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“I sure do love getting a nice workout on my legs,” says Miss XI, as she scissors her slave’s neck. She loves to make this bitch suffer and it gives him a chance to brag later at work that he was between a hot girl’s legs. XI loves going to the gym to maintain her super powerful legs, and given that she’s naturally sadistic, she has no problem squeezing for all she’s worth.

She has fun making the slave try to talk while she squeezes, and he even nods off a few times while she does this. When he slumps to the floor, she lies on her stomach and brings his head up between her legs. She reverses her position and sits on the floor, again with his neck between her legs. The slave comes and goes throughout the scene and XI says “It’s lucky you don’t have many brain cells to begin with.” The slave’s arms fall to his side; he’s off to la-la land!
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Clubstiletto – A Little Time Out Of The Cage – Miss XI

Every slave need a bit of time out of his cage. Miss Xi keeps her slave locked up naked in his cage and when she comes in the room he is sleeping but not for long as she bangs on the bars and tells him to wake up. It’s time for his beating. In no time he is bent over the cage and sadistic Xi is taking her paddle to his backside. This slave has little experience being flogged but Xi is not one to ease a slave into anything, he must learn that beatings are a daily occurrence now that he is her full time pet. She decides she wants his ass the same color as his mask and that means repeated strokes across his ass cheeks. She uses a few different paddles and even beats his shoulders a bit but keeps her emphasis on his ass.

The poor slave moans and cries out but she makes him spread his legs so she can wrap the paddle up under him into his cock and balls. When a slave looks like he can’t take anymore, give him more, is her philosophy. Soon his ass is looking a lot like his mask but she’s not apposed to making it red either to avoid confusing his ass with his face. Xi makes him tell her how much he loves being owned by her and then decides he is really only warmed up at best. She pulls out her rattan cane and lands an all out strike like he has never experienced before. When you are Miss Xi’s slave, pain is part of your existence.
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Clubstiletto – Your Life As A Caged Cock Sucker – Miss Xi

Miss Xi keeps her slave locked in a cage as he begged to be her pet. She comes in to entertain himself by poking him with her cane. She takes a few swipes at his cock too and says that she will probably have his junk removed as it serves no purpose. She leans in and spits several time into his mouth and eyes. “I’ll be feeding you with left overs from my trash bin” she tells him, “Just coming in and tossing it at you and you’ll eagerly eat it up as you will be constantly hungry.” She tells him that she might castrate him and then his only sexual pleasure will be her spitting on him or her filling a glass with her nectar and throwing that at him too. “Or maybe you life will be all about sucking things” she says, I’ll turn this cage into a giant gloryhole with multiple guys at a time sticking their cocks in here to be serviced and paying me money for you to pleasure them.”

She sticks her stiletto in and tells him to suck the heel as practice for what’s soon to come. or did she mean cum? She tells him he is lucky to be in her cage and expects him to pay rent so that will mean sucking cocks. The more she thinks about it the more she likes the idea. Not only will she earn money from the guys he services but she can eliminate the cost of food by making him live off their cum and her spit and piss, which will always be served to him in a cup and chilled. What a perfect idea. She spits on him again with disgust then gets up and gyrates against the cage to show how men will be thrusting their cocks through the bars. To make sure he works hard at his new job she tells him if he doesn’t perform she will sell him off to a bike gang. “Now I guess I should go find the biggest dildo I have” she says, “because deep throating is going to be a very important trait for this one from now on.” Are you ready to be Miss Xi’s pet too?
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Miss Xi again has her slave in her favorite position, bound to the railing by the wrists so she can kick and knee the krap out of his balls. After kicking him and then kneeing him for a period she asks what hurts more and when he says the kicks she thanks him for the feedback and starts kicking him repeatedly and as hard as she can. She calls him a bitch and says all boys are and that’s why she has no concern continuing to kick him even as he droops over in pain and surrender. There is no surrender until she has had enough and she is only getting warmed up.

