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KatesPalace – Make Yourself Fuckable 1-3

Courtesy of Carmen Rivera

Part 1: The birthday of the ever horny house slave just has to be celebrated! That’s certainly what LADIES ELENA and CARMEN think. You know THEY mean to show him a good time when THEY take the special trouble to handcuff his wrists to his swollen balls. Celebrating with bio-champagne, THE JUBILANT MISTRESSES open the party with a bang and quickly get his cock so jerky it seems electric. THESE GIRLS know how to get a joint jumping. THEY soon have him stepping so lively he dances his party hat off his head. When he gets thirsty, LADY CARMEN is only too happy to share HER birthday bubbly. His nipples may seem saggy at first, but before he knows it, THESE CELEBRATRIXES have got EVERYTHING dancing to THEIR tune. Just goes to show; you can teach a birthday dog all kinds of new tricks. THEY’RE both so pleased THEY open THEIR presents just for him. No birthday party would be the same without balloons, and THESE GRACIOUS LADIES have lots of ’em. The birthday boy seems extra fond of LADY CARMEN’S special water balloons. And the beating goes on as THE BABES keep pounding rhythm to his ass.

Part 2: Not everybody wants a hard paddle-spanking at their birthday party, but you wouldn’t be watching this if you weren’t one of the chosen few, would you, so enjoy! The slave certainly seems to be having fun, expressing his gratitude after every love pat, as well he should. And what would a properly bizarre birthday party be without a bizarre birthday cake to match. THE SADOPARTY GIRLS have by no means been neglectful. THEY drill the birthday candles down deep into the sensitive slave meat, so they won’t topple over. Then THEY light them right up, so they can drizzle their hot wax where it will be most appreciated. After helping HERSELF to a piece of birthday cake, LADY CARMEN makes sure the slave pigs his fill. Naturally, it’s also necessary to get his candlestick holder ready for a little serious service, so THE HORNY LADIES freshen it up and give it a good polishing while those six birthday candles get better and better at lighting up his party mood. To show him just how enabling THEY BOTH can be, THEY allow him to decorate his own cake. Naturally, THEY’LL be serving him another big piece of it, and a very happy birthday it will be.

Part 3: Tightly fastened to the Fuck Bench, the birthday slave awaits an unexpected experience from a totally unexpected guest. Mr. P wastes no time making sure that his arrival is not taken for granted. After the slave is shown the unspeakable honour of polishing that hard Pirthday candle, THE LADIES return with the joyful news that it’s finally time to run him through THEIR fuckability test; and if THEIR candles aren’t realer, THEY certainly are a whole lot longer and fatter than the real thing. Before he can holler ‘Help me, mama!’ THEY’VE stuffed both his holes to the birthday brim. THEY soon have the slave wishing he was born everyday – right there in the PALATIAL HOME of the Red Hot Whopper. A noble premium bubbly enema provides only a brief cooling off before Mr. P parties the gaping asshole way out of bounds to its final spermiful climax. The slave’s fucking ability has now been properly demonstrated. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. It’s finger-licking good in there.with or without the whipped cream. “Happy Birthday to whatever is left of you, slave!”
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