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Clubstiletto – She only lets him out of the cage to Bust his Balls

It’s true, men are boring and useless when they’re not objects for the entertainment of Miss Xi, so she finds it’s best to keep them locked up until she wants to use them! She finally let this little bitch out of his cage, and by let, I mean pull him out by the balls. She loves getting nice big kicks in, swinging Her shoes in to nail the slaves nuts and kick him HARD! Once he’s down on the ground Miss Xi doesn’t stop, She keeps kicking him, laughing at his pain. Boys are so weak!
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Clubstiletto – Bimbo Doll Transformation

Miss Jasmine and Miss XI have a client in their sissy room. They explain how he has come in for a consultation because he has a strong need to be a life-sized sissy slut doll. “I love dolls” XI says “as you can do whatever you like to them and they never speak back.” The ladies have the sissy stand up and spin for them before they teach her to cross his legs like a real lady. They tell her to apply lipstick so they can see how ‘she’ does. Totally pathetic, the ladies apply lipstick and some eye shadow but notice that the bimbo hasn’t shaved. “She has the same thing in her head as a Barbie doll” Jasmine says… “nothing.”
They decide that the best option for this slave is ‘plastic surgery’. As the scene rolls over, Jasmine enters the room to be told by XI that the surgery worked exceptionally well. We see that the sissy now has full lips, silky smooth skin, and a nice head of thick blond hair. Now it’s time for the sissy to service the ladies’ cocks. XI and Jasmine tell the sissy she will be trained to service multiple cocks at once and even put in a bukkake scene. Watch while the sissy is subjected to their strapons and told what her future will be like. This slut has a lot of work to do before she’ll be pimped out. Even then it will be volume over quality so as to make some decent money from this slut and she should expect to be busy in glory holes and at truck stops from morning till night.
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Clubstiletto – Give Me A Good Ride Or Get Your Balls Busted

Russian Goddess M has her slave horse face on all fours and is riding him about the bedroom while Miss Xi relaxes on the bed. She uses her crop on him and directs him around the room, using her crop on him when not satisfying her demands. He does stops and turns, moves forwards and backwards, and he manages to give her an even ride so she can relax without fear of falling off of him.
At one point Xi asks how the training is going and she perks in and tells him to improve his posture. They talk about how much better looking he is with his mask on and Xi suggests that they might want to get him a ponytail butt plug for next time. After some more riding, Xi takes the crop and flogs his ass as he moves by. Queen M uses her hand on his ass as well. Some nasty talk as to what horse face will endure in the future, some more flogging and finally M has him ride from the room as she is now going to take him outside to give her a ride around the neighborhood.
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Clubstiletto – Champagne For Us, Feet, Dirt, Spit, Cum and Humiliation For You

Russian Queen M and Miss Xi just love treating men like and in this scene we find them frolicking in the jacuzzi tub. They holler at their slave horse face wondering why he is so slow with their champagne. As he arrives and hands them their drinks they mock him for still having the taste of another mans cum in his mouth as seen in the clip ‘My Ass Smells Like Sex Now Cum Thinking About Him Fucking Me’. “Bow” Queen M tells him as Xi says, “Champagne for us, cum for you.” She then tells him to bring his face up to her and she spits some of her champagne into his face. He is next ordered to suck Xi’s feet while M gets in his face and verbally humiliates him further. Now both ladies bring their feet up to his face and first tell him to sniff their feet and then lick them. Xi flicks water into his face with her foot but the slave does not stop licking for fear of what these two could subject him to on just a whim. Xi next tells him to suck her big toe and pretend it’s a tiny dick because tomorrow they have someone coming over with a micro-dick and he is going to suck it dry. They suggest they might start a service that caters to micro-dick guys that aren’t getting sucked and horse face will suck them all. Foot worship, foot face fucking, face kicking, spitting and loads of verbal humiliation in this scene as you see a real life slave subjected to the whim of two hot brats. In the end they send him away to his cage and turn on the jets to relax alone in the warm water of the tub.
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Clubstiletto – Stifle His Screams With Your Ass