Xi uses both her left and right foot. When he goes to his knees she makes him kiss her shoe but only briefly as she orders him to again spread his legs and the kicking continues. She then takes off her shoes to kick him barefoot but first makes him kiss them. She tries some heel kicks and asks him how it compares to other kicks. She tells him to stand up and then generously lets him decide if he wants her to use the right or left foot. After hundreds of kicks and knees to the groin she picks up her shoe and presses the heel into his balls. Through it all the slave can’t hide his arousal as his cock is rock hard. Like you, he knows his balls are meant to be annihilated by a beautiful woman.
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The beautiful Miss Xi is showing off her ass and with an angle in the mirror You get to see it twice. So tantalizing! She runs her hands over her legs and up to her butt and tells you how smooth and tender her skin is and that she knows how desperately you want to stick your nose between her ass cheeks. She signals her small dicked slave to crawl over to her. “I bet you wish you were this fucker?” she says as she orders the lowly creature to kiss her sweet cheeks. “I know you’re jealous stuck on the wrong side of the screen” she adds as she turns her attention to her desperate slut slobbering all over her ass. She tells him to sniff her ass and moves back and forth gently slamming his face with it. “Tell our viewer how much you love my ass” she tells him and he obediently babbles on about how amazing it is although you can’t really make out a single word as she is pressing his face deep into her crack. She loves making him sound like a total twit and humiliating him in every way possible ultimately ending up with his super tiny penis and how inadequate it is.

She calls him up onto the bed so she can sit on his face. She sits in reverse position and holds her legs high in the air so his face is really crushed by the full force of her cheeks. Xi then gives you some solid tips to being a human chair before shifting up a bit on the slaves face so all the air is cut off. Next she tells him to stroke his dick to see if he can get it big enough to actually see. “I’m sure as hell never touching that thing” she says, “So you’d better get used to doing it yourself.” While sitting full weight on his face she continues to mock him about his tiny dicklette. She moves into a forward position and he soon starts to thrash for air while continuing to flail away at his pinky sized wiener. “He’s a goner” Xi laughs.
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As Miss Xi enters the house with groceries we see her slave bound to the discipline bench awaiting her return. “Oh you’re still here” she says with disdain which quickly turns to rage when the slave replies “Yes Mistress.” She calls him an idiot and asks him how many times has she told him that she hates that word? She pulls bananas out of her bag and as she sets her foot on his face she threatens to stick them all down his throat or maybe up his ass before giving him a kick to the head.

She peals one of the bananas and after slapping his face repeatedly she sticks the banana down his throat making him gag and cough. She strikes his cock and balls repeatedly and then scissors his head making his breathing even more difficult. She yanks on his nipples, letting go only so she can strike his cock and balls again. When she gets up she forces the rest of the banana into his mouth with her shoe and laughs as he struggles to eat it especially as she hits him in the balls again. She wipes the banana goo off her soles onto his cock and then just jumps up and walks all over it. One foot on his balls and the other on his cock. Serious mistakes by a slave call for harsh discipline and this slave certainly gets what he deserves. Now she makes him lick the rest of the banana and his ball sweat off of her shoe. She tells him that she might have his junk removed all together as it serves no purpose. As his final punishment she sits on his face, laughing as he kicks to breath.Read More & Watch ON-LINE »

Miss Xi and Miss Jasmine have again called their employee aka slave into the office for some more verbal and physical abuse. The disdain they have for him on Monday morning is only washed away by the joy their treatment of him brings them. They first look at his shabby office attire, dirty tie, wrinkled shirt, ill fitting suit, and talk about him in a degrading manner as if he isn’t even there. The slave bows his head in humiliation, needing every penny he gets paid and also knowing if he ever stood up for himself the ladies would tell his wife about his online dating profile not to mention video of all the horrible things he has been subjected to at their hands.

