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A 2016 Classic revisited because you don’t want to miss this one even if you’ve seen it before! Some of our favorite cum shot scenes ever, all strung together one after another after another. Massive cum explosions, ruined orgasms, and everything in between. BBW’s, Princesses, and divine Domina’s. The moments slaves live for! 13 cum shots in total! Includes foot worship, facesitting, ass licking, taboo, handjobs, Mistress cock sucking, and forced cum eating.
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Enjoy this classic from 2016. Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine have been sweating profusely under the hot lights during an all-day shoot. We rounded up two new slaves with similar interests; namely a scent fetish. These losers seem to get excited at the scent of a sweaty female body, and they are soon put to work on our pungent feet. In fact, Kandy expects these guys to commit to full body worship; no stinky unwashed sweaty body part should go unworshiped! Both men are equally adept at massage and taking an entire foot in their mouth. Not to mention their similar builds. Kandy and Jasmine wonder aloud if there is a deeper connection between these two, given the shocking amount of similarities between them. Little do the slaves know that the Girls put this whole thing together with a little detective work. They tell the slaves to look at each other and then pull off their masks. Much to their horror they realise that they are father and son.
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The dynamic duo of Miss Jasmine and Mutiny are on the bed and again subjecting their slave to their cruel desires. “I wonder if it’s possible to flatten a mans face by sitting on it every day?” Jasmine asks. She suggests taking a series of photos over the year for comparison sake then gets on to matters at hand and tells Mutiny it would make her happy if she really punched him in the balls hard. As Mutiny starts to squeeze his balls and punch them Jasmine swings around off his face and puts him into a scissor hold.

Soon Jasmine is jealous and tells Mutiny to trade places so she can punch his nuts. Mutiny sits on his face but wraps her legs around his head at the same time. Jasmine twists and turns his nuts into a pretzel and when they think he might have smiled she goes ballistic with more punching. She squeezes his nuts so hard they look like they’ll explode and Mutiny can’t help but punch them to see if she can make them blow up. Mutiny sits forward on his face and Jasmine decides to hop on her lap so the slave is now totally buried under 200 plus pounds of divine female flesh. After some time the decide he needs a breath so they shift and give him maybe 2 seconds to breath maximum. You get some amazing ass views of both Ladies to go along with the face sitting and ballbusting. Ultimately Jasmine can’t resist hurting him more and gets up and kicks him repeatedly in the balls. As she moves to sit on his face Mutiny decides she wants to kick his balls too. Jasmine is instantly back on his face doing splits and giving him a sniff of her divine pussy and likely taking his mind off the pain of his swollen nuts.
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Miss Xi and Miss Jasmine have again called their employee aka slave into the office for some more verbal and physical abuse. The disdain they have for him on Monday morning is only washed away by the joy their treatment of him brings them. They first look at his shabby office attire, dirty tie, wrinkled shirt, ill fitting suit, and talk about him in a degrading manner as if he isn’t even there. The slave bows his head in humiliation, needing every penny he gets paid and also knowing if he ever stood up for himself the ladies would tell his wife about his online dating profile not to mention video of all the horrible things he has been subjected to at their hands.

As the camera pulls back, lol, we already see the employee is standing with pants and shorts around his ankles. They pull up his shirt and both break out laughing when they again see his miniature cock. “A serious spanking is in order” Jasmine says. Xi adds “Beatings will continue until moral improves.” They make him lean over the desk and they take turns flogging his ass and while doing so tell him they expect him to work over time everyday this week as they are not happy with earnings from the last quarter. “As an added bonus since you will hardly be home this week you won’t have to worry about explaining to your wife why you have these marks all over your ass” Xi tells him. The slave starts to squirm and moan but it only makes the Ladies hit him harder. “This hurts me more than it hurts you. just kidding” Jasmine comments. The slaves heavy breathing and crying only makes the women want to hit him more and harder until finally he begs them to stop and says if they stop he will stay as long as they want and do whatever they need. Jasmine orders him to the ground where he is told to kiss their feet. “Your 60 hour work week is just not enough hours” Jasmine says, “After all there are 168 hours in a week.”
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Mistress Jasmine has two slaves but only one ass, so she has decided to test both slaves to see which one gets locked away and which one gets an evening as her seat. Which face is the most comfortable? Which slave can take more? Well, she’s about to find out. Dressed in only a bra and a pair of sheer, see-through pantyhose, Jasmine looks stunning as she subjects both slaves to her full weight.

