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Hacker Cracks Under Pressure
Maddy O’Reilly is a hacker, and she’s a good one too. She’s been working for years pulling images and information from secret government organizations,foreign and domestic alike. After so long kicking virtual ass and taking names, however, she’s grown very cocky and a little careless, and when you’re working against the FBI, a little bit of carelessness goes a long way. In no time at all she has the feds kicking in her door, pushing her down on the bed, locking her in handcuffs, and carrying her off to God knows where.
Wherever it is that she ends up, it’s dark. She has no idea what’s happening, all that she knows is she’s terrified and being pushed into a tiny cage next to a girl who looks like she’s been in there for a long time. Maddy is made to take her clothes off as a large man holds a taser next to her cage and watches, insisting she removes every article even if she has to tear it off her body. When he leaves her she is already shaking and tearing up, and they haven’t even gotten started with her yet.
Maddy is in trouble, because the FBI found out that she has downloaded thousands of images of state of the art torture techniques they use to get information out of prisoners. It only seems right that her punishment is to have each of them used on her. The trouble is she doesn’t have any information they want, so there is nothing in the world she can do to make them stop. They cane and whip and flog her ass until it swells and changes colors. They lock her in a box with horrible ambient noise blasting at absurd volume. They hang her upside down and stick an electrified dildo in her ass. They waterboard her and touch her vulnerable body. Now she’ll understand why it’s best for girls not to get too curious.
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The curvy redhead Maddy O’Reilly is back for another serving of Sexuallybroken. She just can’t get enough. And who can blame her? Bondage cock and orgasms are always a great way to spend the day. Let’s give this cock slut exactly what she craves.
Bound in strict rope bondage that perfectly displays Maddy’s juicy all natural breasts and sporting a big black ballgag that seals up her face pussy, our starlet is ready for a test drive. Let’s see exactly what this fuck toy can take.
Pussy, meet dick. Dicks, meet pussy. Get acquainted you three. Maddy is ragdoll fucked all over our well used bed as the cocks run a train on her tight pussy. Judging by the noises that are leaking around her ballgag, Maddy is enjoying herself immensely. As are we.
Maddy is fucked every which way from every possible angle as the dicks turn her into a sex sandwich. The tight rope bondage turns her into the perfect fuck pet. We use her until we have had our fill for the day. We will try another round when the urge arises…
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In scene three of Maddy O’Reilly’s live BaRS show, the punishing pace continues. We have already had a full run at her mouth and pussy, it is time to turn this all natural redhead into a true three hole slut. Maddy is dazed and cumdrunk, covered in drool and the ruins of her makeup. She has already been pushed harder then she ever has before and we are only halfway done with her. Does she have what it takes to do the full ride?

We had placed our slut for the day on slave position number 1 while we set up for the next scene to give her a moment to compose herself. She has had all the time she is going to get. Now her holes are going to earn their keep. Yanking her up and shackling her down onto our fuckstool, both ends of Maddy are now deliciously, completely exposed. We make full use of that fact. What follows is a non stop pounding of every available hole until her eyes are circling like pinwheels.

The leather cuffs keep her wrists and neck properly restrained. Maddy can not squirm away from the cock, her only option is to take the training. And take it she does. Her mouth is wide-open, her ass is completely available. Both cocks step up and attempt to shake hands in the middle. Maddy gurgles and gasps as 10 inch BBC tattoos its initials on her tonsils. The rock hard cocks pound her ass. She is vibrated and cums hard, shrieking, over and over again.

Maddy can hardly even twitch, fucked completely limp and we are still not done with her. The assfucking she just received is only the warm up for the proper pounding that is going to finish up this shoot. A few more thrusts into her cranked open mouth hole to remind her of her place and we are ready to move onto the fourth and final position. Enjoy the ride my dear, it is only going to get more intense…
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Real Time Bondage - Aug 05, 2014 - Maddy O'Reilly

Live shows are the only for the very toughest sluts out there. The pace is relentless, there are no breaks and we are not gentle. Maddy O”Reilly is a well known porn star currently making the rounds in LA, does she have what it takes to handle the rigors of a live BaRS shoot? Today we find out exactly what she is made of…

This redheaded starlet needs throat training, and we are happy to help. We start off with shackling her hands behind her and her ankles to a chair. That is all it takes to render her ready for the dick. Her limbs are out of the way and her mouth hole is wide open and ready for use. And use we do. One after another the rock hard rocks step up and fuck that facepussy. Maddy gags and sputters as the dick owns her throatmeat.