As the camera pulls back, lol, we already see the employee is standing with pants and shorts around his ankles. They pull up his shirt and both break out laughing when they again see his miniature cock. “A serious spanking is in order” Jasmine says. Xi adds “Beatings will continue until moral improves.” They make him lean over the desk and they take turns flogging his ass and while doing so tell him they expect him to work over time everyday this week as they are not happy with earnings from the last quarter. “As an added bonus since you will hardly be home this week you won’t have to worry about explaining to your wife why you have these marks all over your ass” Xi tells him. The slave starts to squirm and moan but it only makes the Ladies hit him harder. “This hurts me more than it hurts you. just kidding” Jasmine comments. The slaves heavy breathing and crying only makes the women want to hit him more and harder until finally he begs them to stop and says if they stop he will stay as long as they want and do whatever they need. Jasmine orders him to the ground where he is told to kiss their feet. “Your 60 hour work week is just not enough hours” Jasmine says, “After all there are 168 hours in a week.”
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It pays to work hard at Fem Corp, as we see in this scene. Jasmine’s male employee AKA slave kneels at her feet with a mouth dildo secured in his mouth and a heavy metal collar wrapped around his neck. “Aren’t you glad you won Employee of the Month?” she asks. As she looks down, she notices that his tie, which has been in his mouth all day, is soaking wet with slobber. “Your wife is going to wonder why you’re all wet when you get home,” she says to him with a giggle. She spreads her legs to reveal her perfect pussy and tells her employee that she has a hot date tonight and needs a little pleasure beforehand… which means he’s to use the mouth dildo on her. She pulls his head towards her until the dildo nicely penetrates her. The up-close angles are so realistic you’ll think it’s you opening her up. She tells the slave that when she closes her eyes she can imagine it’s actually a hot stud fucking her. “I should be wearing some virtual reality goggles right now watching porn” Jasmine says, as she moans with pleasure. She wraps her legs around his head and reminds the slave how lucky he is to be in this position. In and out he goes, as he provides her with extreme pleasure.

She gets up to turn around so he can take her from behind, and marvels at all the spit on the ground. That poor slobbering fool! “I’ll make you lick it up later,” Jasmine says to him. She removes her blouse and skirt and looks extra extra hot in her fine lingerie. The slave slides the dildo into her pussy from behind. Jasmine tells him he’s a human sex toy and that this is the only way he’s capable of pleasing her. “I’m going to be completely primed and ready for tonight” she says with a moan, as she glides her pussy over the dildo, “While you get to go home to your wife, all covered in slobber.” Jasmine has a nice orgasm and tells him she has a surprise for him. In walks her friend, XI, also clad in lingerie, much to the employee’s surprise. He had been hitting on her through a dating site and is now faced with the fact that his employer knows he’s been actively trying to cheat on his wife. The girls have a great time laughing at the slave’s expense as they remind him of what he will never get. Before they leave on their double date, Jasmine reminds him that he must always do exactly as told, or he can rest assured that his wife will learn everything. XI adds that he can expect to get the bill for their date as well, and she wonders how he’ll explain that to his wife!
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Miss XI has you bound on the floor. You desperately wait for her, and when she arrives, she looks down at you with utter disdain. What a sad excuse you are as a husband. You’re nothing but her cuckold, and when you see her dressed so sexily with her makeup done to perfection, you know it can only mean only one thing – she’s going out on a date and you won’t be there.

XI knows you’ve been longing for her attention. Any sort of verbal humiliation – a slap or a kick, even her spit – would be a dream come true. She asks if you like her lipstick and then makes you beg for her spit. She talks about her beautiful lips and tells you to imagine what they would taste and feel like. You can think about them but all you get is the spit that slowly flows over her lips when she opens her mouth and drips a long stream of the delicious fluid into your undeserving slave mouth. She has you open your mouth wide and delivers a big gob of Goddess fluid. She lets some drip onto the floor and orders you to lick it up, and as you lick, she releases even more. She makes you thank her for the spit and for the privilege of licking it up. Her lips look so juicy and irresistible but she makes it clear that you will never touch them. Ever. She also has a new nickname for you, and says, “Your new name is spittoon, because that’s all you are to me.” There’s a lot of saliva in this scene, and if you’re an obedient sub, you can only imagine being lucky enough to lick it up and taste it while XI is out having hot sex with her stud. She has even given you permission to jerk off with her spit while she’s on her date. What a great night for everyone!
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Someone bought Miss Xi a pair of stiletto’s but they obviously didn’t realize her feet are tiny, only size 4. The shoes look massive on her feet and they fall off every time she lifts her leg. Better for you as she can’t wear them and that means you get to see her bare feet. She sticks her feet in front of your face and wrinkles the soles and bends her toes. She tells you to kiss her feet and her over sized shoes. She wonders if the guy who sent the shoes has a wife with feet that large.

