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Clubstiletto – Faceful of Rubber – Miss XI

This scene opens with sexy Asian Princess Miss Xi dressed in latex and sitting on her slaves face. “It’s comfortable and so warming on a cold day” she says adding that she also likes testing a slaves lung capacity because she’s in no rush to move. After a minute of sitting the slave starts to kick for air so Xi gives him a quick breath but tells him she is disappointed with him. Then after almost another minute she lets him breath again before sitting quickly again.

She finally turns to sit sideways on his face. While still restricting his air he now deals with the discomfort of his own nose being crushed into his face. She eventually turns into a forward position and again settles on his face. She puts her feet on his chest and proceeds to do butt lifts on his face before extending her legs and bouncing on his face. Miss Xi spends the better part of this scene sitting on the slave face with only short breaths allowed. She ends with a count as to see how long he can go without breathing. When she finally lets him breath he is totally spent. “We’re just getting started really” she tells him.
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Clubstiletto – Even When I’m Jumping On Your Junk – Miss XI

Miss Xi has just acquired a new human rug for the fireplace and for her and her friends to abuse as well. of course. First she has to see if he is up to the job. She doesn’t want the embarrassment of a substandard possession after all. She walks on his chest and stomach and then does some squats to warm him up. She is light so just stepping on him does not satisfy her sadistic needs. She moves down onto his legs and starts jumping on them which really gets the slave grunting and groaning. “I don’t like that, rugs don’t make noise” she tells him, adding “If you don’t pass my test it’s off to the curb for you.” She moves back to his chest and lays a foot on his face for him to kiss. As he kisses it she uses it to slap his face.

She then starts jumping up and down on his chest and as she lands every time air is forced out of his mouth no matter how hard he tries to be silent. Xi now moves down his body and starts jumping on his junk and then back to his stomach and chest. She tells him he sounds like a pig as she jumps on him and that she doesn’t want a pig she wants a rug. The future is not looking good for this slave so Xi kneels on his chest and torments him with her ass. “Loud rugs don’t get my ass” she tells him. She shifts back a beet so her feet are now laying over his mouth. She orders him to kiss them while she fondles her ass and then starts to slap his balls. Xi gets up and again jumps on him, calling him a pig and then jumps back to the ground so she can kick him repeatedly in the balls. She tells him to oink like a pig. Xi decides he is not up to her standards and says she is giving him to Miss Jasmine so she can fuck him up the ass with her strapon and treat him like the slave he truly is. She leans over and spits in his face, repeatedly. Xi still needs to find a carpet for her party!
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Clubstiletto – Squeal Like A Pig – Miss XI

Miss Xi laughs as she paddles her bitch and calls him a pig. “Squeal like a pig” she tells him as she switches between the paddle and her hand. He grunts and groans and his sounds only make her want to hurt him more. She gets a studded leather crop and really goes to town on his ass. Xi is sadistic and a slaves distress only makes her work harder. She makes him squeal louder and to insure he does she hits him harder and harder.

She loves how his ass gets so pink, just like a pig she tells him, and then calls him a big fat slab of ham. Now she starts driving her stiletto into his ass and it leaves a slow fading white mark wherever she presses. Next Xi gets a flogger and not only strikes his ass as hard as she can but she also starts to flog the soles of his feet. Finally she gets her wire flogger, the harshest instrument of all, and totally finishes him off. She tells him to get off the bench and to crawl back to the barn, she wants to hear him oinking all the way.
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Clubstiletto – Servicing Men, Getting Beaten By Me – Miss XI

Miss Xi has taken complete control of her slave. The scene opens with him bound by the wrist and her waving a flogger in his face. “I can’t believe how much you have come to love dirty condoms, jerking off to them, sucking them” she says mockingly. She has just come from the bedroom where she had her slave sucking and licking her lovers used condom and as seen in the clip ‘The Price He Pays To Lick Her Stale Pussy Juice’. “What do you like better, the taste of my pussy juice on the outside of the condom, or all his cum on the inside?” The slave is not sure how to reply because of course Miss Xi is sadistic and does have a flogger in her hand and he’s bound and not going anywhere. She reminds him that she caught him looking in a trash bin recently and wonders if he wasn’t looking for used condoms?

