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FemdomEmpire – Devoted Foot Slut – Kendra Spade

Princess Kendra Spade loves a good bitch that worships the ground she walks on and will do anything to lick her soles clean. Her well-trained doormat lives for feet especially if they are a bit stinky from wearing and walking in high heels all day long. As a reward for being so devoted to his Princess’s beautiful size 7 feet she rubs and massages his horny cock right before bashing his balls in with her soles.
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FemdomEmpire – Princess Pussy Juices – Kendra Spade

When a Princess wants to cum, she gets to cum. There is no denying Princess Kendra her orgasms when she demands to have her holes pleasured by an obedient and chastised slave. Her slave’s cock has been locked up for so long that his mind has been completely trained to only focus on her pleasure. Princess Kendra uses his tongue making him fuck her holes with every inch. Her pussy gets extremely wet with every lick making her grind that much more intensely on her slave’s smothered face until she gets the orgasm she demands.
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FamiliesTied – May 10, 2019 – Stirling Cooper, Kendra Spade, Christy Love

Squirting Anal Step-Daughter Kendra Spade Hate Fucks For The Family

Christy Love is a sweet suburban MILF with too much time on her hands and not enough cock in her life. Bored and horny in her mansion, she is a perfect target for a sexy con man like Stirling Cooper. Posing as a new age guru, Stirling works his way into her bank account, then into her tight pussy and asshole. Christy’s submissive nature leads her down a path of D/s play that ends with her bound in ropes and squirting on the floor with a metal hook in her ass and Stirling pounding her with his huge cock. She’s more than happy to lick up her own squirt, and then slurp on Stirling’s toes. In fact, she’s completely entranced and ready to serve Stirling with all her holes. Unfortunately for Christy, her street-smart step-daughter Kendra Spade is onto the scam, and manages to get video of the whole affair. Kendra waits for Christy to leave, then she confronts him with her video evidence. Stirling is unimpressed, having dug even deeper into the Kendra’s families accounts, and counters that he could ruin her father unless she finds some way to entertain him with her tight teen body and thick bouncy ass. Kendra relents to a total hate-fuck, with her panties tied in her mouth and her hands bound behind her back. As she’s spanked and flogged, she drools and chokes on Stirling’s dick. Stirling throws her against the wall and fucks her in both her pussy and her ass while she groans and tries out of spite not to cum. But Kendra can’t help herself and she orgasms all over Stirling’s cock, which he responds to by clamping her pussy shut and placing her on the floor for a rough doggy style anal fuck. When Christy comes home and finds them there, she is so entranced with Stirling she simply falls to her knees and starts sucking his cock every time it pulls out of Kendra’s ass. Kendra is horrified by her step-mother’s behavior, but she has few options. She’s learned how to ride dick like a true whore, bouncing like her step-mother on Stirling’s thick cock, and she sprays the room with her sweet, teenage squirt. Christy grins enormously as she enjoys Stirling’s big hard dick in her ass, and she’s downright elated when she finally feeds her gagging daughter his cum like a good slut.
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FemdomEmpire – Trained for Dick – Kendra Spade

Princess Kendra Spade needs to get her slave’s ass primed and ready for her big party. She plans to have him be the entertainment for all of her girlfriends to use and abuse with their giant strap-on cocks. His ass needs to be properly stretched out before the big night and Princess Kendra has just the ass splitter to get the job done. Using her big red cock she hollows out her slut’s hole until he is gaping and ready to be gang banged by every last one of her vicious girlfriends.
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