Perfect Slave – Mahina’s Orgasmic Journey – Mahina Zaltana

Thursday, April 6th, 2017
  Mahina's been on all the DungeonCorp sites, and it was just a matter of time before she made her Perfect Slave debut. About time I say...Mahina is an exotic beauty... I describe her as sort of "Cleopatra-ish". I don't know if Cleopatra had a body like this though. And if she did, I can understand why everyone wanted to be around her...Back to Mahina, she's got one amazing ass, a really nice set of tits, and everything… Read More

Cum Bots – Going Haywire – Mahina Zaltana

Sunday, November 6th, 2016
  Mahina's become quite popular around here...Our members really enjoy her and who are we to argue? It gives another great reason to bring her back... Mahina gets right down to the nitty gritty when we hand her a vibe. She leans back on bale of hay and gets busy on her pussy...She cums hard and it seems she is more than ready for a good hard Machine Fucking...We restrain her tightly to the Dungeon floor, her movement… Read More

Fucken Dungeon – No Ordinary Trick Pt II – Mahina Zaltana

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016
  In this finale' Mahina finds herself bound to the bed as her twisted customer continues to act out his dark desires... Mahina's body serves as perfect fodder for his twisted plans and he utilizes it to the fullest. Mahina is put through the paces and beyond as she turns a trick like never before... The positions become more demanding as the night wears on and Lee makes sure to wring every last drop of cum out of his cock on this girl. Read More

Dungeon of Cum – No Ordinary Trick – Mahina Zaltana

Thursday, September 15th, 2016
  Lee searches the local ads and comes across a damsel that appeals to his tastes. He sets his sights and they meet and Lee seems a bit nervous as he explains his situation in regards to what his wife will no longer do and what he desperately wants and needs...His date probably views him as just another "John" as she listens to his desires. However, she receives the shock of her life when it dawns on her that this dude is no ordinary trick and he's got a little more on his mind besides straight sex. Read More

Strict Restraint – Mahina Meets Jordan – Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
Strict Restraint - Mahina Meets Jordan - Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz   By this time, Mahina had proved her submission and tolerance on so many levels that frankly, we were all ready to see her suck a cock...Schmerz bends her over in stocks and enjoys her backside as Jordan comes around front for oral service...Schmerz flogs her ass as Jordan fucks her face, then she is brought to orgasm...then… Read More

Mahina Meets Schmerz – Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
Mahina Meets Schmerz - Mahina Zaltana with Meister Schmerz Mahina Zaltana   After Mahina's debut on SocietySM, we received many comments and notes about her...I wasn't surprised at all....I knew Mahina was a phenom...So I made it a point to get her back in for another tough shoot...And I brought back Meister Schmerz to Dom her...Schmerz is yet another Los Angeles pervert and fetishist who lives the life...By… Read More

Society SM – A Stunned Beauty – Mahina Zaltana

Thursday, December 10th, 2015
Society SM - A Stunned Beauty - Mahina Zaltana   Booking models for hard core bondage shoots is like rolling the never really know how it's going to work out with modelling agencies are like a box of chocolates in that respect...Which makes Mahina Zaltana a scrumptious, nougat infested morsel...such a delightful discovery...I had a few ideas in mind for the shoot, and they were not easy...I figured, either she can take it or she can't...turns out that Mahina took a lot...and looked good taking… Read More

Cum Bots – Let it Reign – Mahina Zaltana

Saturday, December 5th, 2015
Cum Bots - Let it Reign - Mahina Zaltana Mahina Zaltana   Mahina is new to this it's plain to see... She seems a tad nervous and I guess that is the normal response when new models show up to shoot with us for the first time. We take our time getting her into position and surprisingly we learn that this newbie is excited to experience her first bound machine fuck...Along with her apprehension, our interest… Read More