She starts to flog his chest, stomach and cock before she turns him around so she can beat his ass. She tells him she is going to send him to a gay club where he can go look for used condoms and suck cocks. “Maybe I’ll make you strip down and go on stage, you’ll be sucking cock right on the stage and everyone will see your battered ass.” She says it will look cute for the man that ends up fucking his ass. She also says that if he is reluctant she can always hire someone to modify his mind and eliminate any apprehension he might have. She flogs his ass and shoulders and continues to talk about how she will turn him into a huge fag. “Servicing men and getting beaten by me will be your life” she tells him. What a great sex life for such a worthless slave bitch.
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Miss Xi is wearing beautiful ankle strap stilettos on her tiny size 4 feet and a sexy latex outfit. She has her slave on his knees kissing and licking both shoes. She then lets him kiss all the way up her leg until he gets to her butt cheek. She grinds her skirt into his face and says “Do you realize how lucky you are being able to kiss my ass?” She then has the slave sit on the floor with his head resting on the end board so she can slam her ass into his face as his head takes the full impact of the oak frame.

She then creates a tight seal with her skirt over his mouth and nose and laughs as he kicks. She waves her ass in front of his face and tells him to admire her ass through the see through fabric. So close but so far. She torments him about how her lover has just finished pleasuring her and then sits fill weight on his face before resuming the bouncing threatening him she might go get her lovers used condom and feed him the cum. then sit on his face some more.
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Clubstiletto – The Price He Pays To Lick Her Stale Pussy Juice

Miss Xi is looking super hot in her latex outfit as she approaches her slave who is kneeling at the end of the bed. She waves a condom, with a big load of cum in it, in his face and says “You know, how I said you never get to taste my pussy, well I decided to make an exception. You can taste it by licking the outside of this condom.” She sticks in his mouth and laughs at how low he is eagerly sucking a dirty condom just so he can find out how she tastes. She has him stick his tongue out and runs the entire condom over it. “I can’t decide if I want to make you drink this cum or drip it slowly all over your cock” she tells him. How humiliating having to jerk off with another mans cum as lube she tells him. “Jerking off with my mans cum, how hilarious.”

She then says she might even make him wear the condom while jerking off, the very one her lover wore to fuck her. Now Xi hands the condom over to her slave to hold and lick and reaches for her ball crusher. Soon his she has it secured on him and his balls are being seriously crushed. The slave moans and cries like a little bitch which only makes Xi laugh more. She now takes the condom from him and teases him with it making him reach for it with his tongue. At the same time she now starts to step on the ball crusher intensifying his pain but despite that his cock starts to get hard. She asks if the taste of her pussy is getting him hard or if he is actually just a faggot lusting for the cum inside. She tells him to slide the condom on his dick and to start beating off with it. Soon he is stroking with her lovers cum now all over his own cock while his own balls are flattened like pancakes. “That’s your sex life” she tells him, slapping him in the face and walking away as she has no interest in seeing him spill his filth into her old used condom.
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Clubstiletto – How Does That Feel – Miss XI

Miss XI is clad in a sexy latex outfit, which she loves to wear whenever she sits on a slave’s face. She mentions how hard it is for the slave to breathe with a mouth full of rubber. “I wonder how long he can hold his breath,” she says, as she stretches out fully across his body, her ass on his face while her stilettos rest on his balls. She bounces a bit but does not lift enough for him to get any air. The slave goes a full minute before he starts to move his arms and legs about, desperate to breathe. Finally, XI rolls slightly in order to give him a short breath of air, but she kicks him in the balls at the same time which prevents him from breathing in deeply. This time, the slave finds he needs air within seconds and XI expresses her disappointment by punching him in the balls.

