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FetishLiza – Casadei boot fucking slave part 2

What a horny and devoted boot slut. He loves my black Casadei boots so much. He fucks them with love and passion and I allow him to cum all over them if he cleans them again afterwards.
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FetishLiza – So Kate cum polish

My sexy SO KATE nappa leather pumps are in need of some extra shine and you are going to provide the polish that I need. I am using my pointy black pumps to get your cock hard and throbbing for me. I will jerk you off with my shoes in various positions before you are allowed to cum on my SO KATE heels.
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DirtyTransDolls – Lillys leather debut part 1

A blast from the past, the debut of TV Lilly Leather and as her name suggests this Tgirl adores leather. So I put her to work on my leather skirt and make her clean my plug heel shoes. Those heels will go deep inside her fuckhole later.
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DirtyDommes – Boot cleaner in bondage stocks

We keep our boot cleaner in stocks, no room to move, with his head neatly secured, hands and feet away. Only his lips and tongue are of use to us, he is there to lick and polish our black leather boots. He can only see the boot parts which we stick in front of his face, our dirty leather soles and our sharp stiletto heels. There is no room for error and extra motivation will come from the painful digging of our pointy boots on his skin. Marked and made to work hard, such is the life of a true boot bitch.
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DirtyDommes – Spitroast with a real cock part 1

Let’s spice things up, Femdom style! Herrin Blackdiamoond and Mistress Fetish Liza team up for a brilliant strap-on fucking, their maso slave will surely feel the presence of his Ladies for a long time. His butt not only gets stretched…but the hot sauge inserted into his asshole will leave a burning impression! Once his fuckhole is wide enough, the huge monster cock goes in!
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DirtyDommes – Testing our human furniture

Why use real furniture when you have a slave to do the job! Mistress Tess and I love using this male as part of our new collection and we test his skills as a bench, a carpet, a seat etc. Obviously we make him moan and grunt as we put our full weight on his body, digging our sharp heels deep in to his flesh. He best remain in position as we do not want to fall off, even when he gets tortured! Let’s see how well this slave furniture can endure our sadistic testing methods.
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MandyFlores – Boot Bitch II : FEMALE DOMINATION

Time for some advanced slave training humiliation.

you have made a suitable footstool, but I grow tired of such mundane slave activities. It’s time to have you crawl on your hands and knees, blindfolded on a leash, to teach you true obedience even when you are in pain. Of course you will be thirsty from your pathetic efforts to please Me, so I quench your thirst with one of the few liquids I allow you to have….. My spit. First directly into your mouth, then off of My boots that you have been cleaning with your tongue. Oh yes, suck on that heel slave! After that My precious feet have gotten incredibly sweaty and stinky inside those hot leather boots, so of course I take the opportunity to really bless you with some fresh, lint and sweat covered toes in your mouth! Suck them clean slave boy!

NowMy man is going to be coming home soon, and I know he will want you ready to relieve him of his load of spunk, so let’s have you practice sucking and licking My strap on. No gagging! How many times must I slap your face before you learn gagging and complaining is not allowed! Last but not least, preparing you to clean His asshole with your tongue. Push your tongue deeper so He may derive some pleasure from your services. Fuck it, I think you are going to finally get the treatment you have been dreaming of…. BEND OVER!! you have one chance to put some spit on your about-to-be-violated-asshole, so hurry up!

There you go… take My huge dildo right up your ass. I think Master may be pleased with you tonight, maybe next time you can watch us fuck and get your favorite treat… My anal creampie!….Mandy Flores
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DirtyDommes – Sodomised by Princess Nikki

He is no match for Her beauty, he will only ever be able to pleasure her sexually as her anal whore. Princess Nikki loves to make him kneel, grovel and suck her strap-on cock before she invades his ass and gets herself off using a vibrator at the same time. This is the femdom orgasm she wants, with her slave being used and filled up at the same time.
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DirtyDommes – Horny leather porndog

I am keeping one of my boot slaves as a human doggy in my house. He is wellbehaved but also very horny. Desperate to always be near my thigh high boots and to be able to smell the quality leather. I love toying with his brain, getting him all excited and dripping precum…knowing he has no other choice than to wait for my signal to cum. But not yet…first he must be made to hump my leather boots!
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DivineBitches – Feb 26, 2019 – Cherie DeVille, Ruckus

Reverse Abduction: Cherie DeVille outwits her captor and takes control

The tables are turned on kidnapper Ruckus as damsel in distress Cherie DeVille breaks free from her bonds! Cherie tells Ruckus she’ll pay him directly, but first they have to fake her second abduction so Ruckus won’t get in any hot water with his boss. To really sell this story, Cherie knows she’ll have to rough Ruckus up real good. She ties him up, clamps his nipples, gags him with rope, and breaks out some implements to get down to business. She starts flogging him, but the flogger just isn’t leaving impressive enough marks so she uses a leather slapper and a cane to really get his skin nice and red. Ruckus cries out in pain, rethinking this plan, but it’s too late now. He’s already at the mercy of Cherie DeVille and his cock is leaking pre-cum as Cherie gets at every exposed piece of skin. The next step in an good abduction, as Cherie knows, is wrecking the victim — sexually. Cherie straps on a long fat hard cock and stretches Ruckus’ ass open. She fucks him, jerks his cock, and punches his chest until he admits he’s a slut for her dick and begs to cum. Ruckus is so desperate, but no one cums before Cherie! She rides his face voraciously while cropping his body and Ruckus struggles to breathe while pleasing his captor. Unsatisfied with his oral skills, Cherie turns her attention to his hard cock. She rides it to multiple orgasms as Ruckus quivers beneath her before making him beg to cum. She teases his cock and pushes a vibrator into his balls. She finally lets him blow his load and wipes it off with her stocking-clad feet before making him lick her stockings clean.
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DirtyDommes – Drilled by her big cock part 2

Tina uses her fuck puppet for her pleasure and fun, drilling her big strap-on cock deep inside his asshole. She will train him to take more, harder, faster…
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FetishLiza – My cuckold cum bucket part 2

Crawling at my booted legs, my cuckold slave must receive his first load of real man’s cum on his face. I love to put him in his rightful spot.
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DirtyDommes – Tortured by leather Dommes

When Lady Bellatrix and I, Fetish Liza, meet… there are always “new” slaves to test. This leather sub won’t be worshipping our attire but instead we check his sensitivity and durability. With his hood on, he can only feel my long nails as I dig them in to his chest and tied balls. But we mainly focus on his nipples which get pinched hard, clamped and tormented for our amusement of course.
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DirtyDommes – Dance for our whips

Another test for the slave meat, Madame Catarina and I dragged in to the Factory. This skinny little man will amuse us and we know exactly how to do that…with our whips and floggers. It becomes clear this new slave does not have a high tolerance for pain but he will endure and suffer! Us Ladies need our entertainment and we let him dance to our whips! He feels the stings of our punishment tools on his white skin but he gets his limits pushed…
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