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Clubdom – Strap-on Fucked by Joslyn

Joslyn’s slaves have to learn how to suck cock properly and how to take her big strap on in their ass. She has her slut kneeling on the dungeon floor as she sticks her hard black strap on in his mouth. Once he has learned to give a good blowjob, Joslyn positions him on the spanking bench with his ass up and ready. Joslyn is kind enough to warm up his slut-hole with her finger before jamming her big cock up his ass. The new slut feels totally exposed and humiliated by being his Mistress’s bitch. However, Joslyn decides to totally humiliate her slave by making him into her ATM. The pathetic slave must suck his own ass juice off her cock before he is dismissed.
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Goddess Joslyn has her slave on the whipping platform in the dungeon. His legs are spread and his hands are secured above his head. This slave has no choice but to take whatever punishment that Joslyn decides to dish out! Joslyn walks from the other side of the dungeon her heels menacingly clicking against the hard floor. She grabs his cock firmly and viciously slaps it with her crop. Will the slave be able to take her cock and ball torture? He will. He has no choice!
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