Society SM – Exploring Kylie – Kylie Quinn

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016
  Kylie has only gotten cuter since the last time we saw her in ropes....On this day, Feenix becomes her Dom and trainer...Kylie is still a newbie to BDSM, but she sincerely enjoys being bound and controlled and her pussy is messy and wet by the time Feenix gets her rigged...Her nipples and clit are very sensitive and the orgasms pour of out Kylie once she gets started....Feenix keeps her balanced between pleasure and stress and continues her BDSM exploration with a strict approach and sincere punishments. Read More

Society SM – Controlling Kylie – Kylie Quinn

Friday, April 22nd, 2016
  18 year old Kylie Quinn is a very recent midwest transplant...She still has the lingering innocence that such a young woman should possess, or, at the very least, it seems so...It's in her eyes and smile...She turns out to be quite a kinky woman...Her pussy is flowing all over her inner thighs by the time I get my hands on her...Being such a newbie to rough treatment, I take it easy on her in the punishments I offer,… Read More