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Clubstiletto – Lick While I Pleasure Myself – Mistress April

Mistress April is a demanding BBW Mistress who uses you for her own pleasure and gratification. “I’m horny and don’t have a man here so I need you to worship my boots while I play with myself,” she tells you, implying that you’re not only a poor excuse for a man, but no man at all. “If you do a good job I might have you remove my boots and worship my feet and toes, and while doing so, you can look up and see me pleasuring myself.” The boots are see-through with open toes, and she tells you exactly where and how to lick. She pulls out her little pocket vibrator and uses it to play with herself. “Someday, if you prove to be a good slave, I might let you lick my pussy,” she says to you. “But now, you’re nothing more than a boot licker.” She instructs you to remove her boots and to lick the soles of her feet. From your vantage point, you get a great view of her pussy, but you must stay focused on your purpose.

April sticks her foot into your mouth then tells you to move to her other foot. “Maybe I’ll let you lick my vibrator when I’m finished,” she says. As you lick, she continues to rub the vibrator over her pussy while she tells you about her man and how hung he is compared to you. She says she keeps you in chastity because you’re so small, and that your cock serves no purpose for anyone, so why shouldn’t it be locked away? She starts to moan as she brings herself closer to orgasm. Her eyes are closed as she takes in all that pleasure while she thinks about her stud. You’re nothing but an instrument of her pleasure, and you’re even lower than her vibrator, which is what gives her the most enjoyment. “Your mouth is all I need, sucking my toes, licking my feet, and sticking your tongue up my ass; that’s all you’re good for.” April tells you to bring your face to within six inches of her pussy, so you can watch as she pleasures herself. She rubs the toy over her clit, moans, then screams out, while the waves of pleasure flow throughout her body. She hands you the vibrator, tells you to stick it in your mouth, and to crawl back to your cage. She’s finished with you.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress April’s Ass Licker and Toilet

The camera scrolls through sexy BBW’s Mistress April’s dungeon until she is spotted sitting on her discipline bench. “Slave I need you to lick my ass” she says before getting up and telling you to follow her to the bedroom before stopping and saying “and if you are lucky I might make you my toilet.” As the scene rolls over Mistress April is laying on the bed rubbing her hands over her big fleshy ass. She tells you that before you get her ass you have to lick her boots. She says her boots are dirty but not as dirty as you.

After licking each boot she directs you up her legs and to her ass. She tells you she wants lots of kisses on her legs, she wants to see your desperation to be her full toilet. “I will treat you in horrible ways” she tells you then directs you to kiss her ass, rolling on her stomach so you can get the whole thing. “I know f I had showered you would have been disappointed so I left my ass dirty for you” she says, as she pulls her panties to the side to give you an up close view of her butt hole which she tells you to lick and probe with your tongue. “Only the ass, my pussy is for real men” she tells you, telling you how to please it exactly the way she likes it. She rolls on her side and spreads her ass cheeks, she orders you to wrap your mouth around her asshole. “I feel it coming, eat it” she orders you.
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