She digs her heel into his cock and continues to block his air, letting him breathe occasionally but kicking him in his nuts whenever he attempts a breath. After almost four minutes, she rolls onto his chest and permits him to catch his breath before she takes her place back on his face. The slave is starting to get a bit frantic as he struggles for air but XI only laughs at his predicament. She orders him to stroke his cock, and laughs as she says that the oxygen in his head will now go to his cock and make his demise even quicker. The slave gets hard quickly but before he can cum she orders him to remove his hands from his cock. He’s so desperate for air that he instinctively reaches up to touch her. “Take your dirty hands off me!” XI says with a laugh; she has no plans to get up.
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Miss Xi loves summer and today she is relaxing with a cold drink while her slave is in the heat doing yard work. “Don’t fuck up my plants” she hollers at him before telling him to crawl over to her. The pebbled stone is brutal on the slaves knees which makes Xi laugh. “Be glad I even let you wear shoes” she tells him adding “If you screw up my bushes next time you will be standing on the hot concrete in your bare feet, baking your soles.” She tells him to remove her shoes and makes him sniff them.

She then has him kneel on the deck, while still sniffing the shoes, so she can sit on his back. She says it’s a better chair because it involves him suffering. She comments on all the work he’s done today and how it must be hard on his back, now here he is subjected to more back breaking treatment. She then has him lay on his back so she can use him as a chaise lounge while he massages her sexy size 4 feet. She drinks her cold water and taunts him about not getting any. He gives her a nice foot massage and she says when he is done she will have him do push ups as she notices he is getting a bit fat. Nice angles on her soles and toes. She then takes a mouthful of water and spits it on his face. She then sends him back into the sun and makes him do push ups. while she sits on his back. “Let’s start with 100” she says.
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Clubstiletto – Stupid Little Bitch – Miss XI

Miss Xi is in the bedroom and has her slave at her feet kissing her feet. She steps over his neck and scissors his neck while ordering him to kiss her heels despite his discomfort. She then sits on the edge of the bed and tells him to again kiss her feet but when he does she starts kicking him in the head and then kneels over his neck and again scissors him while spanking his ass. She then orders him to kneel facing away from her and while sitting on the beg wraps her thighs around his neck. This time she really leaves him breathless but only laughs at his struggles. You get some nice angles of her soles and armpits along with her sexy lean legs.

She pulls one leg up under the other and literally wrings his neck. As the slave coughs she slaps him and then pushes him to the ground where she again straddles his neck and again squeezes him with her legs. When she lets him breath it’s only to kick him in the face a few times. When she orders the slave to get on the bed he probably thinks she is going to sit on his face but no, just more scissoring from under him and then on top of him. This time as he coughs and kicks she uses her hands to slap his cock and balls. Miss Xi is very sadistic and enjoys a slaves pain as you see clearly in this scene.
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Clubstiletto – Over 100 Kicks, Punches and Knees to the BALLS

Miss XI relaxes on the couch and enjoys her drink on a hot summer’s day. A shoe dangles from her foot, which she eventually allows to fall. She looks a bit angry and that means trouble for someone. She calls someone, her slave, over who diligently kneels by the fireplace, awaiting her directions. She orders him to sniff her feet and suck her toes. Thanks to some great camera angles, you get a fantastic view of her tiny size four feet, which are about to destroy his balls.

She tells him to stand up, and over the course of the next five minutes, repeatedly kicks him in the nuts. And just to keep him off balance, XI mixes it up with punches followed by a knee to the crotch. She humiliates him by making him kiss her feet and suck his own ball sweat from them. Amazingly cruel!
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Clubstiletto – How Much Do You Love My Ass Now? – Miss XI

The scene opens with sexy and sadistic Miss Xi tying up her slave. “Know that you are tied up there is absolutely no where you can go” she says. She starts out by trampling her slave and teasing him with her plump little ass before sitting on his face. While she seals his air ways off she yanks on his nipples and soon it’s hard to determine if he’s kicking from the pain or the need to breath. She slaps him a bit then shifts forward so she can wrap her legs around his neck but then goes back to face sitting before doing the splits on his neck.

