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GloveMansion – Handjob by doctor and patient part 2

What a lucky naughty patient! He finds himself in the capable gloved hands of Doctor Liza and her sexy female patient Tina. Both ladies love to tease his cock with their surgical gloves and bring him to a messy orgasm together.
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DirtyTransDolls – Edged and denied rubber doll part 2

Tease and more tease for the rubber doll with our latex gloves whilst controlling it’s breath. There will be no orgasm allowed. All needs to be under full control and in the end the frustrated doll gets put back in chastity
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GloveMansion – At the doctors practice part 2

Hot and busty nurses Lucy and Frankie get the temperature rising at the medical practice. These blonde babes sure know how to have fun with their surgical gloves and uniforms
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DirtyTransDolls – Pumped and milked rubber doll part 3

Desperation is building up for our rubber doll, she has been pumped, milked and teased for a very long time. Trained to control her orgasm whilst having her blowjob skills tested as well. Now there will finally be a release and it is going to be intense!
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Clubstiletto – She’s Definitely Running A Fever

Doctors Jasmine and TS Staci have their patient Olivia on the operating table for some medical attention. Olivia is actually a nurse but faints at the first sight of b l 0 0 d, causing the doctors – who have a zero tolerance policy – to make her a patient. And to ensure there’s no resistance, they’ve cuffed her to the table. Meanwhile, below her another patient is completely locked up as he’s been put on a starvation diet in order to shed a quick 100 pounds. The first thing the nurses complete is penis piercings, mainly because they were so shocked to discover that the nurse had a cock, they couldn’t help but decorate it. Jasmine is shocked again when Doctor Staci reveals that she also has a cock, and pulls it out of her panties for all to see. Staci pulls out some of her instruments and begins her testing. She tells Olivia the worst case scenario is that she might end up in the asylum. “No, not again,” replies Olivia. Jasmine pulls out a sounding device and tells Olivia it will be inserted up her penis. Poor Olivia moans in pain and pleasure as she wonders what sort of clinic this is. Soon the sound slides down inside her. Staci decides to clamp Olivia’s nipples while Jasmine strokes her cock.

Staci tells Olivia she needs to take her temperature and instructs her to open her mouth. When she does, Staci sticks her cock into it. “She’s definitely running a fever” Staci says. Staci gets rock hard and her eight inch member really makes Olivia gag. Staci decides to put a dental mouth gag into Olivia’s mouth in order to keep it open, before she resumes clamping her nipples. Olivia starts to cry and hyperventilate, which causes Staci to determine that she might be dehydrated. To remedy the situation, she removes the gag and sticks her cock into her mouth again, but this time she fucks her a bit more aggressively. Jasmine continues to stroke Olivia’s cock and slide the sound into it. This is the farthest thing from a normal clinic! In fact, the nurses have no actual training or education in the medical field, but they find their methods have been quite effective over the years, so Jasmine employs one of her favorites, spanking the patient’s balls with a long handled wooden spoon. Staci goes back to some nipple play while Jasmine strokes her cock some more. To quiet her down, Staci gets onto the table and fills Olivia’s mouth once again with her cock. Jasmine uses her hands to spank Olivia’s balls while putting her hands around her neck. Staci has never been this hard and she just loves to force her cock down Olivia’s throat and make her gag. Jasmine takes the spoon to the patient’s thighs next; they are really working her over! Staci uses a metal roller on her balls and legs before she finally lets Olivia stroke her cock and tells her she has 30 seconds to cum. Staci helps out by sticking her finger up her ass. Jasmine pinches her tits and tells her that while she might get to remain as a nurse, part of her job will be to offer oral service to all the males in the clinic. Olivia is so aroused she cums all over her nurse’s outfit. Then the doctors give her the good news: she gets to stay on as a nurse but will now live in the closet and suck each cock in the clinic every single day. “We’re too good to them” Staci says, and Jasmine nods in agreement.
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DirtyTransDolls – Pumped and milked rubber doll part 2

The doll’s cock has been pumped till maximum size and now it is time to milk this perverted creature! There is no escape and there will be lots of edging before the final release will be allowed.
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GloveMansion – Handjob by the doctor and patient part 1

Sneaking in to the exam room and spying on the doctor and her female patient?! Come here and explain yourself, young man. Is it our latex gloves that turn you on? Lay down on the bed so we can inspect your hard cock and make it even more throbbing with our gloved hands. We will jerk you off until you spunk hard!
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GloveMansion – At the doctor’s practice part 1

Lucy Zara and Frankie Babe are feeling very naughty after a long day at the medical practice. The last patient will be going soon, so they glove up and start teasing each other. Now they are finally alone, these hot busty blondes can finger, lick and kiss each other until they cum. Such a horny medical duo!
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DirtyTransDolls – Stretching the new sluts hole

The feminization process on my new rubber doll continues with some stretching of the new slut’s fuck hole. It seems this treatment is very effective as the rubber doll’s cock cage is about to explode!
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GloveMansion – Latex gloved nurse masturbation

Nurse Tina Kay is not shy at all, she adores her latex uniform and her tight gloves so much, she happily shows you how she gets herself off once the patients are out of the clinic. This is one horny rubberclad nurse!
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GloveMansion – Milked at the cum extraction clinic part 2

Let me give you a hand with extracting that cum of yours. My soft and shiny gloved grip will surely make you spunk soon. Feel those sexy latex gloves milking you dry.
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DirtyTransDolls – Edged and denied rubber doll part 1

Rubberized and teased to the edge. TransDoll Jenna is both in heaven and in hell as Cybill Troy and Fetish Liza keep restricting it’s breathing and bringing it to near orgasm.
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DirtyTransDolls – Deep anal fucking part 2

Rubber Doll Jenna is getting a good anal stretching with our toys and strap-on. Time to get a really big and invasive “snake like” dildo up the doll’s butt! This is proper ass training…a good slut can take big cocks!
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DirtyTransDolls – Creating My new rubber doll part 2

What a pretty rubber doll! It is just a prototype but any male features have been erased and the feminization progess is looking great. I wonder how slutty this new doll will be?
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GloveMansion – Milked at the cum extraction clinic part 1

The first patient of the day has arrived at the clinic for his morning cum extraction. Nurse Fetish Liza is wearing a pair of very soft latex gloves to promote an extremely hadr erection. She uses a sexy handjob technique to milk her patient until he is about to burst and spunk before her.
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