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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Property Improvement

You’ve explored many wonderful fantasies through hypnosis over the years. I’ve played with your mind in a number of ways to make every thought revolve around me. But it’s never enough, is it? While your life’s purpose is serving me, we all know that there’s more to life than just the final objective. There are all sorts of bits and pieces that make your life happy. The little bits of joy that fill in the gaps when you’re not actively serving me. Those little things that fulfill you ultimately make you a better slave. A happy slave is a productive and good slave. I know you use my control to escape the things that make your life dull and unsatisfying. But I cannot be the only source of satisfaction in your life. You’re going to go down for me again today and we’re going to examine those attributes of your life that make it not worth living and we’re going to change them. You are my slave- No, my property. You should be in good working order just like the rest of my tools in my dungeon. What good is a bondage rope that is frayed and rotting? What good is a slave that isn’t living his fullest life for me?
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Sleep for Me Trance

There’s a place you go when you go down for me. There’s a blissful, warm bed of relaxation and sensual arousal that you crawl into whenever you hear my voice. Just listening to the soft tones of my beautiful voice takes you down so readily and peacefully. You’ve cultivated this response over hours and hours of watching my videos, because you know this is the safest place in your world. You would reside in this place forever if you could. You would spend your life stroking for me and resting and dreaming. Stroking and resting and dreaming. If only your life could be this way forever. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wake soon. But in the meantime, let me calm your mind and arouse your body.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Your New Trigger Trance

You’ve heard my trigger words before. You hear the words “Go Down” or “Deeply Asleep” from my lips and your mind begins to relax. But even though you are well train you still require an induction. You still require me to hold your hand to bring you all the way down to the deepest levels of your mind. Today, we’re going to bypass all of those upper levels and go straight down to the basement. I’m going to walk you down a hallway and at the end off it will be your most vulnerable parts. In there I will plant a seed. Your new trigger phrase will bring you all the way down with just a few words and a snap of my fingers. I want to recreate you and down there in the deepest crevices of your mind are where I will mold you. With just a word you are clay in my hands.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Pussy Command

Something about keeping my pussy away from you boys turns you into pussy addicts. The saying “You always want what you can’t have” really rings true for you pussy addicts. You spend all of your time online buying my videos and imagining what this pussy tastes like. You’d love for me to give you a pair of my panties just so you can get a whiff of what my delicious juices smell like. You’re obsessed with it. You’ve wanted my pussy for so long it’s almost a mythical thing in your mind. I love torturing you with it, so I’ve put on this cotton bodysuit with no panties. I’m going to get right up close so you’ll feel like you’re inches away. You’re desperate for this pussy. I can feel your need every time I make a video. I love to use this need against you.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Tit Zombified

I know you’re sitting there, completely enraptured by my breast. Don’t be ashamed, there are few men in the world that resist the swell of my perfect tits. There’s very little in the world I can’t get with these tits. They’re weapons of mass manipulation. You can’t even keep your wits about you when my tits are in view. Without thought or control, you automatically reach for your cock with just the thought of my tits. You ache to feel their soft warmth. All men do. I’ve known for many years the power of my tits. They have their own gravitational pull. They have a power all of their own. This is why I’ve been so successful. I’ve been able to use the zombification of all the men around me to my advantage. You’re always going to lose your mind when it comes to my breasts. You can’t help it, after all. It’s biological magic.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Singular Devotion

Your obsession with Femdom has gotten you into a lot of trouble over the years, hasn’t it? I’m sure you’ve been caught jerking off to humiliating videos before. You’ve spent so much of your money on clips and tributes to online Dommes. You’ll do whatever you need to in order to live out your submissive nature. You’ve probably even exhibited dangerous addictive behavior in pursuit of the high of serving. You’ve been a lost submissive drowning in a wave of online Domination. I can change that. There’s nothing wrong with being a submissive, but it’s clear you need a Domme that speaks with truth and experience. You need a woman who will direct you to actualize your full potential as a slave. Someone who turns you into a slave that takes care of himself, in order to take care of his Domme. You need someone who understands your submissive nature and nourishes it. You’ve wandered for so long- lost and destructive. That is, until you found me.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Dog Slave

You want to be my slave, do you? Well unfortunately for you, I don’t have room for any more human slaves. I’m all full up. I do have room for a puppy though. So if you want to be my slave, that’s what you’re going to have to be. You’re going to be my little dog. You’re going to spend your days eating out of a bowl, chewing on chew toys, walking on a leash, and sleeping in a kennel. You won’t get to touch your little cock or hump anything. If you get too rowdy, I’ll just have you fixed and calm you right down. Your voice will be gone and all you’ll have are little barking and whimpering noises. But, oh what a life. You’d get to spend your evening sleeping at my feet and being played with at my pleasure. Doesn’t that sound fun?
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Simplified Slave Training #2

