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Clubstiletto – Tongue Punch My Ass – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy is sitting on her throne and signals her slave to her feet. He crawls in and she tells him that she is rewarding him for his hard work. His reward is being allowed to rim her ass. This hungry slut loves eating Kandy’s ass for hours on end. “Start with my feet” she tells him, adding “You’re just like a Neanderthal on your knuckles.” The eager boy sniffs, kisses and licks her feet until she directs him up her legs and then up to her panties. She tells him to pull the fabric to the side and to get his tongue in her hole. “Look at my fat pussy lips” she tells him adding that he only gets her ass today. Look but don’t touch.

Kandy’s husband is out and when he is she loves to have this young eager stud slave over who is happy to do whatever she demands. “I’m going to have him licking all night” she says with a chuckle. Finally she decides it’s time to take the panties off all together. The slave removes them and Kandy now kneels on the chair so you get an amazing view of her juicy plump ass. She tells her slave to bury his face in her ass and to tongue punch her ass. She is not happy with the slaves effort and threatens to replace him with a young 19 year old slave if he doesn’t try harder. “He’s a bit old” she says “but he generally does a good job.” Finally she has the slave move back so you can see her big ass, wet butt hole and glistening pussy. “Think how many men would do anything to lick it” she tells her slave before ordering him back to kiss her ass cheeks and show his servitude to her.
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Clubstiletto – The Office Job Competition – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, Mistress Meana Wolf

Mistress Kandy, Mistress Meana, and Miss Jasmine are on the hunt for a new employee to work for their company, FemDom Corp. The employee’s duties will not be comprised of the usual day-to-day office duties, however. Instead he’ll be required to worship, serve, and suffer for all three Mistresses, day after day after day. along with manual labor tasks, too, of course. There’s only one position available but there are two applicants. Such a dilemma! So, the Mistresses decide it will be fun to hold a competition to see which lowly male will make the best office slave.

They plan to test the applicants in various ways – pony play, stilettos, trampling, shoe and foot worship, spitting, ass worship, and toilet slavery. Watch as the ladies put these two bitches through their paces until the winner is finally declared. For fun, we included a behind-the-scenes piece where a short blooper is shown, discussed, and re-shot, as well as the lucky winning slave’s final words, “What guy wouldn’t do anything to be in his place?” If you have office fantasies of powerful women bosses, you’ll love this clip!
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Clubstiletto – A Big Nasty Load in My Ass – Mistress Kandy

Kinky Mistress Kandy lies on the bed while a big load of cum leaks from her ass. “My bitch was locked in the closet while my lover came over and fucked me up the ass,” she says to you, “And now it’s time for him to come out and clean me up.” As she calls to the bitch, the camera swings around to her ass. She spreads her cheeks to reveal all the cum. She orders the slave onto the bed and tells him to sniff the cum so he will know what a stud smells like.

Kandy gets rather nasty as she talks to her slave, who is not only a cuck but a toilet, too. She tells him she wants him to reach in with his tongue and scoop out a big load of cum. He gets a huge load, so she makes him hold it in his mouth for a while before she orders him to eat it. She says she wants her ass nice and clean so it’s time for him to suck all the cum out and lick her until she’s clean. “I have a lot of boyfriends, so he eats a lot of cum,” Kandy explains. The slave buries his face deep in her ass until Kandy tells him to spread her cheeks wide so he can lick cum from every crack and crevice. She tells the slave to get on his back so she can sit on his face to make sure all the cum in her ass drips out. “My boyfriend and I will have such a good laugh when I tell him I made you eat his cum out of my asshole,” she tells the humiliated cuck. You get some great angles of Kandy’s ass and her sweet puckered anus in this scene. Kandy is now ready to lock her cuck away again until her boyfriend returns. She knows the slave will be anxiously waiting to suck it from her once again.
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Clubstiletto – Bound for Glory – Mistress Kandy

The scene opens and we see Mistress Kandy looking super hot as she lies by her slave. His hands are bound because he has a bad habit of trying to touch her. not that you can blame him. She sits on him facing forward and mentions that her ass is really dirty and that she expects a very active tongue from him, with deep anal probing in order to stimulate her. She calls the camera man in and spreads her cheeks so you can see the slave as he eagerly eats her asshole. She threatens to replace the slave if he doesn’t do well and adds that he can also expect some farts along the way.

