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TeaseandThankYou – Bad, Bad Student by KT

Learning from the best, really, reaaalllly getting little boys like this to feel so small and sexy and lost under me. This is a special scene for me. I feel like a better mistress. I feel like I could do this to anybody.

And on a general state-of-TaTyY note: Me, Mandy, Carlin. It’s a pretty amazing group right now. In just a week or two, we hope to introduce an addition to this amazing bunch of dominatrices. She has been working hard. I think you’re really going to like her.
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PantyhoseTherapy – On that Everlasting Edge

It can feel like an eternity, lingering in that limbo of almost-so-close-so-close-so-close… but in truth, it’s only an hour or two, me keeping you just out of reach of that climax.. It does something to the male brain, to be driven to desperation like that, helpless and hopeless and so desperate tears leak out of his eyes and pre-cum leaks out of his tip…
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MistressT – Praying Away Your Porn Addiction

Are you a porn addict & chronic masturbator? Do you feel deep shame about your sins? Are you tormented by impure thoughts? The good Lord will work through my skilled hands to help rid you of your demons. Let’s pray together & drain all of that evil out of you. Amen!
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Wrapped in Black

Mistress Ezada Sinn and I have another plaything we’d like to get some use out of. This particularly unlucky slave is not only locked in chastity, but he’s been wrapped in thick layers of black plastic wrap from his legs to his head. We’re going to wrap him up like a ham and then let him sit blind and immobile for as long as we want. When we’re finally bored enough to play with him, we’re going to humiliated him. He’ll tongue the inside of his chastity cage while we jerk his overly sensitive cock. He cannot move at all, so he cannot move away when the pleasure gets too much. But he better enjoy it. As soon as he cums, the cage will go right back on and his momentary freedom will be over. He’ll have to be very good to convince us to unwrap him at the end of the day.
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FemdomEmpire – Rewarded Prostate Pleasures – Marley Brinx

Extra good sluts deserve extra special rewards when you belong to Mistress Marley Brinx. She grabs her slut’s favorite anal toys to slide deep in his ass for being on his best behavior while her girlfriends had visited. Mistress Marley expertly milks his prostate while stroking his rock hard cock until he is rewarded with one big anal orgasm before being locked into chastity for a month.
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– My Client’s Girlfriend’s Panties

… belong in her panty drawer, not awkwardly stretched over her boyfriend’s cock, in any situation. Let alone this one. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to tell if a boy had been wearing my panties–jerking off into them–stretching out the straps and threading his own derriere with my thongs. But hey, I’m not a kinky couples counselor… although I have the outfit..
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – He Cums Whenever I Please

Oh, poor little slave. I’ve milked and milked in every way I could think of. But I’m still not really satisfied. See, it’s one think jerking a slave when he wants to cum. That’s easy. I can put him through almost anything if he really wants to cum. The fun part is milking him when he’s had enough. I love to reinforce to my slaves that they cum exactly when I want them to. There’s no decision making here that supersedes my own. To me, this slave is just a cum dispenser. I jerk, press, beat, and stomp it out of him whenever and however I please. This is what it means to truly be my slave. You’re my little toy cum dispenser.
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DirtyTransDolls – Feminised and milked rubber doll part 2

Our bound rubber doll is being stimulated to the max with our slippery hands, gloves and the venus milking machine doing it’s work on his erect cock. It is so hard for him to control himself but he must endure, suffer and obey.
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BegToCum – Miss Morgan Calls The Shots

Will this male that Miss Morgan has brought home get to cum today? Ultimately it’s not his decision because she runs the show. Hence she will decide if, when and how he will cum. Although in this case it is very likely that she will just edge, torment and deny him in the end.
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MistressT – Black Lover On Holiday

While you’re at home & I’m on vacation in a tropical paradise, I’ve taken a black lover. There’s no secrets between us, hunny, so I’ve made this vid telling you about my adventures. This black stud has been fucking me so much the last couple of days my pussy needed a break, so I decided to just use my hand while making this vid telling you all about it…

(Loving cuckold relationship, very light on humiliation or jealousy. More conservative hot wife just starting to be a little slutty. This is her first black lover & she likes it, lots of descriptions of the interracial sex. Some cum eating instruction during cum shot, telling hubby to imagine he’s eating the cream pie.)
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Cling Filmed and Candle Waxed!

Oh my goodness, how I love playing with my submissive gentleman, not only can he take intense candle wax treatment on his small penis, but he can endure intense tease while bound in tight with a thick layer of cling film. There is no escape whatsoever, he is encased, all wrapped up!

Teasing his leather hooded face with my succulent breasts, and teasing him with my hypnotic scent. A prolonged period of decadent bondage inside my candlelit dungeon deep in the country.
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Clearly, I’m having a horrible time during this scene, and regret my decisions to enter the adult workforce and it’s just so hard to get up in the morning and force myself to fake my way through scenes like this and make boys blubber while playing doctor. Woe is me. Hahahahahaha.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Owned and Rewarded

Miss Jasmine is sitting on the bed with her slave but she quickly bounces onto his face. As she removes her stilettos she talks about what he has endured today, including trampling and more, so this is a reward of sorts even though that does mean some kicking for air will occur. Her plump ass looks amazing on his face and you can see he loves it as his cock is rock hard. She scrapes her nails over his cock as she lifts up and he gasps to breath. Now she gently strokes his cock and tugs on his nipples. She is pleased at this ability to hold his breath without making a big fuss. “I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life” she states.

Now she wiggles her ass on his face and says she could make it all end for him right there and now and it would be a perfect way for him to go. “Imagine the last thing he ever sees is my ass, and imagine the obit, everyone would be so jealous.” Now she moves into a forward position and feeling pleasure from his nose on her pussy she touches her clit. She then stretches her legs out and totally crushes his face with her ass. When he finally starts to kick she comments that his movement feels good on her pussy and then again moves to a reverse position. “Play with yourself” she tells her slave, happy enough with him that she might just let him cum. She grinds her ass all over his face while he strokes his cock. She spends most of the scene sitting on him full weight with only momentary breaths of air allowed. She tells him he can cum as she sits on his face and pulls on his nipples and having not cum in a long time it doesn’t take him long to explode all over his own body. Now he needs air and starts to kick frantically, Jasmine sits firmly and laughs at his predicament.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Hitchhiker Victim – Part 2

This is the continuation from my wildly popular Hitchhiker Victim Part 1 clip.

My unlucky hitchhiker is beginning to come to consciousness after my special drink had him out for several hours. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s even survived at all to this point. No matter. I’ve decided to have a bit of my own fun with him before he meets his end. See, I have a thing for beautiful places. With all the waterfalls around I’m sure I’ll be able to find a nice spot to get my souvenir from him before sending him to his demise. I’ll jerk him off to get his seed, and then I’ll put him down with my breasts. He should be thankful though. His last glimpse of light will be the lovely waterfall, and then my beautiful breasts. My scent will be his last experience on this earth as his breath leaves him.
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