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Clubstiletto – Battered and Desperate – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle has her slaves balls right where she wants them, locked in her ball trample table. She has a rope wrapped around his balls so she can pull on them as well as step on them. She starts by stepping on him with her sneakers before removing them and making him sniff them. She then makes him open his mouth and she stuffs one of the sneakers in it to muffle his screams while she crushes his cock and balls under her feet. She spits on it and rubs it with her feet to get it hard so he suffers more when she steps on it.

Muscle gives him a good blend of pain and pleasure to keep him confused and disoriented. When his balls retreat below the box she just steps harder on his cock. She then moves to standing on his chest and jumping on him before getting back on the box where she kneels down spits on his cock and starts stroking it. “You want to cum for Miss Muscle don’t you?” she says. She uses both hands and makes him beg to cum, he is on the edge and ready to explode when she removes her hands and leaves him there to moan in frustration. He’s not good enough to cum.
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Clubstiletto – Smell It All – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle has her slave bound on the discipline bench. She gets home from the gym and tells him that she is very sweaty and she is going to sit on his face so he can breath her in. As she blocks his air she flogs him a bit and then pulls down her shorts so her ass is on his face. She then removes her shorts and rubs them on his face before sitting back on him and ordering him to stick his tongue up her asshole. She pulls her panties to the side so he has easy access.

“Maybe I should take you to the gym so you can lick all the ladies asses” she suggests. “I bet the old widows would just love it, they probably haven’t had a tongue up there ass in forever” she adds. Muscle lifts her feet and arms in the air so the slave gets her full weight and when he starts to kick she gets up and flogs him some more as well as slaps his face. Next she removes her panties and stuffs them in his mouth before putting him a scissor lock and threatening to make him her full toilet. “Maybe I’ll bring my trainer over tomorrow and ride his big black clock while you are locked up here” she suggests. Finally she sits back on his face and pulls his nipples, laughing while he kicks for air.
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Clubstiletto – Pits and Spit for Junior – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle sits down after a long day of using and abusing her slaves. “I’ve worked up a sweat,” she says, as she calls her sweat-loving slave over to lick her clean. The pitiful creature lives like a common mutt and crawls in wearing a collar and leash, with the handle held in his mouth. Miss Muscle pulls his head into her crotch and orders him to sniff it. She tells him the essence of her lover should still be there for him to enjoy. “There might still be some cum down there; lick it!” she says to him and adds that she might need him to fluff her boyfriends in the future. “Today, however, it’s all about licking my sweat up,” she remarks.

She lifts her arm up to afford the slave access to her pit and he obediently licks it. She reminds him that anything about her body is an honor for a slave to have. “I bet you want to lie on the floor for a g0lden shower,” she says. She directs him to her other armpit, but not before she spits in his face a few times until the saliva drips from his chin. “It’s what my slaves use as a face cream,” she says. As the slave continues to lick her armpit, she raises her other arm to let you enjoy her armpit, too. She kneels on the chair, which positions her ass directly in the slave’s face. She orders him to stick his nose between her cheeks and to lick her there, too. Miss Muscle has a nice, plump ass that any slave would love to worship. This slave is clearly aroused, and she tells him to stroke his hard cock while he eats her, but not to cum. “I might cum multiple times a day, and if you’re lucky, you might cum sometime this year,” she says to him. The desperate thing just moans while he eagerly licks her ass.
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Clubstiletto – Worship My Juicy Butt and Wet Pussy – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle is kneeling on the bed with her big plump ass there for her slaves, as well as you, to drool over. Her crotchless panties give them a Birdseye view of her butt hole and pussy too. “Slaves will do anything for this juicy butt” she says, as she then says you can crawl towards her and kiss each cheek. As she leans forward her big puckered pussy lips are right in your face. “Imagine burying your nose in there” she says tauntingly. Now she calls her slave onto the bed to smell her pussy and ass and tells him to tell her how much he loves it. “You probably wish I’d fart in your face” she says.