The dick does the trick, and Maddy is rapidly destroyed. Her hair and makeup are no match for the dick. When cock runs into makeup, cock wins every single time. Her eyes are streaming and her destroyed makeup makes her look like a teary-eyed panda. 10 inches of BBC work as far down her tight throat as Maddy drools down over her perky breasts.

We are nothing is not giving, and Maddy as earned the right to feel all 10 inches of that BBC in her tight pussy. We unshackle her off the chair and bring her into a face down, ass up position. Her pink panties are yanked down only far enough to give us pussy access. Maddy is a shaking drooling mess puddle of porn star and we are only just getting started. This is only the beginning of the show, can this starlet handle all the action coming her way? Stay tuned…
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Today we have one the always eager Maddy O’Reilly back to grace our stage. This redheaded sweetheart comes across as shy and somewhat quiet on first impression, but first impressions are not always accurate. This all natural girl next door is actually a raging sexual animal that craves as much cock as she can possibly get her hands on.

Bound down and splayed out on a custom made wooden bondage device with her legs spread wide, Maddy is lashed down with leather belts. A vibrator is screwed into place between her wide open legs to ensure she will be getting nonstop unrelenting sensation while the cock is owning her throat. Her lush body is oiled down to display it properly. The restraints ensure that she can not do so much as twitch, and her neck is firmly held in place by a belt. We walk right up and make full use of Maddy’s mouth. It is warm and inviting and feels just like home. This is throatboarding at its finest.

One after another, the cocks step and use Maddy’s facepussy. She gurgles and moans around mouthfuls of dick as drool pours out and down her oiled breasts. We run a train on her throat, using it fast and hard without mercy. The bondage and relentless pace serves a purpose, plunging Maddy into sexual subspace. Her face goes slack as she is blasted right out of her mind. This is exactly why Maddy came to us today, she craves that Sexuallybroken experience. All the while, the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her exposed pussy.

Dazed and confused and cumdrunk, Maddy is a drool covered mess, reduced to a mere cockshealth. We have long ago pounded out her throat to an exact fit. She can do nothing but lie there limply and moan. This is what sexually broken looks like, although in Maddy’s case it is more like sexually destroyed. We leave the vibrator running and walk away as yet another orgasm comes spilling out of that hardworking pussy.
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This Midwestern redhead looks like the girl next door, but under that wholesome facade Maddy O’Reilly is as freaky as they come. You do not end up in porn getting drilled down on a regular basis in every which way possible if you were not a total freak. Today we are going to rip away the girl next door and unleash the freak. And we have not one but two cocks to use for the task. Maddy is going to come undone.

Bend over and bound down with leather belts on a pillar with her neck firmly attached, Maddy can not move away or shift in the slightest. Her ankles are shackled to a wooden box, which also provides a handy step up to her mouth hole. Both ends are completely exposed and vulnerable, wide open open for the dicking down she is about to receive. The set up is just that easy and that hard. She can not escape the cock, and today the cock will have no mercy.

It is relentless. Two cocks simply step and and go to town. They never slow down, they never give her a break, they never let up. Maddy is going to be worn down and totally taken apart by dick. They slam home to the hilt, completely owning every inch of her flesh. They fill her face to the brink, and as they do, the drool flows out and dribbled down the pillar. Her eyes glaze over as gurgles escape out her stretched out throat. All the while her other end is getting furiously pounded. It is total sexual destruction.

We grab her hair to better steer her face onto the dick. We grab her hips to better steer her into the dick. She is simply a bag of holes for our use. Maddy is conquered by cock. She cums helplessly, she can not help herself. To be so totally owned is this girl next door’s deepest wish. When we have utterly blasted her into sexual subspace, we walk away, leaving Maddy still shackled. Her head lolls on the drool covered pillar, her mouth is open and slack. This is what sexually broken looks like.
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