CumCountdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On

ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson1ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson3Cum Countdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On
The only thing my foot bitches love more than my feet is my smelly feet. Well my pets, I just did a nice long walk without any socks on and boy do my feet stink. Wanna stroke and worship them?
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Transforming My Son’s Girlfriend, Part 1

A sexy, new multipart series with Cupcake Sinclair! (@Subbie_Cupcake on Twitter) My son’s girlfriend has asked to speak with me about an issue regarding my son. It seems he’s been pressuring her to have sex before marriage. Now, little Cupcake here is a virgin, and doesn’t want to have sex before marriage. She’s distraught. She doesn’t know how to communicate with him and has come to me, his mother, for help. But I sense a different opportunity here. Being an expert in hypn0-therapy, I convince her to go into trance for me in order to ease her mind. She goes down quickly and quietly and suddenly she is putty in my hands. I decide that this little sweet thing is too cute not to be sucking cock. Virginity is wasted on her beautiful body. I inform her that she is going to be my new little slut pet. I’m going to teach her to suck and fuck like a pro. But first, she’ll have to learn to worship her new Goddess. She’ll start off worshipping my feet, and then the real fun will begin.
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MeanBitches – Lucky B POV Slave Orders 4

It’s Valentines Day and you bought your girl Lucky some candy and balloons. You are hoping today will be the one day where she treats you with love and kindness, but you find out the truth: she doesnt care about you at all. She only thinks of you as a cuckold! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN,…
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Simplified Slave Training #2

This is the second part in my Simplified Slave Training series. If you have not completed week one, go back and complete that before moving forward in my program. You’ve been a good slut this week haven’t you? You’ve been jerking twice a day and saving every drop of every load of cum. Well now all of your saving and hard work is going to be rewarded. Now you’re going to eat all of the cum you’ve so diligently saved. I know normally this would be a disgusting task for you, but today will be different. You’re going to go down for me. While you’re surrendering yourself to my power I’m going to change how cum tastes. Every bite you take will taste like sweet, creamy ice cream. You’re going to stroke and eat for me like a good boy until every last bite is gone. When you awake, your entire outlook on cum will be totally changed. Then, you’ll begin saving your cum again for next week’s training.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Simplified Slave Training #1

I’m disappointed, slave. You continuously decide to take your pleasure into your own hands, despite my efforts. So I’ve decided you need a multi-part, multi-week training program. You’re going to go down into trance for me like you always do. You’re going to surrender your being to my voice and my power. You’re going to stroke for me just like you’ve done a thousand times. Only this time, there’s more to be done when the video is over. You’re going to have a weeklong assignment that will be crucial to your further slave training so you must complete it. I’m going to give you release of control like you’ve always wanted. Follow my program, and you will be mine like you’ve always desired.
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Goddess Jewels Will Train You To Be Her 24/7 – You’re My Ass Licker

Goddess Jewels has worked very hard, training you to be her new slave. She reclines on the bed clad in a sexy pink nightie while you’re relegated to the floor. She explains that one of her favorite things to do is to have a boyfriend over “to fuck me.” She talks about how she loves his big hard cock, and all the foreplay they get into, which includes his licking her pussy. “We love to kiss and touch” she tells you. She says that when they’re making love, you’ll probably be kneeling in the corner where you can hear but not see. She explains why you’re in the room at this moment. “Fortunately for you, my boyfriend doesn’t like licking ass… and that’s where you come in.” She tells you that she loves long rimming sessions so you should expect to lick her ass a lot once you’ve finished your housework and all the other mundane tasks she expects you to perform.

She tells you to crawl around the bed in order to get a up close view of her amazing ass. “I purposely left it a bit dirty for you” she says, adding that she likes nasty slaves who will do anything. First she has you kiss every inch of her butt cheeks, then she spreads her ass crack wide, to give you a view of her pretty puckered asshole. She tells you to start with gentle licks on the crack and then to get your tongue in there like the hungry slut you are. “Get it clean” she says. She mocks you for having a little cock and says that no one would ever fuck you and that’s why you’ve accepted your place as her ass licker. She rolls over onto her stomach and tells you to lie with your head on her ass cheeks so you can really get your tongue deep inside her. You get some tremendous views of Jewels’ ass as well as her asshole. Surely, becoming her ass licker is a reward you will long for every single day. As a surprise, Jewels decides to let you cum and gives you a five second countdown to blow your load before she settles into the pillow for a nap. “When I wake up, I want to feel your tongue inside of me” she tells you.
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CumCountdown – Got A Nice Little Snack For You

