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Chateau-Cuir – Leather wank session with Tina

Miss Tina is ready for it but are you able to control yourself? Because damn this woman is smoking hot in her leather leggings, biker jacket, gloves and boots. leather overload and combined with that sexy body and strict voice…this is going to be one intense wank session with Tina.
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Glove Mansion – Our cockold glove slave part 1

Watch our leather gloved hands and drool! Miss Tina and I grab your attention with our leathers and you know you are going to be a good boy, a good glove slave, aren’t you? We love having fun together and teasing you with our sexy bodies and outfits. The pleasure is all OURS, you can dream of this….you are nothing more than our cuckold slave
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Glove Mansion – Leather glove JOI with Tina

Booted and gloved, Miss Tina is ready to make you cum but you will have to follow the instructions of this hot gloved girl. Watch her leather gloves slide over her cock as she shows you exactly how it is done. Are you willing to obey her?
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Glove Mansion – Miss Tina – At her gloved mercy

Found on the street, dragged in to her house, stripped and naked at her mercy! Miss Tina is a true femme fatale and knows the power that her leather gloves have over men. She has no mercy for him and fills his mouth with her gloved hand, smothers him and plays with him until the end.
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Glove Mansion – Sensual satin glovejob part 2

Miss Tina adores playing and teasing her glove sex slave with her soft, satin gloved hands. And he adores his Mistress. As he is such a good boy, she jerks his cock with her sexy gloves and allows him to relief himself on top of her gloved hands.
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Glove Mansion – Sensual Satin Glovejob part 1

Miss Tina is looking damn hot in her lace lingerie, stockings and black satin gloves. A sight her glove slave adores. His Mistress loves to tease him with her soft gloved hands and nyloned feet, making sure he worships her properly. He may be in for a reward if he is a good boy!
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