She makes sure there’s a tight seal because the ability to hold one’s breath will certainly be a factor in winning the competition. Oh, and there’s another hook: the winner in this competition gets a blowjob… not from Jasmine, however, but from the loser! Jasmine notices that one slave is really rock hard and says “I wonder if he’s so hard because I’m sitting on his face, or maybe he’s excited about getting a blow job. or maybe giving one.”. In the end, she comes up with a kinky idea to determine who’s the winner and who’s the loser.
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It pays to work hard at Fem Corp, as we see in this scene. Jasmine’s male employee AKA slave kneels at her feet with a mouth dildo secured in his mouth and a heavy metal collar wrapped around his neck. “Aren’t you glad you won Employee of the Month?” she asks. As she looks down, she notices that his tie, which has been in his mouth all day, is soaking wet with slobber. “Your wife is going to wonder why you’re all wet when you get home,” she says to him with a giggle. She spreads her legs to reveal her perfect pussy and tells her employee that she has a hot date tonight and needs a little pleasure beforehand… which means he’s to use the mouth dildo on her. She pulls his head towards her until the dildo nicely penetrates her. The up-close angles are so realistic you’ll think it’s you opening her up. She tells the slave that when she closes her eyes she can imagine it’s actually a hot stud fucking her. “I should be wearing some virtual reality goggles right now watching porn” Jasmine says, as she moans with pleasure. She wraps her legs around his head and reminds the slave how lucky he is to be in this position. In and out he goes, as he provides her with extreme pleasure.

She gets up to turn around so he can take her from behind, and marvels at all the spit on the ground. That poor slobbering fool! “I’ll make you lick it up later,” Jasmine says to him. She removes her blouse and skirt and looks extra extra hot in her fine lingerie. The slave slides the dildo into her pussy from behind. Jasmine tells him he’s a human sex toy and that this is the only way he’s capable of pleasing her. “I’m going to be completely primed and ready for tonight” she says with a moan, as she glides her pussy over the dildo, “While you get to go home to your wife, all covered in slobber.” Jasmine has a nice orgasm and tells him she has a surprise for him. In walks her friend, XI, also clad in lingerie, much to the employee’s surprise. He had been hitting on her through a dating site and is now faced with the fact that his employer knows he’s been actively trying to cheat on his wife. The girls have a great time laughing at the slave’s expense as they remind him of what he will never get. Before they leave on their double date, Jasmine reminds him that he must always do exactly as told, or he can rest assured that his wife will learn everything. XI adds that he can expect to get the bill for their date as well, and she wonders how he’ll explain that to his wife!
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Doctors Jasmine and TS Staci have their patient Olivia on the operating table for some medical attention. Olivia is actually a nurse but faints at the first sight of b l 0 0 d, causing the doctors – who have a zero tolerance policy – to make her a patient. And to ensure there’s no resistance, they’ve cuffed her to the table. Meanwhile, below her another patient is completely locked up as he’s been put on a starvation diet in order to shed a quick 100 pounds. The first thing the nurses complete is penis piercings, mainly because they were so shocked to discover that the nurse had a cock, they couldn’t help but decorate it. Jasmine is shocked again when Doctor Staci reveals that she also has a cock, and pulls it out of her panties for all to see. Staci pulls out some of her instruments and begins her testing. She tells Olivia the worst case scenario is that she might end up in the asylum. “No, not again,” replies Olivia. Jasmine pulls out a sounding device and tells Olivia it will be inserted up her penis. Poor Olivia moans in pain and pleasure as she wonders what sort of clinic this is. Soon the sound slides down inside her. Staci decides to clamp Olivia’s nipples while Jasmine strokes her cock.

