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Clubdom – Slapped by Miss Roper For Disobedience

Miss Roper has her slave cleaning the dungeon today. This slave is about to find out what happens when you don’t obey Miss Roper. She has told her slave several times to always have a hood on, in her presence. She doesn’t want to see his ugly face. When she walks in the dungeon to inspect his work, what does she see? Her slave’s uncovered ugly face! Miss Roper tells her disobedient pathetic bitch of a slave that since he wants his face exposed then she will have to use his face to teach him a lesson. Miss Roper slaps her slave in the face very hard several times to get her point across. She then spits on his face just to show him how worthless he is. Her slave made a big mistake and Miss Roper doesn’t like mistakes. She grabs her bitch by the throat and continues to slap his ugly face without mercy. After slapping her slave and spitting on him repeatedly for several minutes, Miss Roper commands her slave to crawl and find a hood. He only has ten seconds to put it on, so the bitch better hurry!
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Clubdom – Miss Roper’s Fuck Puppet (POV)

You have been day dreaming about Miss Roper’s big black strap on cock. Haven’t you? It’s only natural to think about having her hard cock deep inside your tight ass. The only question is whether she will be gentle and sensual or hard and aggressive. Too bad that you don’t have a choice. You will take every inch of Miss Roper’s cock and you will take it anyway she wants! Watch her tell you how she will turn you into her personal fuck puppet. You and your ass are hers and she will do to you and it what she pleases! If you please her with your ass she might even let you cum.
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Clubdom – Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave: Milked

Miss Roper’s slave has had a very long day of torture and torment so far. He has been fucked with a strap on, whipped, caned and forced to fuck his Goddess with a dildo gag. Now the slave is standing in front of Miss Roper with his hands bound above his head. His cock is tied up with rope that is attached to his slave collar, as its been all day. His balls are swollen and full of cum. Miss Roper tells her bitch that it’s time for his full balls to be emptied! Miss Roper begins to gently stroke her slaves cock. Telling him how she is going to toy with his dick and torment him by slowly edging him before he is allowed to cum. As Miss Roper continues to stroke his hard cock she teases him by rubbing her perky tits and rubbing her perfect ass against him. Miss Roper finally decides that her slave has been teased enough and allows her bitch to cum in her hand. She informs her slave that the purpose of this orgasm is for him to eat it! She then forces her slave to lick and suck all of his filth off her fingers and hand. Miss Roper walks away leaving her still erect slave standing bound in the dungeon. Her slave thanks her and is left there to think about everything that has happened today.
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Clubdom – Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave: Strap On Fucked

Raquel Roper, or as she likes to be called, Miss Roper, has her slave by the balls. Miss Roper is pulling her bitch with a rope that is tightly tied around her pathetic slave’s swollen nut sack. This isn’t going to be an easy day for her slave. She makes him go around and around in circles while she is pulling him from behind. After Miss Roper tortures her slave’s balls a little bit, just for fun, she makes her slave get her strap on cock wet with his slut hole mouth. Once her big black strap on is nicely lubed, it’s time for her slave to get fucked. Miss Roper pounds her bitch hard in several positions until her slut releases his filthy cum all over himself. Miss Roper laughs as she humiliates her slut by making him suck his cum off her latex glove covered fingers. The fun part of this slave’s day is over. Next, it’s time for his punishment!
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