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DirtyDommes – Eating cum of her leather ass

Miss Tina loves to play mind games with her slaves. She is wearing exactly what drives her sub crazy: tight leggings and the sexiest black leather boots. She teases him and gets his cock hard, making him think she is ready to fuck him but he will be fucking her boots instead. He is instructed to stick his cock between her booted legs and hump them. He can feel her wet pussy as he slides his dick inbetween her smooth leatherclad legs as well…it feels so good! He is only allowed to cum if he licks the CUM off her leather ass afterwards.
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DirtyDommes – Our ass and heel slut

He is lucky to have a good tongue, it is the reason why he is our shoe licker and foot stool. He knows his duty is to keep our sexy stiletto heels in top condition and we are more than happy to present our dirty shoes to him. Once he has swallowed up all the dust and fully serviced our heels, his tongue gets put to work on our beautiful leatherclad butts.
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DirtyDommes – Human seat for two Goddesses

Lady Victoria has an ideal seat in her dungeon, a human one! Nothing better than using a slave’s face to sit on, to smother and cover with our butts. His breathing turned down to the minimum, he will struggle to get oxygen with our ass on his face, but he must obey, lay still and suffer for us.
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FemmeFataleFilms – July 10, 2019 – Slave, Mistress Akella

Never Say No – Day 2

No matter how hard the treatment, the slave must remember never to utter the word no. This proves a little difficult when the punishment level is ramped up. He is chained to the dungeon wall is this session and subjected to an extreme flogging and whipping ordeal, to make the most hardened of slaves fall to their knees begging for mercy. When Mistress decides to take a break, she makes her slave hold her booted legs up whilst she enjoys a cigarette. He must serve as a human ashtray and spittoon, inhaling her precious smokey exhales and serve his purpose as a receptacle for whatever she wants to dispose of.
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DivineBitches – July 30, 2019 – Mistress Kara, Rick Fantana

Mommy’s Little Fucktoy

Completely naked and suspended with black rope and leather wrist cuffs, Rick Fantana waits at the mercy of his Mistress Kara’s hand. Kara, looking very dominant in her fishnet stockings, short black skirt, and long black latex gloves, takes her time to torment her submissive. She explains to him that she’s owns him. She punches his chest and squeezes his cock and balls. Kara makes him taste his own pre-cum through his ball-gag. She puts him in a headlock and squeezes his neck. Mistress Kara attaches a tens unit to Rick’s thighs and turns up the voltage. Rick moans through the ball-gag from getting electrified. Kara places a Sybian machine underneath Rick’s ass and lowers him onto it as he gets zapped from the tens unit. His asshole gets lowered onto the dildo attachment on the Sybian and once its deep in his ass, Kara turns the power on. She makes him fuck it as she hits him with a riding crop while laughing and humiliating him. Next, Mistress Kara uses black rope to strap Rick to a device that keeps him secured in a doggie-style position. Kara holds a flogger in each hand and whips Rick’s ass until it turns pink. Kara wears her strap-on with a huge dildo dangling from it, ready for Rick’s ass. After she finishes flogging him, Kara makes Rick suck her dildo to get it nice and wet for his asshole. She shoves her fat dildo deep into his ass and fucks it. Next, Rick is on his back with his legs spread with a dildo gag in his mouth. Kara shoves five big metal anal beads up his ass. She teases his cock then sits on his face and fucks the dildo-gag. She smother’s his face with her ass and pussy while she fucks the dildo-gag. She uses an Hitachi vibrator pressed on her clit and cums hard while Rick starves for air below her. As a reward for good behavior. Kara rips out the anal beads and fingers his asshole while she jerks his cock, sending his load flying into his own face as he cums.
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DirtyDommes – Ballbusting with military precision

At “The Slave Castle” I keep my unworthy subs for military drilling. Here they will learn all about obedience, devotion and respect. Like this creature, who deserves nothing more than a good hard kicking in the balls. His crotch is my targetand I will not hold back as I slap, whip and kick his precious balls. With militaryprecision I will strip him off his ego and manhood.
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DirtyDommes – Caged boot and glove slave milked Complete

Part 1: Miss Miranda and I, Fetish Liza have a very horny caged pet, who loves leather, boots and gloves. So it is perfect to tease and torment him from behind bars. He can barely move in his cage but his cock can stick out for lots of leather touching…with our gloved hands and hot leatherclad butt.