Staci tells Olivia she needs to take her temperature and instructs her to open her mouth. When she does, Staci sticks her cock into it. “She’s definitely running a fever” Staci says. Staci gets rock hard and her eight inch member really makes Olivia gag. Staci decides to put a dental mouth gag into Olivia’s mouth in order to keep it open, before she resumes clamping her nipples. Olivia starts to cry and hyperventilate, which causes Staci to determine that she might be dehydrated. To remedy the situation, she removes the gag and sticks her cock into her mouth again, but this time she fucks her a bit more aggressively. Jasmine continues to stroke Olivia’s cock and slide the sound into it. This is the farthest thing from a normal clinic! In fact, the nurses have no actual training or education in the medical field, but they find their methods have been quite effective over the years, so Jasmine employs one of her favorites, spanking the patient’s balls with a long handled wooden spoon. Staci goes back to some nipple play while Jasmine strokes her cock some more. To quiet her down, Staci gets onto the table and fills Olivia’s mouth once again with her cock. Jasmine uses her hands to spank Olivia’s balls while putting her hands around her neck. Staci has never been this hard and she just loves to force her cock down Olivia’s throat and make her gag. Jasmine takes the spoon to the patient’s thighs next; they are really working her over! Staci uses a metal roller on her balls and legs before she finally lets Olivia stroke her cock and tells her she has 30 seconds to cum. Staci helps out by sticking her finger up her ass. Jasmine pinches her tits and tells her that while she might get to remain as a nurse, part of her job will be to offer oral service to all the males in the clinic. Olivia is so aroused she cums all over her nurse’s outfit. Then the doctors give her the good news: she gets to stay on as a nurse but will now live in the closet and suck each cock in the clinic every single day. “We’re too good to them” Staci says, and Jasmine nods in agreement.
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This scene opens with Jasmine standing over you showing off her hot lingerie and heels outfit and waving a giant dildo in your face. She turns her body around to show you every inch of her divine body to make sure you are completely aroused and grateful that you are her cuckold. She lays on the bed and then tells you that she has been getting some complaints from her studs about your lack of skill at sucking cocks. You have to do better or she will find someone else to do the fluffing while you are locked in the closet. “I include you and being involved in my sex sessions is a privilege for you so if you want to be included you have to suck cock for me in such a way that it pleases my men and gets them rock hard to fuck me.” Jasmine explains that she obviously has a date coming which is why she is dressed in such a manner and that while she appreciates you preparing the bedroom and drinks, cleaning the house and so on, what you really need is to learn how to suck a cock properly.

She then reaches behind the pillow and pulls out a massive huge cock being sure to point out that it is similar to men she fucks and massive compared to your little thing. A real man would be rock hard kneeling in front of her but look at you, small and limp. “I do have a dental dam that I should maybe keep you in for a few hours each day to help you adjust to keeping your mouth open” she tells you and then over the course of the next 4 minutes tells you step by step how to properly suck cock which is so much more than just sticking it in your mouth. Learn how to use your mouth, tongue and hands to be the ultimate cuckold fluffer under the direction of Miss Jasmine and you too can become the cuckold that any wife would be proud of. Along with your coaching Jasmine also mentions how her lovers please her, just to insure there is a decent amount of humiliation tied in while you learn. Highly recommended for anyone that has fantasized about sucking a cock or just wants to improve their skills.
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Jasmine stands beside her pillory, and looks amazing in her leather corset and black bra and panty set. “He used his safe word” she says, and as the camera pans down, we see her slave on all fours before her. Unfortunately for this slave, Jasmine announces that she isn’t finished with him yet, despite his pleas, and delivers a hard kick into his already bruised and battered balls. “I just love that sound” she says, as she launches kick after kick. The camera is positioned in front of the slave and you get a great view of Jasmine’s shiny black stiletto as it comes up to make contact again and again.