Now she brings her legs up and holds them up with her arm. She sticks her feet in your face again and tells you to lick the soles and between the toes. Again she wrinkles her soles and bends her toes and then tells you to take each foot into your mouth. As her new foot bitch you will be paying for all expenses related to her feet, pedicures, lotions and new footwear. Now she sends you onto your back on the floor and waves her feet in your face. She tells you to open your mouth. “I should just trample all over you, make you my rug” she says and then starts to face fuck you with her feet. Complete screen closes up of her toes and soles before she sets them on your face and everything goes to black.
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What hurts more, the jean seam on the face or punches to the balls? Miss Xi in her own sadistic way makes this a difficult question to answer for her battered and bruised slave. If you love sexy and cruel Asian Domina’s, this Miss Xi clip is a must have. Ass smother, facesitting, jeans, kicking, punching, butt drops, feet!
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Miss Xi is training a new slave and she has to start him at the bottom so that means he will be trained to be her chair. Generally even the dumbest creatures are capable of tasks like this as basically no thinking is required, the less thinking the better in fact. “I’m going to be out and about all weekend” she tells him, adding “and naturally I can’t carry a chair with me so we need to insure you are actually useful.” She sits on his back with her legs up and checks her messages on the phone. She tells him to straighten up and then says she might get something for his head that acts as a table to hold her stuff.

Soon she is lost on her phone, playing games, reading fan mail and so on. She shifts so her legs extend over her his head and then drops one by his mouth to really test his capabilities. “Let’s see if you can be a shoe cleaner as well” she tells him. As it turns out the chair is pretty lame at licking shoes so she reprimands him and says her shoes will be stepping in a lot of nasty stuff over the weekend so he’d best do better. The slave starts to shake after less than 5 minutes and Xi and can see that a lot of training is going to be required, this loser can’t even make it as a chair. Xi is a gracious Goddess though and plans to spend hours working with him until he fulfills his purpose in life, a human chair.
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This scene opens with an up close shot of Miss Xi as she explains how slaves come in handy for little things like working out. The camera pulls back and we see her legs wrapped tightly around her slaves neck. “This helps me keep my legs tight and toned so it helps me bust slaves balls” she giggles. Meanwhile the slave looks a bit frantic as he starts to kick. If you like dirty feet catch a good look at the close up shots of Xi’s tiny size 4’s because they are almost black. She is so small and so powerful. She rolls the slave on his side and when she asks him if he can breath he can’t even speak.

The camera moves around to the back and now you get a nice view of Xi’s toned ass and her sexy g-string panties. Through the whole scene Xi does not let up even when she takes the time to kick and slap his balls. Next she lays on the top of the slave in a forward position and you get a great overhead view of her sexy body and a frantic slave below her. She hops off and makes him lick her dirty feet but then is back on him scissoring him again. She turns sideways this time as the slave tries to pull her leg away but he can’t. Then she sits on his face, slaps his balls and then on her butt on the floor with his head back between her legs. She lifts her body up by her arms and says it’s time for the final squeeze.
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What is that little tiny thing anyway? You call that a dick? HA! That’s cute. Miss Xi has never seen one so small before. What do you do with it? You can’t please a woman with that because she wouldn’t feel a thing. You know a gorgeous woman humiliating you for your tiny little clitty arouses you, and that’s why you can’t resist all 9 minutes of this clip… daily!
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It’s true, men are boring and useless when they’re not objects for the entertainment of Miss Xi, so she finds it’s best to keep them locked up until she wants to use them! She finally let this little bitch out of his cage, and by let, I mean pull him out by the balls. She loves getting nice big kicks in, swinging Her shoes in to nail the slaves nuts and kick him HARD! Once he’s down on the ground Miss Xi doesn’t stop, She keeps kicking him, laughing at his pain. Boys are so weak!
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