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KinkyMistresses – Fucked And Fistet – Bella Lugosi

All together,… Mistress Bella Lugosi loves to enjoy different action in the same session. Anal fisting, strapon and a milking machine on the Slave´s cock
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Calea Toxic and her private extreme Slave are playing in a BDSM dungeon in essen/germany. Before this session she filled up his balls with medfical water, because she loves his balls very big to play with them. While she play´s with her Slave she try out how deep he can get a dildo into his throat and at the end she use a milking machine and for sure she wants to see how his sperm is coming out of his cock
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Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Ezada have had their slave locked in chastity for quite some time. But his Mistresses want to have some fun with him. So they hook him up to a milking machine and milk him dry until he is empty and they are contempt.
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The first clip on Kinky Mistresses with this real hot Ebony Lady. Black Mamba is using a Slave in Berlin…. tied up in clingfilm, helpless totally at her mercy, she has a lot of pleasure in using the milking-machine Venus 2000 on her helpless sub
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The English Mansion - Mistress Sidonia - Chained & Drained
Mistress Sidonia has her slave trapped in head and hand metal ball bondage, chained into position for her to use him. She wasted no time in clamping his nipples and teasing his cock, gently fucking his hole. His then attached to the slow milker, his cock being sucked and pulled until it is throbbing but not milked fast enough to cum, he is left in torment.
Featuring: Mistress Sidonia
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The English Mansion - Ms Savannah Sly - Suspended Boy Toy
Featuring: Ms Savannah Sly
Savannah Sly outlines today’s activities to her slave as he worships her legs and boots. He is then suspended, open and vulnerable to her desires as she expertly teases his cock, edging him over and over with her leather gloved hands, until she allows him to cum.
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The English Mansion - Switch Zara - Inverted Tongue Slave
Featuring: Switch Zara
Miss Zara is toying with her slave, who she has suspended upside down, helpless to her whims. She enjoys watching his cock straining in he tight metal chastity cage, her tongue licking through the cage, making it purple with the hardness. She then uses his tongue to worship her boots before attaching nipple clamps and using them to swing him closer to her cunt, teasing him with the promise of tasting it. He tries his hardest and she finally rewards him, letting him lick her pussy as she directs the action. Zara then places a queening chair over his face and uses a vibrator as he eagerly helps bring her to orgasm.
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