Miss Xi and Russian Queen M are again mocking their slave for his small cock. M flogs it as well as his nipples while Miss Xi shows her disdain for him by digging her heel into his cock and balls and also uses her crop on his small member. In the presence of two beautiful women you’d think he’d have a raging boner but no it’s all shrivelled up like a miniature snail. They tell him the cock is of no use to anyone and measure it against the crop and heel. Xi kicks him and then they make him beg to have M sit on his face. His pleas are not satisfactory so they hurt him some more. “Maybe I should fart on your instead?” Queen M suggests, and they laugh when the slave replies “Yes Mistress.” This worm would enjoy nothing more than having his head enveloped in a nasty fart cloud. They then have a countdown to sitting on his face which makes the slave nervous as he can’t take his eyes off of Xi’s stilettos suspecting she will kick him at the same time… and he is right. They do it again because it was so much fun the first time. This clip does not lack in slave punishment and severe small penis humiliation so if you imagine being punished and debased at the hands of multiple women you will not want to miss this clip.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 5

Miss XI continues to have the creep back every week for more abuse. She caught him peeking through her window blinds some time ago, and has blackmailed him into showing up at her place weekly to use as she desires… or be exposed to his wife, church, friends, and employer. She has all the info she needs, which she craftily took from his phone, and she can easily ruin him. Today she has him lying on the floor with his head back on the couch so she can facesit him. Since it’s cold outside, XI wants to feel a warm mouth on her ass while she watches TV. The creep no longer has a sex life since his wife started fucking real men, and is probably happy just to have his mouth this close to a pussy, but XI is not here to make this fun for him. She drapes her legs over his body, places her stilettos on his little cock, and gives him a full weight sit, tightly sealing his face with her ass. She makes him kick before allowing a short breath. He seems to be really uncomfortable in this position and she tells him she couldn’t care less about his comfort. You get some particularly hot angles of her ass when she uses him as a seat cushion.
She tells the creep she might duct tape one of her lovers’ condoms into his mouth next time before she uses his face as a cushion. She asks whether he has questioned his wife about the lovers she has now taken and she wonders how it makes him feel. The creep cannot let his wife know that he knows she’s fucking other men for fear XI will reveal all to her and he’ll end up divorced and penniless. XI tells him that if his wife knew everything, maybe she’d show compassion and keep him around as her own seat cushion and fluffer. The creep is conservative, however, and although the thought makes his boil, there’s nothing he can do. XI says that the next time she makes him suck cock, she’ll have him watch a video of his wife getting gang banged. Through it all, she continues to deny him air until he kicks, desperate for air. Now, just for fun XI decides to scissor him with her legs while she pulls his hair. She threatens to have ‘loser’ tattooed on his forehead. She squeezes his neck with all her strength because she just loves to see his discomfort. Finally she makes him slap his own balls and says if he doesn’t do it hard enough she will stick her heel down his cock. Disgusted with his poor effort, she gives him a hard slap on the nuts and tells him he’s pathetic.
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Clubstiletto – My Ass Smells Like Sex Now Cum Thinking About Him Fucking Me

Miss XI works her slave over with her feet while her girlfriend, Queen M, relaxes on the bed. She threatens to put him back into chastity and he begs her not to. She spits on his cock, tells him to start stroking, then sits on his face and mocks him for having such a small dick. She says her lover’s cock is bigger than her foot and displays one of her feet beside his little worm to make him feel even more inferior. The slave is so nervous he can’t even get wood. So sad! XI suggests that some air deprivation might help. She continues to verbally humiliate him, focusing on the easiest target – his limp unit. She stands up and gives him some spit to use as lube before she sticks a foot all the way down his throat. In the background, Queen M just giggles at what she sees and hears.
XI sits on the poor boy’s face again, and this time, she says she might let him cum if he gets hard… but he’ll have to eat it. And just like that his cock gets stiff! She asks him if her ass smells good and adds that it smells like sex because she was just fucked. She pulls up her dress to reveal the tiniest of G-strings underneath. Her ass looks amazing, which causes the slave to become really hard, and he’s close to coming. She sits her sweaty ass back down onto his face, pulls out a condom, and makes him put it on. She doesn’t want him to feel the pleasure of his own hand on his cock. She sits back down on his face as he continues to stroke. She drapes her legs across his body and you get some views of her sexy legs and perfect size four feet. She pulls on his nipples, and when he begs to cum, she allows him to explode in the condom. But she isn’t finished with him yet; she slaps his legs, yanks on his nipples, and tells him to keep stroking even though he’s already drained. Queen M decides to come over for a closer view so XI makes him remove the condom and drop it into his mouth. Both ladies laugh and laugh as they listen to him gag!
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 4