She sits on him until she’s ready to release her gas and leans forward just long enough to let out a really juicy sounding fart before she sits back down. She laughs with delight! Now that her ass is clean, Kandy decides to relax full weight on the slave’s face, to see how long he can go without air. “Wouldn’t you like to be under this big beautiful ass?” she asks you, as she grinds herself into the slave’s face. Over 30 seconds pass and the slave is suddenly desperate to breathe, not having taken in sufficient air with his last breath. Kandy grinds a bit more, then sits up, just for a brief time in order to let her worm live. Then she’s back down again, bouncing just enough to tease you with her booty, but not enough for the slave to breathe. When she finally gets up, the slave lets out a huge gasp, but this time she gives him only a second to catch some air before she sits full weight on his face again. She really stretches his limits now and the slave works hard not to kick. Eventually, an accidental fart slips out and breaks the barrier between her ass and the slave’s face. As the slave desperately gasps for air, he gets the full impact of her taco-fueled fart. Finally, Kandy decides to lie on the bed and just have her slave rim her. As a final surprise, she spreads her ass cheeks and blasts him with one more wet fart. “Get in there,” she says, as she pulls his head back into her ass, and adds, “You know what comes after a fart, right?”
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Clubstiletto – It’s Hot and Wet and Wonderful – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy calls her slave in on his knees and tells him to sniff her pussy. Unsatisfied with his efforts of late she has decided he will be close when she pees but not as close as he likes. Instead of being her toilet he will be her bath mat while she uses the porcelain toilet instead. Kandy has a busy day ahead for her slave and says if he works hard maybe he’ll get to taste her nectar lately. She sits on the edge of the toilet and lets him bring his nose up to her pussy. She touches it and then sticks the fingers in the slaves mouth. Now she sets her legs on the slaves chest and slides back onto the toilet. Soon she lets out a huge rush of fluid which splatters the toilet lid. “It’s hot and wet and wonderful, just like champagne” she tells her creature who longs to feel it on him and lay in it all day if he could.

You get a great view of the piss shooting out of Kandy’s sweet pussy even though her slave can only hear and smell it. Now she has the slave get on his knees and bring his nose between her thighs so he can smell her nectar even more. She talks about how he loves her piss but really loves being her full toilet even more. How he loves drinking and eating from her. Kandy gets up next and sits on the slaves back so she can push his head further into the bowl. She even closes the lid on his head. “When he please me everything he digests comes directly from my body” she says. Finally she has the slave lay on his back so she can face sit him and get a nice deep rimming, after all she always makes a point of never cleaning her ass very well. “I always keep it nice and dirty just for you” she says with a smile.
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Enjoy this classic from 2017 all over again. Step-M0mmy lets Junior out of his cage to worship her nylon covered feet and legs. “I have a little treat for you today”, she tells him. She tells him she has been out spending his old man’s money and can only imagine what he would think if he saw his son here as her slave. She calls Junior up to her armpits because they are sweaty and she makes him lick them. “Look up at me”, she tells him and puts her lips together as to kiss him. Junior comes in close, excited for his first kiss, and then last second is pushed away. “You can’t kiss m0mmy”, she laughs, “Only lick me. What sort of pig and a pervert would want to kiss his own m0mmy.” After he cleans both of her pits she tells him to use his teeth to remove her stockings so he can suck her sweaty feet properly. “I never shower anymore now that I have you to lick me.” She says she will have old daddy, with his big pot belly and little penis do the same thing to her tonight, to see who does a better job. You can see that Junior is jealous. Then Kandy calls him back up to lick her armpits some more. She looks at the camers and asks if you’d also like to be her s0n. She will call you little johnny and your job will be to lick her ass. At that she spreads her ass cheeks and tells you to get in there and tongue her asshole and if you’re lucky she’ll fart in your face too. While junior licks her armpits you get to be her johnny asslicker. A Goddess needs more than one slave to be properly serviced.
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Miss Olivia Rose and Mistress Kandy love humiliating their worthless slaves in any fashion they can, and the ladies really prove it in this clip. Both girls unleash mega farts in this guy’s face, and he can’t help thanking them for it as they giggle away. We have a variety of farts here, some long-winded, some short, but all incredibly noxious! As Miss Olivia remarks, slaves will do anything!
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Clubstiletto – Don’t You Just Love Sharing My Workout With Me

Mistress Kandy is working out and working up quite a sweat. “The best part about my workout is knowing when I’m done you are going to lick up every drop of sweat on my body, from my armpits to my ass crack, to the back of my neck, to my chest, all the way down to my toes.” She lifts her armpits and calls you in close where you can see the sweat literally running down her body. Woah! Yummy! She tells you to smell it, the odor is so deliciously strong. She resumes working out, this time doing some presses, and she says she can feel the sweat on her boobs and in her crotch.

