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KinkyMistresses – Punished In The Old Factory By Calea Toxic – Calea Toxic

Today Calea is in a really sadistic mood and her Slave has to take some realy painfull games. She torments him with electricity, with a vacuum cockpump, put a long dildo deep into his throat and work on his nipples. Completely defenseless the Slave can do nothing except the pain for his Mistress and that makes her a lot of pleasure
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KinkyMistresses – The Bisexual Cocksucker

Mistress Saint Lawrence & Domina Scarlet have a lot of fun with 2 Slaves in Berlinsuck the real cock of another man and lets himself be fucked in the ass by a Scarlet. But in the end he has to blow the hard strapon of Saint Lawrence while Scarlet continues to fuck his asshole.
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KinkyMistresses – The Fitness Slave – Mistress Susi

Here is our brave slave! Brave for not having done his homework(out)! To first give him some inspiration, the ladies have him lay on the floor while Mistress Susi is sitting on his face in her shorts.Then Jet Setting Jasmine is sitting on his face,white Mistress Susi is stepping on his cock with her leatherboots.

The next idea is to strengthen his core.He has GREAT motivation to do so! Mistress Susi is bending over letting him kiss her ass everytime he does a situp.Of course he is cheating, swinging with his ellbows,because he is so weak!! Then he gets to do situps to get to kiss Jet Setting Jasmines crotch.

Oh well,maybe we should open a gym!!
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KinkyMistresses – Punished in Transylvania Part 2 – Mistress Ezada

It is time to paint the slaves beautiful drawings on the body and Mistress Ezada has interesting tools for that. Whips leave fantastic, long red lines on the skin. Pain for the slave, pleasure for the lady
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KinkyMistresses – Punished in Transylvania Part 1 – Mistress Ezada

Mistress Ezada invited a slave with him on a trip to Transylvania to play some perverted games with him. Obviously it looks like the slave is too horny and so she starts torturing his nipples, tying his balls with a rope and driving a needle wheel over his skin. She loves it when the tips of the wheel burrow into the flesh and when the clamps squeeze the nipples and the skin on the tail.
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KinkyMistresses – Fucked In The Garage – Mistress Adina

Mistress Adina, a real Dominatrix from Jamaica with an incredibly erotic, coffee-colored body, big tits and an extreme perverted predisposition is fucking the slave with a thick strap-on into the ass. While she is fucking him so hard, she feel the movement of the dildo between her legs and that makes her realy horny
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KinkyMistresses – Courtney´s CP Slave

See Mistress Courtney at the famous Amystique International Party in Berlin having fun with one of the real submissive Slaves. How much he can take for her mistress? Is he a real hard CP guy?
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KinkyMistresses – The Ticklish Slave Girl – Andrea Untamed

Andrea Untamed has invited this time a sexy ebony Slave Girl for her pleasure in a dungeon in LA. But this time not real BDSM stuff, just a easy tickling scene. So is that realy funny for the Slave Girl ?
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KinkyMistresses – A Fucking Machine In Berlin – Bella Lugosi

Mistress Bella Lugosi is so proud to use the famous , powerfull compressed air driven fucking machine in the Berlin dungeon Avalon. The little ass of her Slave can hadle this ??
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