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Clubstiletto – Her devoted Sock worshipping Bitch – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine returns home from the gym and heads upstairs, while you get some unbelievable views of her ass as she climbs them. She tells you she found your porn stash before she left, and now she knows why her dirty socks went missing. it would appear that someone has a sock fetish! She sits down and tells you to crawl over to sniff her socks. No need to be shy; the truth is out. She looks directly at you and says, “I haven’t washed these socks ever and I just worked out in them.” She informs you that you will now be required to worship her socks until they’re white again. that is, if you don’t want her to tell everyone what a pervert you are. She sits down again at the top of the stairs and waves her sock-clad feet right in your face.

The scene rolls over and we find Jasmine on the bed with your erect cock directly in front of her, at her feet. She’s going to give you a foot job, or should we say, a sock job! She brushes your cock with her sexy foot and asks why you haven’t told her what a perv you are. She wraps both feet around your cock and rhythmically moves them up and down before she pauses to dig her heels into your balls. She kicks your cock before she glides her sock-clad feet up and down your shaft again. She talks about all the walking she’s done during her recent travels and how those socks are still in her hamper, just waiting for you. She won’t do laundry anymore because you will now clean them with your mouth. No traditional sex for you either; just sock-sex from here on in. This is actually a custom clip for someone named Mark, who she mentions once during the clip, so if your name is Mark you will especially enjoy this one; if not, just consider yourself an easy ‘mark’ for Jasmine’s persuasive nature. She continues to stroke your cock up and down, but not before she makes you sniff her socks some more. She even removes them so you can sniff the inside of each one before she puts them back on. She strokes and strokes you with her socks until you can’t hold off any longer; it’s time to shoot a big, nasty load.
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Clubstiletto – The Office Job Competition – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, Mistress Meana Wolf

Mistress Kandy, Mistress Meana, and Miss Jasmine are on the hunt for a new employee to work for their company, FemDom Corp. The employee’s duties will not be comprised of the usual day-to-day office duties, however. Instead he’ll be required to worship, serve, and suffer for all three Mistresses, day after day after day. along with manual labor tasks, too, of course. There’s only one position available but there are two applicants. Such a dilemma! So, the Mistresses decide it will be fun to hold a competition to see which lowly male will make the best office slave.

They plan to test the applicants in various ways – pony play, stilettos, trampling, shoe and foot worship, spitting, ass worship, and toilet slavery. Watch as the ladies put these two bitches through their paces until the winner is finally declared. For fun, we included a behind-the-scenes piece where a short blooper is shown, discussed, and re-shot, as well as the lucky winning slave’s final words, “What guy wouldn’t do anything to be in his place?” If you have office fantasies of powerful women bosses, you’ll love this clip!
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Miss Jasmine and TS Staci have just walked in from an all night party. What a party, they are barely dressed. “I wonder why your neighbor was looking at me funny?” Staci says as her cock dangles between her luscious thighs. Their slave meanwhile is waiting for them. They have their man bowl there and waste no time peeing into it. First Jasmine lets loose with a stream that hits the bowl while some splatters on the floor. “He has to drink it from the bowl or the floor” Jasmine says, noticing that the floor is kind of dirty.

Good he can lick up the dirt too. Now Staci squats over the bowl but struggles to pee. Jasmine moves back in because she has more to add but now Staci is ready to relieve herself as well. Between the two the bowl is staring to fill up but they know they have more to give. “Why don’t we let our slave drink this while we go get some more beer” Jasmine says. As they walk into the kitchen the slave bends over the bowl for a delicious drink of nectar.
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Clubstiletto – Bang Bang Ballbusted – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine walks into her dungeon with a paddle in her hand and looking amazing in black including a leather corset and boots. Meanwhile her slave is locked up in her stock knowing what is about to happen. “I haven’t used this much and need to test it out on someone that’s vulnerable and in his tender spots” she says as she reaches out and takes his balls in her hands. She rubs both sides of the paddle and asks the slave which he prefers. One side is smooth the other studded. The slave knows better than to reply so she uses the studded side.