Part 2: He can barely contain his excitement, being wanked and watching our boots. We allow him to cum on Miss Miranda’s boots after lots of edging. Then he will be let out of the cage to lick up his own SPUNK.
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DirtyDommes – Teased and milked leather slut part 1

Mistress Nikki Whiplash was so kind to introduce her “boot slut” to me and indeed he was very horny and hungry for our footwear!But he knows his place, underneath our heels and soles. His tongue ready to lick and worship every inch of our patent and leather boots.His cock just kept growing, even more so when we squeezed it between our boots, ha ha. So we kept teasing him, with our heels, our hands and sexy bodies.The poor slave had to control himself so hard, always edging, near to cumming but he had to wait…until he was finally allowed to spunk on our boots. This is a must-have clip for leather and boot lovers
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Kept underneath my office desk, my boot slave knows his place in life. Close to my heavely nylonedlegs and the most gorgeous yet dangerous casadei blade heels. I use his body as my carpet, his tongue as my boot brush. He understands he is just a tool, a toy for me…that he must obey and please me or he will feel the cut of my razor sharp stilettoson his flesh.
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OublietteClip Store – Anal Punch

Chastised sissy slut is going to take the fisst of Mistress Paris! This is the only way slut gets to orgasm so she best enjoy it whilst it lasts, and enjoy it she does, the harder the punching the harder she cums!
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DirtyDommes – Bound and Face Slapped

No escape and punishment is coming! This male’s cheeks won’t remain pale for long once we start SLAPPING his FACE. Harder and harder until his brain no longer knows what is left nor right. His head trying to cope with the impact as we use our bare hands to remind him of his place.
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DirtyDommes – Caged boot and glove slave milked part 1

Miss Miranda and I, Fetish Liza have a very horny caged pet, who loves leather, boots and gloves. So it is perfect to tease and torment him from behind bars. He can barely move in his cage but his cock can stick out for lots of leather touching…with our gloved hands and hot leatherclad butt.
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DirtyDommes – Feet and food humiliation

Time for a snack, us Ladies deserve to be spoiled and pampered! But what is this?! Is this house slave serious? All this food is rotten or gone off! How dare he serve this to use. We will make him pay and use his ugly face as our human garbage bin. Mistress Amanda and I stuff his mouth with the disgusting food and completely cover his useless body with all kind of filthy fluids. We make him eat the smelly food from between our toes and he has to lick our feet clean! Well he tries anyways but fails as we just keep spitting food at him, ha ha.
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DivineBitches – May 21, 2019 – Mia Little, Papa Georgio

Little Man: Mia Little Punishes and Pegs Papa Georgio

Divine goddess Mia Little is the kind of sadistic mistress that likes to keep a spare man-slave locked up and restrained in her garage. Her sex-pet, Papa Georgio, is fully incapacitated by stiff, leather wrist and ankle cuffs that make it impossible for him to escape. He sleeps on a pile of cardboard and trembles restlessly in anticipation of the stern hand and sadistic whims of his mistress. He hears her stir and he startles awake. From the basement garage he can hear Mia pleasuring herself and purring with sexual moans. He can feel his cock stiffen with hunger to serve his master. The masochistic man-whore hears Mia approach so lifts his head to make sure that she knows he’s fully attentive to her presence. Mia then drags him upstairs to punish him with brutal corporal punishment and impact play. She makes him crawl across the floor to fetch her large wooden spoons so she can beat his undeserving ass. Mia spanks him until it’s raw and swollen from her stern hand. She proceeds to hit and abuse his balls and taint which causes her pain-pig’s cock to drool pre-cum. He can’t help himself; the mere touch of his mistress fills him with delight. He lives to be punished because he knows how unworthy he is. Growing tired of his cries and yelps of pain, Mia tosses him onto his back and makes him watch as she toys and plays with her tight and hungry pussy. She grinds her ass on his face and shoves her stocking covered feet into his gaping mouth. He devours the divinity of her foot worship and chokes out platitudes of thanks and praise. Mia grinds a vibrator onto her pussy and her male sex slave begs to watch her cum. Mia cackles and pleasures herself over and over and watches her servant drool with desire. Now that he is warmed up Mia yanks his legs into the air and jams her strap-on dildo deep into his tight asshole. He howls from the pain of the anal penetration, but a little man like him relishes the attention. His asshole quickly gapes open and Mia begins to slam his asshole, pegging him into submission. As the giant dildo massages his prostate his cock uncontrollably oozes precum and grows stiff with desire. Mia begins to stroke his shaft and laughs at his pathetic pleads for release. She cruelly milks his dick and repeatedly and relishes in her slaves pain as he winces from the of orgasm denial. He entreats his mistress to allow him to cum and when he can’t possibly hold it another second, Mia allows him to blow a giant load all over himself. Tired of her little slave, Mia tosses him to the floor and makes him crawl back to his hovel in the garage.
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