American Mean Girls – Edyn and Mia – Total Brain Overhaul while Edged and Ruined

Sunday, August 28th, 2016
  Princess Mia’s slave has been receiving behavioral and mental reconditioning at the Edging Salon for some time now. But he still has reservations, things he’s holding onto and withholding from Princess. Mia wants to be sure that’s her slave is mentally and financially completely open to her. She wants to remove any remaining barrier and dig into his deepest reserves. He’s going to need a complete mental overhaul to dissolve any remaining attachments, a total teardown. To prepare for today’s reprogramming Mia has kept… Read More

Brat Princess – Rewire Chastity Geek into Humiliation Jerk Junkie

Monday, August 22nd, 2016
  This is a previously unreleased clip with Princesses Christina and Mia. It is also one of the first clips we ever shot with danni. In it, Christina and Mia want to teach danni how to play a game called RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT. They allow danni to remove his chastity device. Christina explains that they are allowing him to feel pleasure, but that it is only to rewire his brain. They want to turn the… Read More

Subby Girls – The Most Ticklish Girl In The World

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
Subby Girls - The Most Ticklish Girl In The World Oh boy, we have certainly filmed some ticklish girls over the years but Mia is on another level. I had to redo some of the bondage restraints after Jessica was done with her because Mia really did try to get away with all her might! She looks so adorable thought struggling and contorting, trying to escape the merciless tickle torture. No escape for little Mia though, she must ride out the tickle wave until its completion. Read More

Subby Girls – We Taste So Good

Monday, March 9th, 2015
Subby Girls - We Taste So Good I mean really, what more is there to say. Watching Jessica and her loving pet Mia in the shower touching and kissing each other, yeah I could watch this all day long. These two girls may be in a master/slave relationship but they really do love and adore each other as can be seen here. So sit back and enjoy watching these girls take a shower together and enjoy each other’s bodies. Read More

Subby Girls – Hold On A Second

Monday, March 2nd, 2015
Subby Girls - Hold On A Second Jessica is busy chatting on the phone and her pet Mia is kneeling before her, diligently servicing her pussy. It’s exactly how you would expect to find Jessica with slaves serving her every need. Mia is an expert at licking pussy, something that comes from many years of being a female slave. She is almost too good which makes it difficult for Jessica to conduct her phone call but nonetheless she loves having her kitten’s mouth between her legs as often as she can. Read More