She starts with some solid strokes of the paddle across his cock and balls and then follows it with a few hard kicks to his groin as well. Jasmine comments how she loves how his balls flop up when she strokes them with an underhand motion. Jasmine occasionally takes his balls tenderly in her hands but the slave knows it is short lived as she squeezes them and proceeds to flog and kick them some more. She drops the paddle and presses against his crotch with her ass. He is aroused but the pleasure is only a temporary distraction as she soon is back kicking his nuts again. Jasmine has no immediate plans to let this slave free. Kicking him is just too much fun!
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KinkyMistresses – Lift & Carry and Fucked

First time together in a clip. Calea Toxic & Madame Mysteria. Calea was very impressed from Madame Mysteria´s power while she lift up the Slave while he has a big black strap-on in his ass
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Clubstiletto – A Cure for Cuckies ED – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine doesn’t care that her husband struggles to get erect or he can’t get hard like he did some years back. “I have a cure for everything” she says as the camera reveals she has fitted him with a big black strap-on cock. She’s pleased but imagine how humiliating it is for hubby knowing he is locked away under the harness while she gets amazing satisfaction from a cock that far exceeds his even on his best day. She mounts him and has the big cock glide into her wet pussy. Soon she is moaning and groaning and she shows that the dildo even has big black balls. She suggests that men like you should make a point of getting a strap-on because not only can a woman use it to fuck you but it gives her the option to fasten it to you so she can be pleasured too.

“Every woman deserves a nice juicy cock” she says while continuing to ride up and down on her big black monster. Poor hubby just lays there and doesn’t say a word. “Your girlfriend might also need a real man on the side but this is a gateway” she says with a giggle. Now she reverses so she is facing hubby and starts to really thrust the cock. She bends over to give you a great view of the cock going in and out of her pussy. Jasmine then reveals that the Doctor told hubby that Viagra would work but she figured why waste the money when his cock was never that great to begin with. “How does my pussy feel?” she asks hubby who just lays there accepting his lot in life. She touches her wet pussy and says how amazing it feels but next time he will be wearing a bigger one. Finally after being pleased she removes the strap-on and sticks the cock in his mouth so he can taste her. She rubs his dick that looks so small compared to the dildo as she tells him that next for him is sucking her boyfriends cock. Just as he starts to get aroused she announces that she has to get ready for a date and leaves him high and dry.
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Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine sit on the edge of the tub chatting. “So, tell me about bimbo. How many times has she drank your piss?” Jasmine asks. Damazonia describes what the slave’s regular diet includes, but today is going to be special because the slave will not only get Damazonia’s piss, but Jasmine’s as well! Damazonia decides to piss first, and when she finishes emptying her bladder, she hands the cup over to Jasmine.

Jasmine is famous for producing massive quantities of nectar and today is no exception. Soon the cup is full. along with the pee that missed the cup. The bimbo is called in and ordered to take the cup. The thirsty slut knows exactly what to do, and when finished with the cup, she’s told to lick the rest from the floor. When a slave serves these two Goddesses, there’s no need for porcelain toilets.
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Clubstiletto – Mesmerized Into Loving Cock Part Two

You are back for another counseling session with Jasmine and Staci. Your first session was recorded and HERE for the whole world to see. The ladies have done an excellent job modifying your mind to make you lust for hard cocks. To risk your desire diminishing and to strengthen your need for cocks even more they have you back for another session. Odds are you are already getting aroused hoping Staci will pull up her skirt and allow you to suck her cock. The ladies say they are pleased how far you have come, how you used to view your cock sucking episodes with shame to now being open and adventurous and always look for more and more cock. “You seem like you are liberated” Jasmine says as Staci nods in agreement. The girls say you look like you’ve lost weight, been going to the gym and dressing better. All in an attempt to attract men most likely.