Week after week Miss Xi has the creep back for further training. She initially caught him peaking through her window blinds and has now blackmailed him forcing him to show up at her place weekly and subject himself to her whims… or be exposed to his wife, church, friends and employer. She has all the info she needs, taken from his phone and can ruin him with the push of a button. As he submits further and further she rounds up even more photos and videos that make escape impossible for him. Today she has him kneeling blindfolded in front of a mirror and she tells him she has a surprise for him. He can’t guess what it is so she collars him and pulls him toward the mirror where she has mounted a giant black cock. She makes him open his mouth and she pushes his head forward so the shaft goes down his throat. “To make this worth my time I’m going to train you to suck cock” she tells him. Eventually she will pimp him out. She tells him that as she makes contact on his ass with her flogger he is to bob his head and take the cock all the way down his throat. “You are going to learn how to suck cock” she tells him and then adds that when he sucks it she wants him to think about his wife sucking cock. Xi has secretly set it up so creeps wife now has several manly lovers. Of course the slave knows his wife is cheating on him but can’t let on that he knows or Xi will fill her in on what’s been happening.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – How Do My Sweaty Ass, Feet, and Armpits Smell

This scene opens with sadistic Miss Xi about to sit on her slaves face. As she does she asks him how her ass smells? Clearly the slave is in heaven and responds accordingly. Surely he would love to be in that position for the rest of the day but this is not about him, this is about what Miss Xi wants and this is only a little torment before the main course. She tells him she just came from the gym so the smell should be heavenly. She asks if he likes her sweat and he says he really does. She brings her armpit into his face and gives him a real taste of her sweat before moving back onto his face to sniff her sweaty crotch.
She then does an actual armpit-smother and then decides to give him a smell of everything including her feet which she know lays on his face. After a time she jumps back up and sits on his face. He mumbles under her ass when she asks if he likes it and threatens to sit there until she understands him or he goes out. Then some more armpit and in the process you get an amazing view of Xi’s soles and ass. Whoa, HOT. Now she makes her bitch lick her armpits. She suggests she might give him her panties and again ass-smothers him to get a good taste. Then she moves again and gives him the other armpit. You can tell Xi is high on endorphins as she is really active in this scene, bouncing from the bed to the slaves face, making sure he gets all her body sweat in the process. Now she does the splits on the slaves face and makes him tell her how disgusting he is. Of course it is all muffled from a tight seal and eventually he kicks frantically to breath. “I’m just staying here.” She says with a sadistic laugh.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 3

It’s week number three for Miss Xi’s slave creep. She originally caught him snooping around her yard and looking through her window and in a surprise attack captured him and secured him in her basement where she has since blackmailed him to come serve her every week. This was supposed to be the week creep went to a tropical paradise with his wife but he had to come up with an excuse not to go or risk being exposed. Xi wasted no time finding male strippers to hit on her to insure she has some real pleasure for the first time since she met her small dicked husband. She takes her amazing stilettos to the slaves cock and balls and while he is moaning and groaning in pain he does manage to start leaking pre-cum. She has him in permanent chastity and is only released when they are together. His wife doesn’t even know because she has no desire to have sex with him and is just relieved he hasn’t been asking for it lately. She rubs one shoe over his cock and gets cum all over it. She then makes him sit up and stick his tongue out all the way. He is ordered to lick his own cum off the dirty sole and has no choice but to do as told.
She then mocks him about his wife getting fucked in Cancun and he says his wife would never cheat on him. She laughs and says, “Well then you might enjoy these photos.” She brings her phone to his face where he sees pics of his wife being fucked by multiple men. Xi has captured them through a hidden camera and knows hubby can not confront his wife about if for risk his own neighborhood creeping activities are revealed to her, his job and the police. She forces him to stare at the pics and he is devastated, his whole world has crumbled. She pulls the blindfold back over his eyes so he can relive the images in his mind. Giant black cocks pounding his wife’s tight little pussy. Xi mocks him about the last time he ever had a blow job, if ever, and returns to t0rturing his cock and balls with her shoes and heels. She reminds him that no woman would ever want him and he should just be happy to even have a wife and to accept his place as her cuckold and of course as Xi’s t0rture toy.
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Clubstiletto – Humiliated Pin Dick Is Their Human Stool And Foot Licker

