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Clubstiletto – Cocks, Feet and A Juicy Asshole!

TS Staci, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, and Koi Erotica have all gotten together for an evening of fun. The scene opens with the ladies directing slave one to suck slave G Nasty, whose cock is bound tightly with rope. Meanwhile, a third slave sniffs Mistress Kandy’s ass through her pants. Kandy tells her slave to pull down her pants, and when he does as instructed, he kisses her ass cheeks and licks along the crotch panel, trying to get at her asshole. Staci kneels over G Nasty and stuffs her cock down his throat.

Kandy tells her slave to focus on her asshole as the ladies enjoy watching Staci get sucked. Staci slaps G Nasty’s face with her cock while Jasmine and Koi squeeze his nipples. Kandy tells slave one to move away so the ladies can focus on G Nasty’s cock. They tug on it, slap it, and twist his balls. They decide to untie the rope from his cock and Jasmine wraps her feet around it. She works his cock until he’s ready to explode, and just as he does, she quickly pulls away in order to ruin his orgasm. Meanwhile, Kandy pulls her panties to the side in order to give her slave a clear path to her butthole, which he eagerly devours. Now how would the ladies put you to use if you attended this kinky party?
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Clubstiletto – Bimbo Doll Transformation

Miss Jasmine and Miss XI have a client in their sissy room. They explain how he has come in for a consultation because he has a strong need to be a life-sized sissy slut doll. “I love dolls” XI says “as you can do whatever you like to them and they never speak back.” The ladies have the sissy stand up and spin for them before they teach her to cross his legs like a real lady. They tell her to apply lipstick so they can see how ‘she’ does. Totally pathetic, the ladies apply lipstick and some eye shadow but notice that the bimbo hasn’t shaved. “She has the same thing in her head as a Barbie doll” Jasmine says… “nothing.”
They decide that the best option for this slave is ‘plastic surgery’. As the scene rolls over, Jasmine enters the room to be told by XI that the surgery worked exceptionally well. We see that the sissy now has full lips, silky smooth skin, and a nice head of thick blond hair. Now it’s time for the sissy to service the ladies’ cocks. XI and Jasmine tell the sissy she will be trained to service multiple cocks at once and even put in a bukkake scene. Watch while the sissy is subjected to their strapons and told what her future will be like. This slut has a lot of work to do before she’ll be pimped out. Even then it will be volume over quality so as to make some decent money from this slut and she should expect to be busy in glory holes and at truck stops from morning till night.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Gassed and Ruined

Miss Jasmine has a man on the bed and spits on his cock and strokes it lovingly. Wait a minute, this is no man, it’s a slave and soon she lifts her arm and places the pit over his face demanding that he clean her. She slaps his face and demands long eager licks. “I think we need more spit” she says, opening his mouth and spitting in it before he resumes his duty of licking her armpits. Jasmine again seductively starts to stroke his cock, spitting on it for lube. What sort of slave are you? Do you want to be in his place or do you want to be the lowest of slaves and forced to suck his cock while he licks Miss Jasmine? She now moves onto his face and ass-smothers him while continuing to stroke his cock.

Jasmine looks breath taking sitting upright on his face and now ignoring his dick. She loves seeing him fight for air. She climbs off and again spits into his mouth and then starts to slap his face. As she talks she continues to slap his face before again spitting on his cock and again stroking it. Next he reaches for a flogger and starts to punish his nipples, she really has him dizzy with pleasure and pain. She now decides she might let him cum and strokes his cock while again sitting on his face and then she feels a fart coming. She blows a nasty one right in his face causing the slave to gasp but if anything his cock gets even more erect. She strokes vigorously and tells him to shoot a load for her. His cock is rock hard and suddenly he feels his orgasm coming. He moans in ecstasy and Jasmine suddenly removes her hand, it’s a ruined orgasm as one long spray of cum shoots across the room. A slave should never expect to cum and if he does it should never be in a way that a real man would experience it.
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Clubstiletto – Hubby Likes It When She Has Men Over

A good cuckold loves it when his wife has real men over because he understands that her pleasure is all that matters. He might feel a bit jealous knowing she’s pleasuring and touching another man and eagerly spreading her legs to take his cock deep inside her, while he gets nothing… well, maybe some tease and denial at best, but one thing’s for sure – he can’t deny how much it arouses him! He lives to hear the sounds of her sexual bliss, and as a result, he’s always happiest when he knows another man is on the way over. Such is the life of Miss Jasmine and her cuckold, and in this scene, we see her in the tub with hubby massaging her feet, blindfolded as he’s not good enough to see her naked body, as she describes how this helps her to relax before her lover arrives.