Mmm a nice helping of dog food with a splash of my feet. That’s what you get to eat today my pet, food fit for a slave. I’ll mash up the disgusting mess with my feet to make it even more humiliating for you, but you won’t get it all because my real dog will get the rest of the can. You’ll get just enough food so you can go back to work and earn me more money. Now get to it pig, start feeding.
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CumCountdown Today Will Be A Little Different

Strip, kneel and place yourself in front of me. Don’t even think about touching my cock, I control when you see it, I control when you touch it, I control if it remains locked up or is allowed to be free. It may be attached to your body, but it’s still my property. You haven’t been sending me enough tributes pig, so now your cock will sit there and throb without any relief.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Fresh Red Pedi

I’ve got a brand new red pedicure that will get all of you foot sluts drooling. It’s been a minute since you’ve had a good long look at my feet, so sit yourself down and get your cock out. You can stare at my beautiful soles and imagine how lovely it would be to put your lips on them. I know you’re desperate to take your tongue and lick the spaces in between my toes, pausing to worship each one. I know thinking about my perfect feet gets your dick swollen and hard. I’ll let you imagine yourself being here, taking each foot in turn and worshiping me like the Goddess I am. Any real foot slut won’t be able to last through this sensual foot tease.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Lighter Than Smoke

Do you feel… heavy? You know, I can help you with that. All you have to do is go down for me. Go down for me, and it will begin to feel like floating. Breathing will feel like your being. You’re going to become weightless and transparent. Your life is going to fall away as you float away. I will make you vapor I can breathe in. You will become my breath. You will become part of me. How could you be heavy when you’re a part of me?
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Goddess Jewels Will Train You To Be Her 24/7 – My Worn Panties Will Be Duct Taped In Your Mouth All Day

Goddess Jewels is continuing your training as she tries to mold you into the perfect slave. Today she is relaxing on the couch and calls you over so she can examine your nose. She crushed it so badly yesterday with her ass that she suspects it might be broken. Like a good bitch you crawl to her and she says that despite your pain you are a 24/7 slave so that means no rest for you. Today you will be doing house work but she wants her taste on your mouth all day so she plans to remove her panties and duct tape them into your mouth. “Imagine all that goodness, you’ll taste my pussy juices, you’ll taste my ass” she tells you, explaining that she is going to make sure they are well scented just for you.
Now Jewels spreads her legs to show you her pretty black lace panties. She rubs her pussy through the fabric to get more scent in them. “I get wet just thinking how I use you” she says. She pulls the fabric all the way up between her lips and continues to finger herself. She tells you that if your work is not adequate she will give the panties to a different slave and that only her best slave gets such a treat. She rolls over and sticks the panties up into her asshole with her finger and you get an amazing view of her beautiful big ass. “Come close and sniff my ass” she orders you. Now it’s time for you to pull her panties off with your teeth. Once off, she dangles them on her foot and tells you to open your mouth. As she drops them into your open pie hole she tells you to crawl to the other room and bring the tape back for her while she fingers her pussy. While you’re working she will pleasure herself to orgasm.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Fry Your Brain

I’ve decided I don’t much care for your brain. Frankly every misuse of it gets in my way and slows your progress. Which is why today we’re going to do a little system overload. We’re going to focus on every moment of pleasure and sensation I’ve given you and we’re going to fire those neurons until they explode. I like you empty headed. I like you blind adoration and worship. You in this place suits me, so we’re going to blow the generators so that you’ll never have to think about anything other than me again. It will be the most pleasurable destruction of self.
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CumCountdown – You Love Mean Bratty Girls

Regular girls just don’t do it for you do they? You need girls that are bratty, controlling, mean. Even back in high school the girls that would call you a loser, deep down you loved it. Because that’s what you need loser and I’m going to make sure to continue that tradition. I’ll humiliate you, break you and financially own you. And you will love every minute of it.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Making you my Addict – Miss Zoe

This addiction of yours is getting out of hand, but I’m here to hook you up even more… I’m going to look after you in my own special way. So get on your knees slave and satisfy that craving you have to breathe deep when I tell you too, to inhale when I tell you too, to then take my ash and my spit. It’s what you need, it’s who you are. I love weak and pathetic men at my boots. Do as you’re told, fall apart in a dizzy haze, surrender all control to me and we’ll get along just fine.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Lose Your Name Trance

There’s a peacefulness that comes with my control. You feel it every time your surrender and go down for me. There’s a sense of relaxation and warmth that permeates your entire existence when you go down into trance for me. This feeling quickly dissipates when you wake though, and that’s a shame. Your life goes back to the way it was and that feeling of bliss is but a memory. I want you to retain this sensation you feel during trance, so I’m going to relieve you of a very heavy burden. When you wake from this trance you will no longer have the burden of your name. Your identity will be a dead snake skin shed to bring new life to your body. You don’t need a name or identity. You only need me. You only need the way I make you feel.
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