“What would people think if they saw you here in a public gym licking sweat off my body?” Kandy asks as she rubs her fingers over her pussy. “They’d probably kick you out but inside they’d be totally jealous” she adds. Naturally they would want to lick her all over and then Kandy says that the manager actually often asks her to stay after closing so he can lick her clean. She pulls up her bra to reveal her sweaty globes. She is seriously sweating. “I know he really wants to fuck me but all he gets is my sweat” she says. Kandy now decides to work up her crotch sweat so she pulls down her pants and sits on the bike. Woah her ass looks incredible as she peddles and again her flesh is just dripping wet. Great views of her butt and delicious ass crack. “Lick my entire ass and then my ass crack” she orders you. She spreads her cheeks when she needs to be rimmed and encourages you to get your tongue in her deep. “I want to be totally dry when I leave this gym” she says, which means your tongue will have to touch every inch of her skins before your work is done.
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Clubstiletto – Pony I’m Touching Myself – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy continues her day in the forest with her pony. She comments how rugged the ground is with rocks, branches and thistles all over the forest floor and how glad she is she doesn’t have to walk on it with no regard to the slaves pony parts that are feeling it all. She directs him to a big log and tells him that will be his turning point. “This will make a real man, I mean horse of you” she tells him.

Eventually Kandy decides to test the pony out as a bench so she can enjoy the afternoon sun. She sticks her hand down her pants and panties and torments the slave by telling him what she is doing. “You’re a wild beast, you can’t have my pussy” she tells him but says she will let him lick her finger if he gives her a longer ride. Soon she is back on him and they continue down the trail. Kandy then turns so she is sitting backwards and makes him carry her some more. Now Kandy stands up and pulls her pants down and slides her panties to the side before sitting down again. She has the pony jiggle while she touches herself, it’s almost like having a vibrator. She suggests pissing all over the slave but really focuses now on getting herself off. “My pussy is so sweaty” she says. She then sticks her finger in the pony’s mouth before making him ride some more while she continues to touch herself. Kandy is so lost in her own pleasure she forgets about the pony until he collapses. No problem, she uses him now as a mattress touching herself more until she eventually reaches out with her fingers and gives them to you to lick. She can’t really reward her pony after all!
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Clubstiletto – Pretty Trample – Mistress Kandy

Kandy can’t bring herself to trample a girl, but she does like the idea of looking at a pretty face while she tramples. So, she puts a female mask on her slave, and while his hairy chest is a bit out of place, the face is considerably more appealing to her. She likes the fact that the only expression he can show is through his eyes. and the grunting, too, of course. She wastes no time ramming her heels into his chest and stomach before she reaches up to fuck his slut mouth with one of her heels. She moves about his body and leaves some rather brutal marks that will remain for days.

“He sounds a bit gruff to be a woman,” Kandy says, and orders him to moan and groan in a more feminine manner. Halfway through the scene, Kandy kicks off her shoes and marches on the slave in her fishnet stockings. She rams one of her feet down his throat, then switches to some harsh jumping. She walks on his legs and all over his torso. The camera pans in to show all the marks she has left. “Look at that pretty bitch with her cock-sucking lips,” Kandy says. “I don’t have a cock but I do have my foot.” Finally, Kandy sits down to relax on her slave and rubs her hands over the pretty slut’s face, but not before slamming him repeatedly with her ass.
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Mistress Kandy has been out in the bush for hours, and as the scene opens, we find her sitting on a log with her slave’s head beneath her. He’s deep-rimming her ass because she needs to take a dump. “Rimming my ass and being my full toilet are part of his job requirements,” she says, as the camera moves to the backside of her ass, where you see the slave licking it like there’s no tomorrow. Kandy also says she would never sit on a nasty, dirty log, and she finds the slave’s face helpful in that respect as well. The birds chirp and a plane flies overhead, but Kandy and the slave just carry on as if this were an everyday occurrence, and in Kandy’s world, it pretty much is. She suddenly lets out a ripe fart right into the slave’s face, which makes her laugh. This is also a sign that things are loosening up and soon she’ll be able to feed her bitch and get some relief.

“I had eggs and tacos today,” Kandy mentions, as she sits down on him full weight. He kicks for air, but Kandy wants to hold off for as long as she can, so why not have some fun in the meantime? She looks at you and says, “If you were here now, you’d be on the ground sucking my toes.” How dirty is that? She’s filling a slave’s mouth while you’re on the ground, worshipping her feet at the same time. Kandy does love nasty things. “Some of it will miss his mouth and fall on the ground, and I’ll use my toes to pick it up and stick it in your face,” she says to you. Two slaves feeding at once really excites Kandy. Meanwhile, the slave thrashes about as he tries to breathe, but Kandy is so busy talking about what a dirty s-eater he is, she barely notices. She raises her legs to make absolutely certain all her weight is on his face. She suddenly shifts and spreads her ass because she needs to deliver a few more farts into his face. She’s getting close. “I love fucking farting,” Kandy says, enthusiastically. She pulls off her panties and you get a beautiful visual of her puckered pink anus. She sits back down on the slave’s face and delivers him his lunch. “When you’re done, you’re going to lick my fucking ass clean,” Kandy tells him.
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Clubstiletto – Such Beautiful Amazing Feet – Mistress Kandy