This is a candid clip of Jasmine talking to her hubby and to you, too. She describes the way the evening will unfold for hubby, her stud boyfriend, and herself, and talks about the way their relationship started until it evolved into its current blissful state. If you enjoy erotic, kinky cuckold talk and feet, this clip will have you shooting a load before it’s halfway through, so you might want to lock yourself into chastity now to make sure you enjoy it all the way to the end.
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Clubstiletto – His Battered Balls Are Huge

Miss Jasmine and Miss Mutiny have a slave bound and ready for some discipline. While Destiny is most famous for wrestling she has no problem making a man suffer in other ways and with Jasmine’s encouragement she more than holds her own on this amazing girl/girl on guy beatdown. As they chat they start out by taking turns cropping his cock. You can see the slaves balls are already large from daily ball busting but they really want to see how much larger they can get. Soon they are punching his nuts and then the kicking and kneeing begins. Some blows land square on his nuts others on his cock. Close up shots give you a clear picture of how much he is being subjected too and how his cock and balls are swelling. The ladies laugh that he will probably take pics and post them online to mislead women that he is really endowed although some photo shop to cover the bruises might be needed. This is classic ballbusting at its best.
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Clubstiletto – My Pussy Plus Three

This is a scene from the recent Dommes Gone Wild Party. The ladies have all been partying and now Kandy has dragged her personal slave into the bedroom and is sitting on his face. She leans forward and tells her slave to lick her pussy as the heat and booze of the night has her super aroused and in need of sexual pleasure. Some wonderful close ups of Kandy’s ass and her pussy being worshiped by her slave boy.
Soon the others at the part realize Kandy has vanished and one by one they start to make their appearance, taking turns sitting on this lucky slaves face. First is TS Staci, followed by Miss Jasmine and finally Koi Erotica who both do some breast-sm0thering as well. What’s it like to actually party with the Ladies of club stiletto, watch this clip and see for yourself. #assworship #facesitting #pussyworship #breastsmother
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Clubstiletto – Heavy Load Riding and Trampling

The ladies have been at the beach and are relaxing on the couch when Mistress Kandy suddenly remembers she forgot an item in the basement. It is weak and thin, and has been fed 3 chicken bones. Kandy and Mistress Jasmine hop on its back as it climbs the stairs to the living room. Then, Goddess Airen joins in the fun as all 3 women trample him in their flip flops and boots. Sometimes as a trio, sometimes alone or in tandem, the girls jump, stomp and generally mash his body and his testicles aren’t spared.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Pretty Face, Nasty Load

It’s a rubber romp in the hot tub as Miss Jasmine has her slave in a mask so she can imagine that he is actually an attractive woman. “She’s an attractive sex doll” she says adding “I don’t want to see his real face, in fact I don’t even want him to see my face at times.” She then pulls out a second rubber mask and puts it on so they are now both pretty rubber dolls. Jasmine says she feels the two of them can get a lot closer now that they are dolls. Watch as Jasmine titillates her doll slave and eventually stokes him to orgasm. What are their feelings and expressions? You don’t see any of that, only two dolls playing in the warm waters on a lovely summer day but rest assured that’s real cum at the end.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Deep Diving Cucky

