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MistressMayaSinstress – Spittoon & Ashtray to Kendra & Maya

Red Headed Vixen Kendra James visits Maya Sinstress in Chicago. As a gift Sinstress presents Her with a slave to use as She wishes. Kendra decides he would only be useful as an ashtray and spittoon. They light up Misty 120 cigarette and puff away. The Ladies verbally degrade the slave and teach him how to be a useful ashtray. The slave sits with his mouth open, trying desperately to catch all the ash and spit. Kendra & Maya plot out what they are going to do to slave 66 for the rest of the evening while spitting & asking in his mouth. Their chemistry is playful & teasing.
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Mistress Maya Sinstress – Ass Smother Addict

You love curvy dominant Women such as Me. An hourglass figure makes you so weak. You want to kiss, taste & bury your face in My ass, showing your devotion. I’m going to turn your fetish into an addiction & torture you with it. I’m going to smother you with My pantyhose covered ass and pussy. Take some deep sniffs and breaths before I completely smother you, taking your breath away. Can you cum before you run out of air? You better start jerking for Me.
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Mistress Maya Sinstress – Easter Egg Farts

I’ve made a special post holiday video for all you nasty loser fart sniffers. I mixed up a batch of egg salad from Easter. We all know how stinky egg salad farts are & you are going to be the recipient of them. I left my camera set up and turned it out whenever I felt gassy. There are some soft farts, wet & juicy farts & squeaky fats. Enjoy all of them with a bonus of bad breath, a drop of spit and a burp. That’s all you’ve earned from Me, you pathetic toilet wanna be bitch.
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