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SubbyHubby – Kendra James: Husband Trainer Part 3: Watch and Learn

The husband is forced to watch as Kendra James and Bella Rose decide to have some fun with each other. Kendra verbally torments the poor husband while she plays with Bella’s nipples and pussy. Bella is more than happy to receive the attention she is finally getting.
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SubbyHubby – Kendra James: Husband Trainer Part 3: Sissy Slut

Finally the husband is learning. He begins on his knees, but it isn’t very long before Kendra James brings the Chindo out. The husband is forced to wear the Chindo and please his wife with it. Since he isn’t able to please her with his pathetic cock, he must use the Chindo.
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SubbyHubby – Kendra James: Husband Trainer Part 2: Her Pleasure

Kendra James is going to teach Bella Rose’s husband a new trick. She puts a dildo gag on his mouth and she tells him that he is going to serve her needs now and pleasure his wife. He must work that big dildo (bigger than his pathetic cock) so it will give her an orgasm. The cuck tries hard to make his wife Bella cum. Kendra knows that she can help him with that task….
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SubbyHubby – Kendra James: Husband Trainer Part 5

Kendra James is at the final part of her transformation training…She decides that her and Bella Rose will wear strap ons and fuck the husband in the ass and the mouth. The husband is initially horrified, but it doesn’t take long before he accepts his new position with a smile on his face.
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MistressMayaSinstress – Spittoon & Ashtray to Kendra & Maya

Red Headed Vixen Kendra James visits Maya Sinstress in Chicago. As a gift Sinstress presents Her with a slave to use as She wishes. Kendra decides he would only be useful as an ashtray and spittoon. They light up Misty 120 cigarette and puff away. The Ladies verbally degrade the slave and teach him how to be a useful ashtray. The slave sits with his mouth open, trying desperately to catch all the ash and spit. Kendra & Maya plot out what they are going to do to slave 66 for the rest of the evening while spitting & asking in his mouth. Their chemistry is playful & teasing.
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Subby Girls – Helena Locke, Kendra James – Appetizer

With dinner fast approaching, Helena Locke is able to quickly solve the issue of no appetizer. Because she always has the best appetizer between her legs for Kendra James to enjoy.
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Subby Girls – I Offer Myself As A Treat

Ooops, Andre Shakti forgot to restock the pantry leaving Kendra James mildly upset. But those feelings don’t last long as Andre offers herself up as a consolation treat.
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Subby Girls – I’ll Help You With Your Form

Kendra James is admiring the form of Andre Shakti as she does her pull ups with ease. Andre offers to help Kendra with her form, but somehow instead things end up with Kendra on the bench and their tongues working on each others womanhood.
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Clubdom – Hadley Viscara, Kendra James – Paddled and Fucked

Mistress Kendra James and Mistress Hadley Viscara are going to punish their sissy’s ass with a paddling and a good fucking. What a lucky bitch! The girls switch off, paddling his ass good and hard, getting it nice and red. After they are satisfied, the women take their sissy to town, making him suck their cocks and get fucked by their cocks. They fuck him good and hard just like he deserves, showing him who is in charge around here.
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