The English Mansion – Dungeon Maids Part 1

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
  Lady Nina and Madame Helle are attended in the dungeon by their trample slave and three maids. One of the maids chastity is removed and they are put in racked bondage, an electric butt plug inserted and turned up high. Further electro is placed on her cock and she is then left fully racked out. The next maid is in for some hard strapon training, first her mouth is stretched before she is spitroasted hard by the two Mistresses. Finally, Sharon the maid is taken from the birdcage, ankles and hands in chain bondage and they… Read More

The English Mansion – Lady Nina Birch, Madam Helle – Punished Maids All In A Row Pt2

Saturday, May 28th, 2016
  Lady Nina and Madame Helle continue with the punishments due for the maids. Jasmine is spanked hard, her frilly knickers pulled down and the slipper used as well. Sharon is the next to receive her punishment, spanked until her bottom is a bright pink. To help her remember and atone for her deeds, she is then tied tightly to a chair, ball gag in mouth and made to watch the final treatments, which include a correctional caning. Read More

Lady Nina Birch, Madam Helle – Punished Maids All In A Row Pt1

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
  Lady Nina has invited Madame Helle to assist in the punishment and correction of three of the maids in her training academy. The maids are inspected in turn, uniform, tidiness, makeup and chastity devices are examined. Once they have been dealt with and ritually humiliated, the maids read their punishment books out loud and the Mistresses decide the punishments due.   Featuring Lady Nina Birch, Madam Helle Read More