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TeaseandThankYou – Goddesses At Play feat. Mandy Marx

The house is bouncing these days with Lucy learning, me being katty, and Mandy coming and going every day. It’s so much fun to be running a ball-busting scene and just say “Hey, Mandy, want to kick a dude? He can’t stop us!”

Also–first news to members–starting the beginning of Octobah we’ll be offering bonus updates every month, a selection of scenes up each month from the best and most exclusive of mistresses, of course. A batch of clips will go up, but that same batch will come down at the end of the month to be replaced by another batch. So stick around, and enjoy!
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TeaseandThankYou – Girlfriend Fetish Study – Mandy Marx

Oh my gosh… I’ll be in town again soon. I guess that means I can’t stay away from silly little Western MA and all my boys. And if you see this, I know you’re a supporting member so you can write me for a free session.

Just kidding. But you can write in to book a day! After watching this badass tease, you might need to.
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Welcome Lucy to the fold. She is special, dedicated, a hard worker, and her eyes are sexy af. She has been learning the ropes for almost two months, and is excited for new adventures. She is actively accepting session requests.

For now, book or inquire through Kat Turner’s email. Lucy does not offer pegging or strap-on scenes. Extended restraint is a particular interest. Tease and denial and other TaTY specialties, she is already great at. Pretty much anything else you generally see on the sites is a go, except anal play.
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TeaseandThankYou – Alternative Therapy With Dr. Marx – Mandy Marx

I’m in NO mood for nonsense today, boys! 🙂 So many wayward boys these days… seriously. One begins to wonder about our society. Anyway enjoy this top notch ruin-a-medical-client session. -MM
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Mandy Marx is playing Brittany Spears in the gym, right now. It’s official, this is my life. Hot girls, fetish dominatrices being goofy around me, filming scenes like Kat Kat Millennial Brat, mind-fucking the boys I’m dating. It’s a little surreal.
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TeaseandThankYou – Ruin Cum Ruin Cum – Mandy Marx

One week, and I’m here! And more clips like this, hopefully. No bonus this week but this clip is almost like two clips in one anyway. Enjoy the anguish!
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TeaseandThankYou – Let’s Work On Your Gag Reflex – Mandy Marx

Deep, forced foot gagging and worship with my soft, sheer nylon socks and feet. This is the deepest one of these I have done. This is a very intense training. And once I am done with him, are you? Have you been watching this whole time? Oh my. Well then it’s your turn. YOU. Come HERE.
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Oh, it’s a new, in shape client. Let’s kick him even though he didn’t ask for that! Kicks, rubbing, stroking, and of course giggling about boys. These days team QCCP is full of dominatrices, hot assistants, you never know what you’ll get if you walk through the door.

BTWKat is top fifty!!!!! Her numbers have been crazy lately, go see why.
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TeaseandThankYou – Pervert Therapy – Mandy Marx

Bigger and better, boys. Bigger and better. it’s going to be a good few seasons for fans of Mandy Marx femdom scenes, I’m telling you right now. And, hoping for late July for my next session outing. Stay tuned for more posts in that regard.
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Mandy Marx – Too Much Too Much

I actually see myself blowing a fuse in some poor boy’s mind at some point during a scene like this, which is so much fun. Just a super hot positive destructive chastity tease that I really think you all need. As real as it gets. Very sweet, unrelenting.

Making someone wish they had a safeword, in scenes with chastity devices, is becoming routine. I do hope I don’t start getting a big head over it.
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TeaseandThankYou – 4 Pairs Challenge – Mandy Marx

My virgin slave masturbates and eventually cums on my legs while I play games with four pairs of tights, adding layers of creativity with each addition. Connected, pyrotechnic fetish play that any hosiery boy will need for sure. Fun one.
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