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Josi Valentine says she believes that it is only natural to want to be dominated. To her that is the way a man and woman should get along, with one of them serving the other. I can’t really argue with that. The best place for her is in bondage, submitting to my will.

I stood her up in the middle of the room to get a better look at her. She’s wearing a dress at first, along with her hood, but her body is too hot to keep it covered up for long. I strip her down to her panties at first, then I take those off and use them to gag her. I am going to need to keep her quiet for what I have planned next. I want her immobilized, too, and I have the perfect new device for that. I call them “hand cans” and they are a solid way to keep her firmly in place.

Dozens of clothes pins adorn her beautiful body. Normally I would pull them off myself but today I have a better idea. I’ve attached the line of them to a small motor. When she puts her foot down on a button the motor will wind up the line and pull the clothes pins off, ever so slowly. While she does that I take my position and whip her ass. It won’t be her last predicament of the day.

Next I set her up with an ass hook. It is tied to her hair, keeping her head pulled back. I could just leave her like that, but it’s so much more fun to fuck with her. A thin cane is more than enough sting to get her dancing. As it strikes across her ass and tits she wants to shake and move away, but every time she tries it that hook makes its presence known.

And like every good submissive Josi ends up on her back. She has been getting teased for so long that she is ready to explode. She wants to cum so badly that she could do it at the lightest touch. Instead I give her a solid steel dildo and a powerful vibrator. She nearly passes out from the intensity.
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