She threatens to fart in his face but his erection indicates he would find that more reward than punishment. Now she sits full weight to see how long he can go without breathing. He does his best but she slaps his face when she has to let him breath and spits on him. Xi is very active in this scene bouncing on his face, sitting on his face side saddle and in both forward and reverse order. Lovers of pantyhose and armpits will enjoy this clip too. Xi tells her slave if he loved her musky ass crack he should enjoy licking her armpits too and she raises both arms up in the air for you to enjoy.
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Clubstiletto – My Feet, My Pits and My Spit, That’s All – Miss XI

This POV opens with miss Xi dangling her 7″ stiletto from her size 4 foot, right in front of your face. She tells you to get your nose in between the shoe and her heel for a smell. Her feet are stinky from being at the gym earlier and she didn’t shower just so she could spoil you with her smell. She holds a shoe on with two toes so you can lick between the other toes. Now both shoes are removed and you get a close up view of her sexy soles and toes.

She lays her feet on the ground and spits on them so you can lick up the spit while worshiping her feet. It rolls onto the ground and she tells you to lick that up to. Now you get a close view of her mouth as she generates another big gob of spit which also falls to her feet. “Lick them, doesn’t that taste good?” she asks you. She rolls on her side and says she knows you want to sniff her sweaty crotch too. Her sweet ass cheeks are so enticing but she denies you and brings her feet back into your face. She stands up now and brings her bubble butt up to your face and then removes her sweater and tells you to sniff her armpits. “Lick it all up” she orders you. First one pit and then the other. Her breasts are now right in your face. “Not for you” she says, “all you get are my feet, my spit and my pits.”
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Clubstiletto – Submissive Bitch – Miss XI

Miss XI relaxes on the bed while she leisurely checks things out on her phone. Her slave lies on the floor beside her with his head locked in her toilet box. “I’ve been selling a lot of ballbusting clips, so we need to get your pain threshold up so you can help out with that,” she says to him. A muffled reply comes from the box. XI rises to her feet and kicks the box before she removes the lid, in order to see her slave through the toilet hole as she asks whether he heard her. When he replies, she shuts the lid back down, not at all interested in his pathetic babbling.

She decides to let him out of the box because her armpits are stinky and she needs them licked, so she undoes the lock. She lifts her arms and makes him smell her pits before she tells him to lick up and down, in order to get all the sweat. This is such an intimate moment for the slave, and it’s more than he deserves, really. She makes him lick her pits, spits in his face, and then sticks her nylon feet in his face and into his mouth. She makes him thank her for her attention, then kicks him with her perfect size four feet. She decides she needs a shower so tells him to get his head back in the box, and when she returns, she’ll be dousing him in a pitcher of her chilled p1ss, which she has waiting in the fridge. For now, he will wait in the box with the taste of her sweat on his tongue.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Useless Slave Suffers Under Her Rock Hard Booty

Miss XI visits her friend, Miss Dixie, of dickie virgin fame. XI has her slave suck Dixie’s feet and Dixie says his job is adequate. This angers Miss XI, however, as she expects 110% from her slaves. She orders him to crawl upstairs where she will deal with him alone.

As the scene rolls over, XI sits on the slave’s face, where she degrades him for being useless. She bounces up and down on his face, suggesting that maybe she can knock some sense into his head. XI says, “My ass is solid muscle as I’m at the gym all the time. Does it hurt on your face?”. He mumbles something unintelligible beneath her ass, and then we hear the word ‘ouch’, which sufficiently answers her question. She slams his face with her ass, first from a forward position, then from the reverse, before she gets up to kick him in the balls. She slaps his face a few times and then resumes her bouncing. The slave utters a bad word but that only makes XI hurt him more. Finally, she drapes herself completely across his body, crushing his face with her ass and his balls with her feet. When he starts to kick for air, she returns the favor by kicking him in the balls. This only goes to show that slaves need punishment to become better possessions for superior women.
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“I sure do love getting a nice workout on my legs,” says Miss XI, as she scissors her slave’s neck. She loves to make this bitch suffer and it gives him a chance to brag later at work that he was between a hot girl’s legs. XI loves going to the gym to maintain her super powerful legs, and given that she’s naturally sadistic, she has no problem squeezing for all she’s worth.

She has fun making the slave try to talk while she squeezes, and he even nods off a few times while she does this. When he slumps to the floor, she lies on her stomach and brings his head up between her legs. She reverses her position and sits on the floor, again with his neck between her legs. The slave comes and goes throughout the scene and XI says “It’s lucky you don’t have many brain cells to begin with.” The slave’s arms fall to his side; he’s off to la-la land!
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