She mentions that when she misses and kicks the slave’s leg by accident, it just makes her mad and she wants to kick him even more. You can see how each kick slams his cock and balls right into his stomach. In her enthusiasm, Jasmine lands her hardest kick of all, causing the slave to crumble to the floor. This gives Jasmine an idea and she decides to use him as her human chair. “He’s really trembling” she says, but shows no mercy as she gets up and really goes to town on his nuts. She does a can-can type routine next, so that one shoe strikes his balls just as the other finishes landing. This happens to be the slave’s coffee break, as he’s employed by Jasmine, and she suddenly realizes she has generously given him a full 16 minutes instead of the customary 15. She tells him to crawl away and resume his manual labor duties out in the yard.
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The dynamic duo of Miss Jasmine and wrestling sensation Mutiny are back together in this great clip. The scene opens with the ladies chatting about their day and they look so relaxed in the their bra and panties with their feet up. As the camera moves back we can see their feet are up on a human stool. Jasmine says this furniture does anything and jokes he has been especially good since his lobotomy. Soon he is licking, sucking and kissing all the feet while also using his hands to massage them as well. They use his shoulders and chest to rest their legs on while he keeps busy at his task. It’s not easy for one slave to attend to 4 feet.

Jasmine talks about where her feet have been and it sounds like they have been in some nasty stuff. No excuse though, the slave licks them no matter what. A proper slave would be disappointed to think the feet were actually clean. Jasmine rubs her feet over the slaves tongue repeatedly and says she wants to get it as swollen as his balls which they have just finished destroying (His Battered Balls Are Huge). Once their feet are clean the Ladies decide they want to head out for something to eat. The slave will position himself under the table and continue his foot service while they dine.
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This hot trample POV features just Jasmine and you. You on the floor, her above you. She waves her expensive white stiletto’s above your face and says she plans to trample your chest, your stomach, your groin and legs. She brings the sharp heel right above your face and she tells you to open her mouth and lick the soles completely. “I’ve owned them for years and I just want to crush you with your own spit” she says. Your eyes shift from her shoes to her exposed pussy and you are to weak to resist even as she tells you how she will dance on you, jump on you, and march on you.

“Seeing you wince in pain is such a turn on for me” she tells you. She says she wants to see tears and puncture marks and as you are tied there in place on the floor she’s about to be very aroused. “When you scream, I’ll just laugh and take some selfies and send them to my girlfriends and then they will probably want to come over and trample you too” she says with a deviant look on her face. She says they will have a party on you and she assumes some will even want to trample your face and cock and balls. “Your sacks serve no purpose other than they are amusement for me when I kick them” she tells you as she starts to swing her foot between your legs. She says she wants to see you suffer more than any trample enthusiast ever has and then says in fact she thinks she should go put on stilettos with even a thinner heel, but not before she removes her shoe and sticks her foot in your mouth. You get a great close up of her feet to end this scene as she crinkles the soles and spreads her toes wide. Suffering never felt so good.
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It’s party night and a couple of slaves are lucky enough to be in the presence of Mistress Kandy, Miss Jasmine, Koi Erotica, and the well-endowed TS Goddess Ms. Staci. The girls enjoy some drinks as they make slave 1 suck slave 2. The women rest their feet on #2, twist his nipples, and verbally abuse both slaves, in general. Staci uses #1’s back as a stool, which allows you to have a few glimpses of her cock. Jasmine moves onto the chest and then the face of #2 while Koi twists his nipples.