Miss XI and Russian Goddess M look totally regal sitting on the couch, crops in hand. As they discuss plans for the day, we see they have their feet up on their human foot stool. XI notices a scuff on her stiletto so they swat the stool and tell the stupid slave to get down and lick the shoe clean. Queen M encourages him by saying if he does a good job cleaning XI’s shoes, she will let him suck her toes. She also reminds him that he’s a pathetic bitch and that’s why he’s on his knees now before the two Ladies. As he licks the shoes, followed by the heels, the Ladies ridicule him to remind him of his place in their world, as they continue using their crops on his back. XI suddenly kicks both shoes off, and they fly right into the slave’s nuts, which makes the Ladies laugh with delight.
He’s ordered to thank Miss XI and instructed to sniff her shoes after that. As he follows his instructions, XI rests her feet on his head and crops his back yet again. The slave foolishly calls Miss XI ‘Mistress’ which results in Her repeatedly kicking his balls with force. The Ladies decide that they want the slave to remove his shorts, but first they guess whether his cock is hard or not. He’s made to get up and do a humiliating ‘sexy’ little strip tease for them, and when he removes his shorts, the Ladies laugh hysterically at how tiny his cock is and make jokes about it looking like an anteater. They swat at it with their crops before he’s ordered back to his knees and told to beg so he can worship their feet. “Stinky feet for a stinky slave” Queen M says with a giggle.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Perverted Teacher Honor Student Part 2

This is the second last clip in the series. In part 1 XI has tricked her teacher into coming over to help with her homework. When he arrives, she lures him into the bedroom and is soon sitting on his face. There, she reveals that she has blackm@iled him and that hidden cameras are snapping that very second. He has no choice but to agree to her demands for straight As and a spending allowance. In today’s scene, XI has the teacher back for more. In the bedroom, she tells him she’s happy with the money and the marks, but it’s still not enough. She wants him to write letters of recommendation to various colleges to help her get a scholarship. She pushes him up against the wall and slaps his face. He asks if she isn’t worried about what might happen when she actually goes to college and can’t do the work. She laughs and tells him she’ll just do the same thing she’s doing to him now. She doesn’t appreciate his remark either and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. “Who gave you the right to ask me questions?” she asks, and delivers further blows to his face followed by additional punches to the stomach.
Teacher doesn’t enjoy the punishment but there’s nothing he can do about it. XI calls him a pervert and reminds him that she would enjoy showing the pictures to his wife. She throws him on the bed, grabs him by the neck, slaps his face, and knees him in the nuts, before crawling onto his chest and wrapping her legs around his neck. The poor pervert is so close to her pussy but he can’t budge because the breath is being pushed out of him. She reverses position to sit on his face and punches him in the stomach again for good measure. She tells him her favorite thing is to mock him in class in front of the other students, knowing he can’t say anything in his defense for fear she will reveal their little secret. She lies on top of him and wraps her legs around his neck again, reminding him that everything is being videotaped and how surprised people would be to see him in this position. “You’ve got your hands on my legs practically all the way up my skirt. Wouldn’t that get people talking?” She jumps up, sits on his face, and says she’s going to knock him out. As soon as he kicks for air, however, she shifts forward and wraps her legs around his neck. She taunts him by saying “You probably want to kiss my ass cheeks, don’t you?” She gets up and hovers above his face with her amazing ass. She tells him to kiss it because she wants the photos to ruin his life. In a moment of passion, the stupid teacher reaches up and kisses her pussy. Enraged, XI calls him an idiot and slaps his face repeatedly. She sits back on the bed, and this time, shows no mercy when she wraps her legs around his neck and slaps his face again and again. As he goes under, she spits on him and slaps him one more time for good measure.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Perverted Teacher Honor Student