This is the second part in my Simplified Slave Training series. If you have not completed week one, go back and complete that before moving forward in my program. You’ve been a good slut this week haven’t you? You’ve been jerking twice a day and saving every drop of every load of cum. Well now all of your saving and hard work is going to be rewarded. Now you’re going to eat all of the cum you’ve so diligently saved. I know normally this would be a disgusting task for you, but today will be different. You’re going to go down for me. While you’re surrendering yourself to my power I’m going to change how cum tastes. Every bite you take will taste like sweet, creamy ice cream. You’re going to stroke and eat for me like a good boy until every last bite is gone. When you awake, your entire outlook on cum will be totally changed. Then, you’ll begin saving your cum again for next week’s training.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Simplified Slave Training #1

I’m disappointed, slave. You continuously decide to take your pleasure into your own hands, despite my efforts. So I’ve decided you need a multi-part, multi-week training program. You’re going to go down into trance for me like you always do. You’re going to surrender your being to my voice and my power. You’re going to stroke for me just like you’ve done a thousand times. Only this time, there’s more to be done when the video is over. You’re going to have a weeklong assignment that will be crucial to your further slave training so you must complete it. I’m going to give you release of control like you’ve always wanted. Follow my program, and you will be mine like you’ve always desired.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Lighter Than Smoke

Do you feel… heavy? You know, I can help you with that. All you have to do is go down for me. Go down for me, and it will begin to feel like floating. Breathing will feel like your being. You’re going to become weightless and transparent. Your life is going to fall away as you float away. I will make you vapor I can breathe in. You will become my breath. You will become part of me. How could you be heavy when you’re a part of me?
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Internet Girlfriend

With the magic of the internet, FemDoms online have created a culture and community of men who all share the same kinks. You watch all of us for each of your little perversions and you have 24 hour access to our faces. Whether it’s social media or our videos you can see us whenever you want on your screen. Unfortunately for you and the millions of other men that delve into FemDom, it created a sense of relationship. It created a sense of possession. But you don’t know me. You’ve probably never met me. Chances are I’ll never meet you either. Frankly, I don’t want to meet you. The more you stroke, the more you create this image of your fantasy dominant girlfriend. It’s kind of sad really. But this is the world you live in now. You’ll keep sending money to your online internet girlfriend. You’ll do whatever it takes to keep this relationship alive in your mind.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Lose Your Name Trance

There’s a peacefulness that comes with my control. You feel it every time your surrender and go down for me. There’s a sense of relaxation and warmth that permeates your entire existence when you go down into trance for me. This feeling quickly dissipates when you wake though, and that’s a shame. Your life goes back to the way it was and that feeling of bliss is but a memory. I want you to retain this sensation you feel during trance, so I’m going to relieve you of a very heavy burden. When you wake from this trance you will no longer have the burden of your name. Your identity will be a dead snake skin shed to bring new life to your body. You don’t need a name or identity. You only need me. You only need the way I make you feel.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Thirst

You really weren’t thinking were you? You took one look at my beautiful body clad in latex and you were hooked. It didn’t seem surprising to you that a beautiful woman way out of your league was clamoring to pick you up and take you home? It didn’t seem suspicious? Unlucky for you I’m not like any other woman you’ve ever met. One look into my eyes and you’re paralyzed. As the warmth rushes to your cock you can see the hunger in my eyes. You’re aroused but you cannot move. Once I reveal my sharp canines, the truth becomes all too clear. Your heart is beating rapidly like music to my ears as both your fear and arousal are peaking. I’m so hungry. I can’t wait to taste you. I can’t wait to steal your warmth for my own. You look so delicious and frightened. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure your last moments are pleasurable.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Cum Junkie 4: The Turning

You love eating your own cum. You keep asking me again and again to brainwash you into eating your cum. But you don’t need it really. You love the taste of it. You take cum pills to ensure you make big heaping loads of cum for you to hungrily gobble up. You love every stage. You love taking the little dribbles of precum and tasting them. You love catching your own explosion in your mouth and hands and not letting a single drop go to waste. I love taking you to this place, where your own cum is so delicious. I want to take you down this spiral staircase of your mind and show you how deeply you love eating your own cum. There is no taste sweeter.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Out of Your League

It’s adorable how you think you’re my equal. You think you can match me in any way shape or form. It’s cute, and terribly naive. I’m smarter than you, better looking than you and more dedicated to my craft than you are to anything in your life. I have depth, wisdom, dimension, and a passion that you will never even aspire to. You idolize me for all of these things and more. You fantasize you can match me in any one thing or beat me at my own game. The facts are quite the opposite though. Your dream to be half as amazing as I am only forces you to obsess over me. That obsession leaves space for me to creep into your mind and control you. I guess if you can’t be like me, the next best thing is to owned by me.
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