Jasmine again puts the rotating image on the screen to help you fully relax and prepare yourself for you next commands that will be locked in your brain for all time. They start you out with deep breathing and then say today they are also going to teach you to ‘drink’. There’s a man bowl on the floor and Jasmine pulls up her skirt and slides her panties down. Staci runs her hand up Jasmine’s leg before she squats over the bowl and pisses into the dish. Now she tells you to crawl over to the bowl and drink her pee even as she pees some more. Now Staci squats over the dish and adds some of her own piss. The sight of her cock gets you hard and now you long to drink her urine and all urine for that matter. Cum and piss will be your only drinks you desire. Jasmine again squats over the bowl to add some more piss and now the dish is nearly full. Once you drink it up the girls say you will be their client of the year and you will want to come back to see them constantly for more piss and more training to see where you depravity will eventually lead you. “Drink up all the piss in the bowl and all that on the floor” you are commanded. You’ve never felt so thirsty before.
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Miss Jasmine comes pouncing down the stairs but then sees you there kneeling in front oh her. “Oh it’s you again” she says with disdain. She sits on the steps and calls you her foot sniffing freak. Your timing is perfect though because she happens to be wearing a pair of socks that she wore in Europe last year and has still not got around to washing. She removes her sneakers to reveal the socks. “It’s kind of pathetic that the only way you will ever get my attention is paying for and sniffing my dirty socks” she says.

She puts her sock covered foot into your face and asks if you can smell the sweat and stink that is trapped in the fabric. After talking about where her socks have been she removes each sock slowly, keeping them up in your face. Once off she spreads her toes and tells you to crawl closer. As she waves her feet in your face she asks if you prefer her current organic foot sweat or if you like the fermented foot sweat on her socks? Jasmine wonders what would ever happen if you met a woman and she found out about your foot fetish, watching foot porn all day and masturbating to women’s feet. “She’s going to think you are gross and she’s going to dump you for a real man who looks at tits and ass, and you’re going to be all alone. sniffing these stinky socks” she says as she brings them up to your nose. Why deny your purpose, breath them in.
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Beautiful Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking ravishing in a short sequin dress. “Oh you “she says as she sees her slave laying there naked on the floor. She decides to trample him before going out dancing. She walks over his legs, stomach and chest and as the camera shoots overhead and down on her she asks if you would like to be under her instead of this slave.

The slave doesn’t make much noise which pleases Jasmine but she comments that if you look at his trembling body you can see that he really is suffering. Now she stands on his groin and uses her foot to play with his cock. She reaches with her foot for one of her stilettos and presses into his body before letting it fall back to the ground. Finally she uses him as a bench and puts her shoes on telling him to wait there until she returns from a night of dancing. As she is about to leave she turns back and steps full weight onto the slave with her heels. She wants to leave him something to remember her by while she is out.
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Gorgeous Miss Jasmine is lounging and wearing nothing but pantyhose and stilettos. “I just love suntan pantyhose” she says as she runs her hands up and down her legs. Jasmine calls her slave over to start worshiping her shoes but not for long as she wants to feel her foot in his mouth. She tells him to suck and get her feet nice and wet. As she sucks she looks at you and asks if you wish you were at her feet rather than him.

Jasmine talks through this video talking about her feet and legs and ass and her hose. The slave never skips a beat though even when she pulls the foot out and slaps his face with it. She gets up on all fours to torment him with her ass but tells him to kiss her legs. Then she is back sitting as the slaves tongue runs up and down the soles of her feet. She talks about how her essence gets imbedded in the fabric of her hose and then goes on her knees again so her pathetic bitch can give her ass cheeks a thorough kissing.
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Clubstiletto – Training The Toilet – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine is walking through her house and into the living room where you await her. Your jaw drops as you see her in her garter and stockings, panties and bra with her breasts fully exposed. She recounts how you recently met at a vanilla event and she mentioned to someone else in your crowd that she was into g01den sh0wers. Your eyes lit up, as you listened, and she noticed the stiffness in your pants as well, and then you went red with embarrassment. Now here you are alone, she has agreed to see your privately, and since she knows your secret she is going to train you to be her toilet.