Schoolgirl XI lies on the bed, scissoring her teacher with her legs. She has asked him over to help her with homework, but invites him to the bed where he probably thinks that despite being married, he’ll be able to get some young ass on the side. Man, did he underestimate her! She explains that her parents will not tolerate bad marks and that she’s expecting them to improve dramatically or she’ll let everyone know he was in bed with her – including her parents, his wife, and the whole school. “After all, you’re between my legs right now and that would not look good for you” she says to him, pointing out the cameras in the room. The idiotic teacher tries to negotiate her marks with her, hoping she’ll accept an A or a B, until a bit of face slapping and smothering makes it clear that it will be straight As from now on.
“Imagine what your wife would think, seeing me sitting on your face” she says to him. She also mentions that she needs more than just good marks; she expects lunch money from him, too. Teacher doesn’t put up much resistance and has no choice but to agree to all of her demands. “I’m thinking $50 a day for lunch and I expect to be on the honor role.” He tries to negotiate a lower amount, explaining that teachers don’t make much money, but she resumes crushing his neck and suggests that he can cut out things like Christmas gifts, dinners out, and so on, but she expects that money. The entire time, she carefully positions herself so that image captures from the camera will make things look really bad for him. “Smart girls like me know that it’s not work hard, it’s work smart” she says with a laugh, as she gets up off his face and wraps her legs around his neck again with no mercy. As she puts him down, she mentions that this is a good time to drain his wallet as well.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 2

Miss Xi caught a creeper snooping in her windows as seen in clip one of this scene. One second he is peeping, next thing he knows he is locked in her trample floor where she abuses him and black mails him, saying she will reveal all to his wife and employer. To safe himself public humiliation or perhaps even problems with the law he agrees to come see her once a week to be subjected to her whims. In this scene creepy has returned for his second encounter with Xi and once she has him secured she gives it to him for being late. She reminds him everything has been caught on camera, the numerous times he was peaking through her windows and their previous encounter. “I have copied all the contacts from your phone as well”, she tells him, “And with the push of the button your family, friends and employer will see everything.” She mentions she took special interest in his porn surfing habits which could cause problems for him on their own should she share the information. She flogs his balls and twists his nipples and really has him jumping, as much as one can when secure to the ceiling by his wrists. The special cuffs actually screw into his finger tips and cause a good degree of pain all on their own. She makes him spread his legs and really hits him hard on his nuts. She follows that with a series of kicks. Xi asks him if he had trouble hiding the marks from their last session but then laughs that hubby probably never sees her naked anyway to even notice. She takes a longer crop and mocks him for his fat belly which she proceeds to whip. She slaps his face and then more flogging to his stomach, chest, legs and balls.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Xi – Bye Bye Balls For You

Miss Xi has her slave bound by the wrists and while asking him how his balls feel flogs them, and his cock, with her flogger. The slave moans and jumps about which makes Xi giggle… she loves inflicting pain. He is his own worst enemy and the treatment causes a hard on for the slave which just gives her one more thing to strike. A few solid whacks and he is on his knees. “Why don’t you stay down there” she tells him, ordering him to spread his legs. This could get brutal for the already battered slave. She reaches between his legs and gently touches his balls, but just for a second before squeezing them with disdain, then follows that with a series of slaps. She pulls the rope attached to his arms back between his legs which causes him to tumble to the floor, his head hitting the tiles. Thud! Ouch. “I hope you don’t have another concussion” she says, “You’re already dumb enough.” Now Xi takes the rope and starts to tie around his legs, some real wicked rope work. She’s making sure that he is going nowhere.
Once done she takes his balls in here hands and starts slapping them relentlessly. The slave starts to whimper which encourages her to dig her nails into them and punch them some more. Balls are useless and as she has no desire to have his baby what does she care if they are destroyed. She starts punching them as hard as she can. To humiliate him she makes him kisses the knuckles she has just used to punch his nuts. She again grips them in one hand and repeatedly punches them with the other. She uses her legs to keep him spread wide and goes to town on inflicting more pain. Such a generous Goddess, she knows what’s best for him. The slave cries in pain but he also knows this is the treatment he longs for and can not live without. After another series of punches she tells the slave she is going to tie his other leg across the room and leave him spread eagled on the ground all night while she goes out and parties with her girlfriends. “In the morning we will all come and kick you in the balls just like this” she says as she delivers one last solid kick to his groin. Bye bye balls for him!
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