The English Mansion – Mistress Lola Ruin, Mistress T – Rubber Horse Drawn Cart

Thursday, May 26th, 2016
  Ponyboy is wearing the latest in gas mask hoods, his breath being controlled and sight restricted by Mistresses T and Lola. They inspect his turnout, shod with amazing horseshoe heels that will be tested in the paddock today. Pony is attached to 2 seat cart and under strict instructions is driven around the Mansion grounds, the threat of a whipping keeping him in line. Read More

The English Mansion – Ridden Hard Mistress Lola Ruin

Sunday, January 24th, 2016
The English Mansion - Ridden Hard Mistress Lola Ruin   Featuring: Mistress Lola Ruin Mistress Lola is training and riding her pony in the paddock. She starts off with the pony cart, hitching him up and taking a fast ride around the course, lap after lap, really testing his fitness. She then takes him for a shoulder ride enjoying the elevated view of the beautiful countryside, her spurs cajoling him in the correct direction and speed. As a reward she relaxes with a cigarette and allows him to worship her boots, after this… Read More