Jasmine moves off his face in order to stroke his dick and give #1 a chance to catch his breath, while Staci shifts positions in order to fully expose her cock. She places her foot on #1’s back and forces his mouth down on #2’s cock. Throughout the entire scene, poor slave 2 gets his nipples tortured until he’s finally permitted to get up and told to suck Staci’s cock. It turns out that sucking TS cock is just what the doctor ordered because he’s soon rock-hard! This impresses Jasmine so she starts to stroke him and the race is on to see who comes first. Staci starts to thrash about and moan, before she delivers a load of hot cum down the throat of #2, who is denied release. Such is the life of a lowly slave!
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Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine have subjected a tired old slave to their Youth Rejuvenation Program and my, look at him now! A soft smooth complexion and a full head of golden hair; even his cock is young and perky! Kandy takes his cock and balls into her hands with tender care… until Jasmine applies the magic wand, which causes him to squirm and moan in pain. Seeing the slave suffer turns the ladies on and they start to slap and punch his balls. They’re really quite impressed with his refreshed look, you know. Jasmine jumps up on the bench so she can knee the slave in the nuts and then she goes crazy, using them as a punching bag.

You can see that the slave’s cock and balls have already taken a beating earlier that day, as they’re all red and bruised. Now Kandy hops up and sits on the slave’s face while Jasmine retrieves a giant sounds tool. It’s time to fuck the slave, so Jasmine slips the instrument into his urethra. His cock gobbles the entire thing right up and it completely disappears inside him. Jasmine tells Kandy that the slave has confided that he has a difficult time getting hard with his wife. Well, the rejuvenation treatment must be working, because he’s hard as a rock now! The ladies decide that they should leave the rod inside the slave’s cock, just to ensure that he can keep it up when they’re not around and he’s face to face with only his wrinkled, old whale of a wife. Isn’t medical science amazing??!
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As the scene opens, we find Miss Jasmine and Miss Mutiny relaxing on the couch. Jasmine has one of her slaves in attendance and his head is under her ass. She shifts from a forward position to reverse sitting and bounces on his face. Mutiny kneels to get a better vantage point, and in the process, gives you an amazing view of her ass and her feet. Jasmine asks if she’d enjoy sitting on the slave’s face, because after all, he’s really nothing more than a piece of furniture. Mutiny loves what she sees and quickly takes her place on the slave’s face.

As she bounces up and down, Jasmine sees this as a great opportunity to kick the slave in the nuts. The poor bitch had no idea what was coming. She steps on his cock and kicks him, then repeats the process several times. As Mutiny sits forward, you get an amazing view of her ass, and both Ladies look fabulous in their lingerie. Mutiny doesn’t want to get off so Jasmine decides to sit on her lap, which means the slave is now being crushed by a good 250 pounds. Jasmine eventually gets back on his face and does some butt drops, while Mutiny takes a turn kicking him in the groin. Mutiny gets back on, and this time she sits full weight because she wants to watch the slave kick under her beautiful ass cheeks. Jasmine sits down to enjoy her view of the slave’s frantic kicks. “He’s in trouble now!” Jasmine says with a laugh.
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Miss Jasmine and Mistress blaze are sitting on the throne and talking about their stilettos. They talk about how the shoes get subjected to all sorts of nasty things and that makes Jasmine think about their loser slaves who will have to lick the mess up. The slaves are beckoned into the room and they crawl in on all fours… naturally. They start by kissing the top of the shoes before they are sent down to the soles and heels. These slaves are honored to be in this position and what’s on the shoes does not concern them, they just want to please the Goddesses.

After a few minutes the slaves are ordered to remove the shoes and are now blessed with their sweaty feet. The slaves, sniff and lick and suck the toes. This is a real reward for slaves after a hard day of work and being disciplined. The Ladies even swap slaves to decide who is more talented of the two. While the slaves worship feet, the ladies talk about other skills the slaves have, including sucking cock. Jasmine has her slave lay on his back and rests her feet on his face. Blaze decides to do the same thing. The slaves are then told to lick the soles and also to use their hands to massage the feet. The slaves lick the soles, suck toes, and use their hands to please superior women… then they are ordered to crawl back to their cages.
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