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Fantasy Damsels – He Bottoms the Tops – Karlie Montana

Karlie Montana plays the Dominatrix in this fantasy about a Pro Domme session gone awry…Mr. Stull is a sincere fetishist and he likes to play on top and bottom…He loves to book sessions with new Dommes to see what they’re made of…in his mind, if they don’t stack up, he takes over…Stull turns the tables on Karlie and locks her in a cage…then convinces her to strip off her clothes…Karlie soon finds herself being strapped down, with her legs spread and a vibrator mounted to her pussy…Stull turns it on, then goes away to do his business, leaving Karlie bound and alone.
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Tied For Tickling – Doin the Squirm – Karlie Montana

Tied For Tickling - Doin the Squirm - Karlie Montana
Karlie Montana
Tied For Tickling


Karlie’s body looks fantastic…John Paul gets her roped and cuffed, then begins tickling with his fingers…then onto the double electric toothbrush horror…she’s a lovely laugher…and a squirmer, and the Pope lets her cum at the end…
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Perfect Slave – Health Care Reform – Karlie Montana

Perfect Slave - Health Care Reform - Karlie Montana
Karlie Montana

I don’t know whose idea if was to dress Karlie like a nurse, but it was a good one…seeing her in the peach scrubs was all too real…she looked just like one of those super hot, chic next door, fresh faced and happy to be wiping your ass after whatever surgery landed you in the hospital, nurses…and it pulled me into a strange, sexual, political fantasy…Instead of huge health insurance lobbyists using money in Washington to buy votes and totally destory our chances of having a decently affordable, humane and honest medical community…they could be using that money to pay chics to be publically humiliated, bound and pleasured….maybe in the lobby, maybe by the elevators…each hospital could be transformed into a kinky place of true submission…where, if you go and die there, at least you die with a hard on…it’s not that expensive really…a little alcove somwhere in public view…with cameras and monitors thoughout the building so everyone can enjoy…you pay hot chics, maybe future nurses trying to pay thier way through nursing shcool, to do 3-4 hour scenes where they get bound and pleasured for this cause…maybe the model’s fees will run them 3500 per day..
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