Kandy is back in the woods, relaxing on a fallen tree as she awaits her slave, who she has instructed to crawl the entire way. By this point, Kandy has removed her boots and rubbed her feet into the ground so they’re not only sweaty, but dirty. The slave crawls over and starts to worship her feet. Soon his lips are wrapped around her big toe. She spreads her toes and tells him to lick in between each one. Kandy hears a crackling sound in the woods but says that if it’s a bear, he will likely run away because she just finished spraying her alpha female piss all over the area.

The camera gets some really nice angles, and you can see the soles of Kandy’s feet as well as her toes. She even suggests that if a bear comes to take her slave, she might need you to take his place, and that she might like to have multiple slaves worship her feet at once. “My feet are so beautiful and amazing,” she remarks. The camera moves over head, where you see Kandy sprawled out on the tree, looking ravishing. “I stepped in my pee, so you should be tasting that, too,” she adds. Finally, she has the slave place her boots back onto her feet. She has him lie on the ground and steps up onto his chest, bouncing on him several times, as the scene fades to black.
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Clubstiletto – Hours In The Wilderness – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy is out in the woods her favorite place, “Especially when I don’t have to do any of the walking” she says. She directs the pony through the trails and up a hill before sending him back to a special place she knows not far away. Eventually they come into an opening where there are structures and benches but they encounter a local trekking the trails so Kandy decides to turn the pony back for fear of terrifying the poor woman.

Now she makes the pony break into a full gallop before having him lean against a giant tree to do some squats but not before she picks some leaves from the tree for him to eat. Finally she points the pony home and likely anticipating a carrot or apple for his hard work he again breaks into a full gallop and they disappear into the sunlight.
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Clubstiletto – Trample Then Lick – Mistress Kandy

Kandy has had a wonderful afternoon in the forest with her slave as seen in the clips I Need To Take A Huge Dump, Such Beautiful Amazing Feet and Hours In The Wilderness. Now Kandy has her slave on the ground so she can trample him but not before she removes her panties so he can watch her piss. Maybe she will let him lick it up later if he doesn’t disappoint her. What a massive stream of pee she lets go. Now she hops onto her slave and sticks a dirty foot into his mouth.

She does some deep squats and has him lick her toes before she starts marching and then jumping on his body. She then steps down onto his junk and when she tries to pull his shorts off with her toes she sees he is wearing underwear. She tells him to pull them down and pull out his dick. Kandy then steps on his chest before squatting all the way down onto his face so he can ram his tongue up her dirty sweet hole. When she gets up she sees the aroused slave is leaking cum so she rubs her foot over it and then sticks it in his mouth to lick up. Kandy then finishes him off by marching all over his chest.
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Clubstiletto – Get Down There and Start Slurping

Kandy is sitting on her table toilet and has you kneeling close by to watch as she is just starting your training as her full toilet. No slave can jump right into licking and eating everything without some loving guidance from their owner first. She has a man dish on the floor and is going to fill it up with her pee for you to lick. She really had to pee and the stream rockets into the bowl and splashes on the carpet too. She puts her hand in the stream and brings her hand up to your mouth to give you your first taste. You instantly love the taste and your addiction to want every drop that ever comes from her has already begun.

She starts peeing some more and soon the bowl is starting to fill. She leans over and spits into the dish to add some flavor and tells you drinking pee is just the start, soon you will be eating her chocolate too. She then tells you about her ladies nights, were all her girlfriends come over and you are the party toilet. You will be bound in place and your mouth open and you will swallow everything they give you. “Every time I need to use the toilet I will snap my fingers and you will get in place to take what I give you and I want you down there and I want to hear you slurping” she tells you. Next Kandy tells you to drain the bowl and then get under her toilet. The scene rolls over and now you are under the toilet looking up at Kandy’s face. Ass and pussy. Your training program is a short one and you are about to get your first feeding. She tells you to stare at her ass and pussy and think about what is going to happen and to long for what she gives you. “I get tons of messages every day from subs who want to be in your position so I want to see a big smile on your face while you are eating my sch1t or you will be replaced.” This is your new life, first she will feed you and then wash it down with her piss. The camera zooms up to her asshole, this is where your food will come from, from now on.
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