“You will come over from now on, pamper me with beautiful gifts, and drink my piss” she tells you. She has you on your knees but now she stands and removes her panties and touches herself. “You will drink everything that comes from me” she tells you. She squats down and soon releases a hot stream of her nectar onto the floor. She pees on her fingers and has you lick them and then releases even more pee as it runs like a river after a rain storm. It’s a literal flood, you better be thirsty. “I told you I had to go” she says with a giggle. “You want piss, now you’ve got it” she tells you, and then directs you to crawl in and to start licking it up. She orders you to do a good job or she will be sharing this little secret with your circle of friends.
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Clubstiletto – That Thing You Really Want To Do – Miss Jasmine

Gorgeous Miss Jasmine towers over you as you lay in her empty cold jet tub. Don’t worry you’ll be feeling some warmth soon. “I drank a lot of water for you” she tells you, adding “you know how I love weak men.” She leans over and drops a big spit ball on you. This is only the start. She slides her hand into her panties and then asks how you most like her spit. Right into your mouth, or licking it off the floor. “I don’t really care, you are here to serve me and I know you want everything that comes from my gorgeous body including everything that I have digested” she says. She tells you to kneel up and to lick her sweaty armpits, if there’s any hair there you can eat them.

Now she turns around so you can worship her sweaty thong. “I was a bit gassy today and the smell should be in the fabric” she says as she tells you to get your nose in her cheeks as she lets out a whistler of a fart. You love it. Now she is going to piss in her mouth so orders you to lay down again. Any you miss you will be licking up. Her piss is a bright green yellow color as a result of her supplements that make it so colorful. This is how you get your supplements, through her piss. “While I know you are excited about my sweat, and my farts and my piss, I know you are most excited about that thing you’ve never done before” she says. “You fantasize about being my full toilet, eating my schlt” she says as more piss falls on your head. Jasmine has been holding it for hours and she gives you a huge amount of her nectar. Now she turns around sticking her ass in your face, she moves the panties to the side to show you her sweet hole. “Open wide” she orders.
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Clubstiletto – Push It Out With Your Cum –  Miss Jasmine

As this scene opens, we see Miss Jasmine sitting on her slave’s stomach while his head lays beneath her toilet. She says that although his hard cock is near her pussy, she’s obviously not going to fuck him. “Well, this is sort of like fucking,” she says, as she spreads lube onto his cock and reveals a giant metal sounding device. She slips the tip inside him and begins to stroke his dick. His hungry cock soon eats the instrument up and it slides further into him.

“I haven’t let him cum in a while; I’ve kept him busy worshiping my feet, abusing his balls, trampling him, and pissing on him,” Jasmine says. The entire time she explains this, she strokes his cock and works the instrument in and out, literally fucking his cock. She says she has promised that he can cum for doing so well, but he can only do so while being sounded. Soon, the sound slides all the way in and Miss Jasmine strokes vigorously in order to get him off. The slave begins to moan with pleasure and soon the metal rod shoots from his cock along with a big juicy load of cum. “Next week I’ll fuck you with two sounds,” Jasmine says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – I Recommend One Of These For Every Woman – Miss Jasmine

As the scene opens, we find Miss Jasmine’s slave lying on the floor just as she returns from a night of partying. “Did you miss me?” she asks him, and naturally he moans that he did. After all, she is his only purpose for living. She walks to the couch and orders him to crawl over. She tells him she had a fun night but, her feet are sore. She permits him to remove her stilettos and sniff her sweaty feet. She lays her head back and moans while the slave rubs her feet.

She puts him onto his back so she can rest one foot on his head while he massages the other. “This is so relaxing and I’m sure the cold marble is comfortable for you, too,” she says to the slave with a laugh. She crosses her legs so he can massage the other foot while she again rests the other one on his mouth. The slave diligently presses into her feet with his fingers as she specifies how much pressure to apply. She comments how her property is fortunate, never having to think much, just doing as he’s told. She receives a message from a guy she was dancing with at the club and wonders what he would think if he saw her like this with a masked and collared man lying on the floor at her beck and call. Guests either accept this as her lifestyle though or they move on. After all, she says, “I do recommend one of these for every woman.”
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