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DirtyTransDolls – Stretching the new sluts hole

The feminization process on my new rubber doll continues with some stretching of the new slut’s fuck hole. It seems this treatment is very effective as the rubber doll’s cock cage is about to explode!
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DirtyTransDolls – Edged and denied rubber doll part 1

Rubberized and teased to the edge. TransDoll Jenna is both in heaven and in hell as Cybill Troy and Fetish Liza keep restricting it’s breathing and bringing it to near orgasm.
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DirtyTransDoll – Rubber sissy blowjob training

Fully rubberized and bound, latex doll Natalie only has to focus on one thing today: sucking our cocks. We are ready to teach this slutty feminized doll how to give a great blowjob. A skill she will need if she wants to become a perfect Transdoll.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Teased on the Cross

Look at what we have here. I’ve got my newest slave bound to my silver cross. He’s eager for my hands and my touch, but I am not a merciful Goddess. I like to tease and rile up my slaves before they are allowed to get to the real fun. In my latex dress I am shiny and irresistible. Unfortunately my poor slave’s hands are bound so he cannot touch me with his hands. A bit of lube against my warm rubbery dress and he’s squirming beneath my body. He’ll be my milking boy later, but not quite yet. First he’s going to want me so badly he physically aches for me.
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DirtyDommes – Brutal cock and nipple torture part 1

Huge nipples and a nice cock and balls…to torture! This male stands no chance against our long nails and sadistic skills. His skin gets scratched, his nipples pierced by our nails, pulled down by heavy weights. But we are not forgetting his dick, that deserves a good slapping, pulling and scratching too. Now he has weights on both sensitive areas and we love to pull and torment our slave…with smiles on our faces!
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DirtyTransDolls – Transdoll cockbox shoejob – Princess Nikki

Princess Nikki loves playing with feminized Dolls and she is keeping Natalie’s clitty fixed in her cockbox. Teasing it with her high heels and getting it harder and oozing precum. But the doll needs to be a good slut and wait for Nikki’s cum countdown! It will be very hard not to cum prematurely as Nikki is an expert at giving sexy shoejobs!
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DirtyTransDolls – Double sissy strap-on fuck part 2

Sissy sluts, bend over! Princess Aurora and Fetish Liza are going to drill your fuckholes even harder whilst keeping those clitties locked in chastity.
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DirtyTransDolls – Chastity rubber doll fucking part 2

Rubber Doll Jenna has no say in the matter. The dick is locked and the butt is at my disposal. I will bend this doll to my will and stretch that fuckhole with my strap-on cock.
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DirtyTransDolls – Creating My new rubber doll part 2

What a pretty rubber doll! It is just a prototype but any male features have been erased and the feminization progess is looking great. I wonder how slutty this new doll will be?
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Dirty Trans Dolls – Spreading TV Jessica’s tight ass

That time when I stretched TV Jessica Dee’s tight butthole! An unseen and very sexy strap-on clip I am sure you will all enjoy.
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DirtyDommes – Our stiletto and foot trampoline

A new human doormat has presented itself to Bizarre Lady Estelle and myself. His flesh still looks unmarked but that won’t be for long as us Ladies love to scratch it with our sharp stiletto heels. He must remain obedient and feel how we use his body to wipe the dirts of our shoes on before we trample his entire body, including face and cock with our full weight. Hear him gasping for air, moan and groan in pain…but he suffers for our fun. So much laughter and fun we have when we use him as our trampoline! A brilliant trampling clip!
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DirtyTransDolls – Double sissy strap-on fuck part 1

Two sissy sluts, eager and ready to impress Princess Aurora and myself. These TV Girls are going to suck our strap-on dicks like pros whilst we watch and encourage them. Natalie and Kari sure look pretty in their girly outfits, they look even better with their mouths full. Once we have our cocks fluffed, the sissies can bend over, open their legs and feel us penetrating them, fucking them…with our sexy strap-on dicks. They can even look each other in the eyes, like the slutty sisters they are and get pounded over and over again.
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DirtyTransDolls – Creating My new rubber doll part 1

I love creating new rubber dolls at my medical facilities. Turning men in to female looking toys! My specimen is ready for it’s feminization treatment. This includes corset waist training, the wearing of high heels, make-up, wearing a wig and best of all: having nice big silicone tits. Watch me take you through each step of this sexy ransformation.
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