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KinkyMistresses – A Fucking Machine In Berlin – Bella Lugosi

Mistress Bella Lugosi is so proud to use the famous , powerfull compressed air driven fucking machine in the Berlin dungeon Avalon. The little ass of her Slave can hadle this ??
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Penetrated by Queen Jennifer Carter and Carmen Rivera: No Pain No Gain

His fuckability and associated ass hornyness is only topped by the two mistresses by an “Afghan whip”. If the slave will keep his ass horny despite the particularly hard “Anal punishment” and painful “Bastinade” the anal madness expects him on the BOOMER GYNCHAIR.
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RubberEmpire – Rubber Goddess Cheyenne – Die Heilung von Gummipüppchen 16 (Part2)

The rubber doll just can not take his fingers of his little penis, the next step in Therapy should be now the fucking machine in Combination with the Hitachi vibrator. The little doll groans, moans and fights for his orgasm but as the Mistress turn around, the fingers are back again at the brick. Well, there is only one thing that helps and so on the mistress gets to the infinite horror of the doll a new key on the waistband.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 5: Ass Stretching

Goddess Vanessa wants to know if her sissy bitch is ready for phase 5 of his servant training. The bitch says yes, but Goddess Vanessa isn’t so sure. She is wearing a huge black cock that she is about to pound her sissy with, but first she wants to beat his ass some more. She already punished his bare bottom with her small leather paddle. But her servants need to be able to take more pain that that! She is now holding a larger wooden paddle with holes drilled it it for maximum pain. She bends her sissy over, on the couch and paddles her bitch several times. Just to give her sissy an idea of what will happen if he ever displeases her. Now that his ass is completely ready, Vanessa uses her large corkscrew shaped butt plug to open her slave’s ass. Her cock is huge and she wants him to able to take every inch. By the time Goddess Vanessa is done pushing and turning the corkscrew into the sissy ass, he is a blubbering mess. Too bad for him. Goddess Vanessa’s servants take everything that pleases her. Whether its humiliation, pain or pleasure. Finally, the pathetic sissy must clean his filth off the freshly used butt plug. How degrading it is for him to suck his own ass juice. Now the bitch is ready for the final test!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Spanked, Fucked and Denied!

There’s no mistaking My Artistry, crafting two perfect hand prints on my slave’s peachy buttocks, in order to heat up his bottom on a bitterly cold winter’s day! That’s a sure way to generate some heat to keep the blood flowing around one’s body! WOW the acoustics in my candlelit lair enhance each intense thwack. What a sting to bear, while his mouth is kept quiet using a gag!

As you can see in this image above, the Burdock, is a very useful plant indeed! If the ‘burrs’ or seeds come in contact with clothing, or hair, they annoyingly tangle. Mmm the thought of taking my slave for a stroll around my grounds naked through wild burdock would make things very interesting! I have deliberately left them untouched in the Paddock, as I intend using them on one individual who will find them intensely irritating. Oh yes, the threat is, if you don’t shave and keep your balls smooth as silk, I will ensure these wonderful seeds come into contact with your genital hairs! I’m sure that will get his attention! So, yes there is a message in this movie for my dear slave, who I will not name . . . be warned. The ‘burrs’ are there waiting for your return!
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Lady Estelle, Sklave/Vision of a Sadonaut: Chapter Four

The whole fist was not enough. She then decorates the horribly painful dick with hot wax; the mistress is sure the slave will never ask for a dinner again.
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KinkyMistresses – Fisted In The Kitchen – Faye de Clair

Faye de Clair is not satisfied with the slave cleaning up the kitchen today, so he has to be punished directly. The Mistress will stretch out his asshole with a hard, deep anal fisting
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KinkyMistresses – Fisted By The German Fetish Lady

Mistress Alice trains her little Slave today as an anal fisting whore. His little asshole has to be stretched a lot until the Mistress can pushes her whole fist deep in the ass and fuck the hole of of submissive slut
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This is a fantasy clip in which Mistress Irene turns her failing masochist slave into a femme sissy slut, complete with a pussy and new face. She will p i m p him, or should we say her, out for money. The scene starts with her stroking his ass with a cane, hard enough to leave marks but not enough to please her sadistic needs. “I need a new role for you” she tells him and revealing a giant dildo adds “and I know exactly what it is.”

The scene roles over to reveal the new sissy. Irene admires the slave pussy lips through her shear panties and says she loves them but the Doctor was not satisfied with the sissy’s blow job prior to surgery and it’s important that she learn now to take cock, and lots of it, in all her holes. “The main reason I’ve turned you into a sissy is so you can pleasure my boyfriends” she tells the bimbo, “So we’re going to have to do a lot of practice.” Irene then spends time showing her slave how to service a cock, how to lick it, the tip and up and down the shaft, and then take it in her mouth. Irene is pleasantly surprised when the slave takes at least 10″ down her throat. A natural born cock sucker. “I want you constantly thinking about cocks” she tells her eager slut, ” and when I’m done with you it will be the only thing on your mind.” She tells her slave she will eventually bring in a basketball team or football team to fuck the hell out of her. Irene tells him that good sissies are good cocksuckers. She then has the slave bend over to show her big fat slut ass and she rubs the dildo over her hole, making sure she understands that she will be spit roasted constantly with a lineup of guys in place to make sure it goes on for a long time. Such is the life of a sissy!
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