Miss Jasmine relaxes in the tub while her cuck hubby gives her a back massage. “Hubby is my slave but I do enjoy these intimate moments” she remarks. She goes on to say that one minute she might cuddle him, while the next, she finds herself pouring salt on his wounds. No matter what, she keeps him on his feet and he’s always eager to do as he’s told. While he rubs her back, Jasmine explains that when she’s confused about the nature of their relationship, she just beats him hard; it’s pretty simple. She turns around and pulls his head into her breasts, but is clear to explain that he never gets to suck them; that pleasure is strictly reserved for her boyfriends. She moves behind hubby and tells him they’ll cuddle, but instead, she blocks his breathing with her hand; hubby can never risk getting too comfortable with a wife like Jasmine, lol.
As soon as he’s desperate to breathe again, she removes her hands from his nose and mouth, but makes things even more difficult by repositioning herself in order to sit on his face, completely submerging him in the process. He holds up quite well but eventually needs air. Jasmine permits him to surface briefly after hearing him desperately gasp for air, but she sits right back down on him. She says she knows he wants to rim her ass but he’s not permitted to do so, although she might let him do it when her date is over and it’s full of cum. “Don’t you want to lick cum from my ass after it’s been properly stretched and fucked by my lover?” she asks him, although he probably can’t understand a word she’s saying, because he’s still underwater! Nevertheless, Jasmine knows he likes whatever she likes. She tugs on his cock and finally gives him a breath before sitting on him again. She stands up and uses her foot to mash his head onto the bottom of the tub. He’s really struggling now, so she gets behind him and pulls him up between her legs for some more hand-over-mouth treatment. “Maybe I should just lock you up in chastity until your lung capacity gets better” she says, which cause hubby to groan. Jasmine slides gracefully back into the tub and under he goes again…
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Take It In Your Slutty Mouth And Ass

Miss Jasmine has you on your knees in front of her. “You know how you love seeing me get fucked by big juicy cocks, well I have a surprise for you” she says as the camera scrolls down to her 12” strapon cock. She strokes it and tells you how she is going to fuck you for the first time. She tells you to open your mouth because you are going to have to take it all the way down your throat first. “It’s not going to be easy but I want you to take it all the way down your throat because when I fuck you, you are going to want as much lube on this as you can get” she laughs.
She now orders you to show her your man-gina and says she has seen enough hints from you to know you want it and she refuses to take no for an answer. She explains how the penetration also stimulates her as the end of the dildo presses into her pussy and gets her hot with lust, your discomfort of little concern to her at that point. Jasmine looks amazing as she taunts you with her body, turning and twisting, standing then sitting on the couch and raising her legs in the air, to insure you see all of her. Now she again forces the cock down your slutty mouth until it’s nice and wet. “Spread your man pussy for me” she tells you. She starts by pressing just the tip into you, fucking you slowly and then a bit faster. She tells you to make her proud, she wants you to be her personal porn star and then she rams it in all the way. Miss Jasmine will be seeing you get fucked daily from now on.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – He’s Our Sweat Pet

Famous female wrestler Mutiny and Miss Jasmine are working out and taking turns on the elliptical. The one not working keeps their slave busy by making him lick the sweat of their bodies with special attention paid to their asses… because it feels so good. The scene opens with the slave licking the clearly visible sweat off of Mutiny’s ass while Jasmine is back on the elliptical building up more sweat for him. Mutiny then has the slave lick her cleavage before sending him down to her legs and then each foot. We now see that Jasmine is starting to get rather wet and once Mutiny feels her entire body has been licked clean, the ladies change places. Some wonderful angles of both ladies luscious sweaty bodies.
Mutiny regrets having to get back on the equipment she is having so much fun but Jasmine needs her time too. “I purposely kept this one thirsty all day” she says as the slave eagerly licks her clean happy to focus on her ass cheeks and crack until Jasmine decides he’s being selfish and orders him to work down her legs to her feet. One leg and then the other. Mutiny has only met Jasmine’s slave today and Jasmine mentions that he is obviously working hard to impress her. The slave now licks Jasmine’s stomach and up to her breasts as she demands that every bead of sweat be licked up. Now Mutiny comes back down for a final licking and this time they both press their asses into his face. “When we lock him up and leave, he’ll always have his memories” Jasmine says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – It’s Good To Pee After Being Gangbanged, Drink It Cucky

Miss Jasmine has just gotten herself together after a gangbang. She mentions how unbelievable it was and how shocked she was by the number of guys who showed up. She goes into specific detail about the ways she enjoyed herself and says she’s very pleased that you, her husband, did such a good job fluffing everyone and bringing them to her in an orderly fashion, that she’s going to reward you. “Remember earlier how I said I might let you lick my pussy if you did a good job?” she asks you. Of course you do! “Unfortunately, when I started to think about your mouth on my pussy I started to gag so I’ve changed my mind.”
She tells you she does have to pee though and the good news is that you’re going to get her pee as well as the cum that comes out of her. She squats over a dawg bowl and starts to piss. Some hits the bowl, some goes on the floor. “You will have to lick the floor clean as well as everything in the dish” she tells you, and remarks that her pee is cloudy and smells like cum. She proceeds to let out a massive stream of it, and then lets out a fart for good measure, as some of the guys did fuck her up the ass. When she’s finished she gets you on all fours and has you start licking up the mess. She explains that the fucking really tired her out and that she’s going to lie down and have a nap, but not before going online to find more men for next week. “Lick everything up and then do the laundry” she demands. She expects everything to be spotless when she returns.
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Clubstiletto – The Stories These Shoes Could Tell, Now Lick Them Clean

