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MistressEzada – Suck Yourself, Senator!

This is a custom clip, with no name mentioned. I decided to publish it as We had great fun filming it and I think the result is just awesome.

“Senator H**e visits House of Sinn dungeon to close it, as he leads a campaign to close all BDSM dungeons. When he walks into the reception, he meets Mistress Sarah, who he treats improperly and asks for the dungeon license in order to close it. She leaves him alone to get the papers. Mistress Ezada then walks into the reception and She thinks he was a new slave. She slaps him and when he tries to explain, She ball-gags him, then She pulls him into the dungeon.

In the dungeon Mr. Hyde is humiliated, whipped, put in a chastity, treated like sissy. Then he is left alone. When Mistress Sarah comes back to the reception, She finds him on the floor horny and She is shocked when he crawls to Her shoes to worship them. She humiliates him, orders him to suck his dick and cum on Her shoes, then lick it clean.”
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Caning the Slave

Mistress Ezada Sinn and I are at it again! This sissy slut has been subjected to our crops, but his lucky ass is about to graduate to being stricken by our canes. He’s in for a savage beating. We strap him down with his ass exposed and his sissy tits in clamps. At first we’ll be nice and start slow. But soon two powerful women like us can’t resist hitting the same spots over and over. What start off as welts soon become wounds on his backside. This sissy slut is going to get the caning of a lifetime. If he doesn’t remember to thank us, we’ll just have to get a bigger stick.
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Kinky Mistresses – Used On The Chair

Mistress Ezada is using her Slave on a bondage chair. He has heavy weights on his balls and gets a rubber plug pushed deep into the ass.
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Ezada

Mistress Ezada’s slave is bent over and at his Mistress’ mercy. Mistress spreads his ass cheeks and duct tapes them open so that is asshole is openly exposed and open for the fucking he is about to receive from his Mistress’ big black strapon.
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Ezada big black strapon

Mistress Ezada has her slave on the swing with his legs spread and his asshole and cock and balls exposed. Mistress ties his balls tightly and then enters her slave with her big black strapon. Mistress is going to fuck her slave until he screams with pleasure.
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Kinky Mistresses – The Milking Machine – Used By 2 Ladies

Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Ezada have had their slave locked in chastity for quite some time. But his Mistresses want to have some fun with him. So they hook him up to a milking machine and milk him dry until he is empty and they are contempt.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Shackled to the Bed

Mistress Ezada and I decide to shackle up this slave to the end of her bed for a torturous tease. You see, this silly slave had wild notions of a threesome in his head! Mistress Ezada and I humiliate him by making him smell our stinking feet and telling him exactly where his place is. We degrade and berate the man until we grow bored of him and decide to have our own fun. But if he’s a very good boy, he might be allowed to watch.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Human Ashtray

Mistress Ezada and I decide that this lucky slave needs to learn the powerful lesson of what his ungrateful mouth can be used for. He kneels at our feet as we smoke long, thin cigarettes, blowing the smoke into his face from time to time. He must eat the ash that falls from both cigarettes as well.. but the humiliation does not end there. We decide he should bear the permanent marks on his tongue of our usage and put out each flaming tip on his tender flesh. You can see how brutal the burns are, but there’s not an ounce of mercy.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Whipping Beauties Part 1

Mistress Ezada and I have a slave that needs broken in with a good whipping. We rig him up between the poles and hoist his arms above his head. His posture isn’t good enough, so he gets a nice anal hook to pull his head up. Then we begin to lay into with our singletails. He receives stripe after stripe in quick success, lashes appearing angrily on his back. But his punishment has only just begun..
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