Now she orders him to tongue fuck her ass and she moans from the pleasure it gives her. She tells him to spread her cheeks to insure he gets his tongue as deep as possible. Nice views of her bubble butt and asshole through this entire scene. Miss muscle explains how this bitch works like a all day for her just to be able to eat her ass. Now she orders him to go get her black dildo as she wants an orgasm. He has to use his hand to move the dildo in and out of her exactly as she tells him to. Soon she is moaning and thrashing about as the pleasure starts to overtake her. “If you give me a good orgasm you can lick the dildo after” she tells him. Now she tells him to really thrust it in and out of her as she grabs onto his hair. She has a huge orgasm and pulls the dildo away. She is pleased and pats her pet on the head.
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Clubstiletto – The Winner Gets My Ass 2 – Miss Muscle

Sadistic Miss Muscle has two slaves on the floor below her and is about to use them both for her amusement. She steps onto the first and he grunts as she is a solid girl weighing over 150 pounds. She works her way up from his groin to his chest where she squats down to look him in the eye. She tells him he may get her ass on his face if he pleases her but the other slave is feet away, secured in the trample floor, and might get the honor instead. She steps on his throat and threatens to crush it. She then steps over to the trample floor and brings her ass down on slave 2’s face. She asks the first slave if he is jealous and he is as he hears number 2 kissing her ass cheeks.

She gets up and walks back over #1 and he is surely hoping he will now feel her thick ass on his head but instead she jumps back up onto his chest. “You two are competing for this ass” she tells him. She starts to jump on his chest and then rubs the sole of her foot over his mouth. She does some more squats on him and then again steps on his neck. Next she starts to do some high leaping on his chest making him really groan in pain. The other slave eagerly waits to see what’s next for him. She face fucks 1 with her foot and then tells him she has decided the other slave gets her ass today. The trampled slave has done all the suffering and now #2 gets the reward. Miss Muscle knows a strategy like this will keep the slaves competitive, after all no Mistress wants slaves that are buddies. They should be closer to mortal enemies, competing for whatever bone she might toss their way. She sits down on the trample floor, her ass over the slaves mouth and orders him to eat her ass. “Make him jealous” she says, looking over at her other possession.

Here’s the original Winner Gets My Ass, because I know you are curious.
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Clubstiletto – You Slaves Don’t Mind Sharing Me Do You?

Miss Muscle scissors one slave while she orders the other one to worship her boots. She explains that when she can’t make it to the gym, she likes to work out using her slave’s neck. You can see her muscles ripple as she clamps down on his neck with her powerful thighs. She inadvertently kicks her other slave in the head, but naturally he doesn’t complain as he continues to lick her dirty boots. Miss Muscle asks you which of the two slaves you would like to be, the boot licker or the one fighting for air? She changes position so she’s lying on her stomach on top of the slave.

She wraps her powerful legs under his head so you can really see her ass and muscle bound legs while she flexes. She has both slaves lie on the bed so she can face sit them one at a time, but she can’t resist scissoring the boot licker first. She moves to the other one’s chest and plays with her pussy through her crotchless panties. Again, she shifts to scissor the boot licker before she sends both slaves to their knees on the floor. She tells each one to worship a boot while she plays with herself. She touches herself before reaching for a black dildo so she can fuck herself while her sluts watch. She tells them to lick the sole of each foot simultaneously while she fucks herself with the dildo. After she cums, she presents the moist dildo to the two slaves and asks “Now which one of you gets this?”.
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Introducing Miss Muscle. The Mistress walks into the room where we find her slave laying on the floor. She asks him if he is ready to worship her and suffer under her feet. She is wearing amazing tie up boots with pole like heels. She steps on his chest and then places one foot on her face and tells him to lick the sole. She moves up and down across his chest and stomach and then squats down bringing her ass only inches from his face. “Lick it slave, I know you want it” she says but despite his best effort he just can’t quite reach her ass. “If you please me I’ll let you kiss it” she tells him before standing up on him once again. She makes him beg for his ass and then sits on his face.

The scene rolls over and now Miss Muscle is wearing a second pair of boots. She sticks the wide heel into his mouth and then moves around his torso, once again squatting on him. “Which pair should I put on next?” she asks. Again the scene rolls over and this time Mistress is wearing knee high boots. This time the heel is much finer and the pain is noticeably more intense for the slave. Her heels really sink into his flesh. She runs the sole of one boot over his tongue and tells him to lick it clean. She twists and steps on him and squats again to insure he gets maximum pressure and another close up view of her ass. Now she changes into yet another pair of boots but rather than stand she kneels on him instead before finally trampling him again. These boots have a smaller heel as well and again the pain is intense for the slave. Finally Miss Muscle puts on her high heeled running shoes and jumps from the floor to his chest repeatedly making him count as she does. She holds onto the fireplace and leaps as high as possible onto his chest. She decides he has pleased her enough to get the pleasure of her ass on his face. The slave loves it until the need to breath arises. Mistress is tired, she isn’t getting up just yet!
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