rose! My sweet little sub Raevyn is so pretty and delicate in her white lingerie. As you all know, there’s no sight I love more than looking down and seeing a pretty girl win between my legs. So, I decide it’s due time for a little sensual facesitting and pussy worship. As I crawl over her and situate myself above her face, her warm breath mingles with the scent of my pussy. She kisses and buries her face there. She is properly reverent to the divine pussy on top of her. I make sure to give her ample time to be covered by my ass. As her hands grip my asscheeks, I can feel her kisses all along the skin there. There’s something so sensual and relaxing about pure worship from a little angel like Raevyn.
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