As you kneel in front of Miss Jasmine, you admire her beauty and can’t avoid glancing down towards her feet. “What is it?” she asks. “Is it my fresh new pedicure or my stockings that are nice and worn and fragrant? I’m not sure but what I do know is that these shoes need to be worshiped.” She explains that you’re not good enough for new shoes but instead will show your devotion to the shoes that are a few years old. “I’ve worn them to some pretty fun events” she explains, adding “I’ve worn them in many different cities, many city streets, many public bathrooms.”
The shoes are 100% leather, well worn, and scented, and you are going to worship them. Jasmine instructs you where to lick and suck and recalls that she’s done some cock trampling in those shoes. “Can you taste that, too?” she asks laughingly. The tale of these shoes is very interesting, so if you plan to watch this scene, we suggest you be a dirty nasty slave and listen to what Jasmine has to say. You’re bound to shoot your biggest load in years as the story unfolds and you realize you hunger to have your mouth all over what’s been on these shoes. You’re disgusting! At the end, Jasmine removes her shoes and stockings and jams one of the stockings into your mouth.
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Miss Jasmine – Kinky Kong – Forced Foot Worship

Even if you’re not a foot worship fan, you will want to see this scene to see how beautiful Jasmine becomes the Amazon Kinky Kong. While sleeping she is bitten by a rare insect. She gets a huge infection and tosses and turns in her sleep but in the morning she seems fine… in fact she feels GREAT! Later she tells her friend Ricky that she isn’t interested in being his girlfriend, as he tries to come on to her and then tries to grab her boobs. This outrages her.
Her anger results in a violent transformation into amazon KINKY KONG and with one thrust, she throws Ricky to the floor and steps on his neck in high heels. It’s a classic victory pose you don’t want to miss as she threatens to snap his neck. She then sits on the couch and orders him to remove her high heels and worship her feet. Ricky is totally in shock by everything that has just happened and he is no match for this beautiful, hairy Amazon Queen. He obeys every command she gives him, there is no way to resist!
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Clubstiletto – Your Job Is To Keep All 20 Of Them Hard For Me

Jasmine has herself dressed to the nines and informs you, her cuckold husband, that she has not done it for you but rather a large number of men she has lined up online that will be coming over to fuck her. “Men are so flaky so to make sure there’s more than enough I have lined up 20 of them.”, she tells you. She tells you she is not sure when they will all show up but she needs you prepared for a night of hard work. You will handle the bedding, music, flowers, and so on, but most importantly you will be doing a lot of sucking. As she gets into detail about how the night will likely unfold the camera moves down and points upward to reveal that Jasmine is not wearing any panties. What’s the point, right? While your role is important remember she will not be thinking about you at all but rather her own sexual pleasure and the gorgeous studs that come to her one after another after another. She warns you that you had better put everything you have into getting each guys cock rock hard because if they come in not fully erect you will pay the price.
“Yes, you will suck every single cock, they will be lined up against the wall and you will be kneeling and sucking them and when I text you, you will bring in the guy with the hardest cock.”, she tells you. When you enter the room no looking at your wife but you of course will hear all the moaning, the thumping, and smell the sex. No time to waste though, you have to get back out there on your knees attending to those cocks. Your job is pretty simple, make sure those cocks are all hard so when each guy comes in he can fuck her hard and shoot a huge creamy load. She does warn you not to overdo it though, if they cum in your mouth you have failed. If you get cum it will only be the cum she makes you suck out of her after all the love making is done. There of course will be a lineup so Jasmine also tells you to make sure you are using both hands and your mouth to work as many cocks as you can at one time. How you get your cum will depend on your performance, you may eat it from her or she might piss it out into a cup and make you drink it. “You are going to be here a long time, but you want to work hard for your wife’s pleasure don’t you?” she asks you. Now Jasmine only has time to review everything; preparation, stud services, and of course clean up after. She will be dripping cum but of course the bed sheets will also be soaked. Are you ready?
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