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Clubstiletto – I Know Who’s Ass you Want To Lick – Mistress Sophia

This clip although shot a few years back was not on the site as it was missed when we swtiched servers. We have had it reformatted into MP4 and the highest quality possible. Mistress Sophia presents a steamy hot ass worship Point-of-View clip using Her amazing body and cute “girl-next-door” voice to turn you into Her personal ass licker. Great camera angles bring Sophia’s ass right to your face so go ahead and take a lick.
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What’s wrong little piggy, am I a distraction? Do I make it hard for you to concentrate and focus on your work? Well make sure you work piglet because you need to earn me money, then you can come and pay to adore me in my cute little outfit.
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We need to have a Superhero to Sidekick chat. In order to save the world you have to stand there while I destroy your testicles. Your sperm has been infected by the loseritis disease and must be eliminated before it spreads to the planet. Don’t worry… you are just a sidekick and your sperm is unwanted anyway, haha.Aren’t you glad it’s me that is kicking your balls in?? I know you have a crush on me and this is the only way I will ever remotely touch your balls. Haha, pucker up and tell me you love me when I kick you, haha. Not only will you never have me but no one will want you.I think this is so funny, I am actually dragging this out and making it more painful for you because it is going to make such a funny story to tell all the other super friends! Haha. In fact, I am going to invite them all over to a “Kick my sidekick” party, haha. We can all take turns laughing at you while we kick your nuts into oblivion.By the way…I could have easily destroyed your nuts with one kick but I want to toy with you and then cut your balls off with these scissors . I want your smashed ball hanging in the hall of heroes for Everyone to laugh at.
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Miss XI has you bound on the floor. You desperately wait for her, and when she arrives, she looks down at you with utter disdain. What a sad excuse you are as a husband. You’re nothing but her cuckold, and when you see her dressed so sexily with her makeup done to perfection, you know it can only mean only one thing – she’s going out on a date and you won’t be there.

XI knows you’ve been longing for her attention. Any sort of verbal humiliation – a slap or a kick, even her spit – would be a dream come true. She asks if you like her lipstick and then makes you beg for her spit. She talks about her beautiful lips and tells you to imagine what they would taste and feel like. You can think about them but all you get is the spit that slowly flows over her lips when she opens her mouth and drips a long stream of the delicious fluid into your undeserving slave mouth. She has you open your mouth wide and delivers a big gob of Goddess fluid. She lets some drip onto the floor and orders you to lick it up, and as you lick, she releases even more. She makes you thank her for the spit and for the privilege of licking it up. Her lips look so juicy and irresistible but she makes it clear that you will never touch them. Ever. She also has a new nickname for you, and says, “Your new name is spittoon, because that’s all you are to me.” There’s a lot of saliva in this scene, and if you’re an obedient sub, you can only imagine being lucky enough to lick it up and taste it while XI is out having hot sex with her stud. She has even given you permission to jerk off with her spit while she’s on her date. What a great night for everyone!
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This scene opens with Jasmine standing over you showing off her hot lingerie and heels outfit and waving a giant dildo in your face. She turns her body around to show you every inch of her divine body to make sure you are completely aroused and grateful that you are her cuckold. She lays on the bed and then tells you that she has been getting some complaints from her studs about your lack of skill at sucking cocks. You have to do better or she will find someone else to do the fluffing while you are locked in the closet. “I include you and being involved in my sex sessions is a privilege for you so if you want to be included you have to suck cock for me in such a way that it pleases my men and gets them rock hard to fuck me.” Jasmine explains that she obviously has a date coming which is why she is dressed in such a manner and that while she appreciates you preparing the bedroom and drinks, cleaning the house and so on, what you really need is to learn how to suck a cock properly.

She then reaches behind the pillow and pulls out a massive huge cock being sure to point out that it is similar to men she fucks and massive compared to your little thing. A real man would be rock hard kneeling in front of her but look at you, small and limp. “I do have a dental dam that I should maybe keep you in for a few hours each day to help you adjust to keeping your mouth open” she tells you and then over the course of the next 4 minutes tells you step by step how to properly suck cock which is so much more than just sticking it in your mouth. Learn how to use your mouth, tongue and hands to be the ultimate cuckold fluffer under the direction of Miss Jasmine and you too can become the cuckold that any wife would be proud of. Along with your coaching Jasmine also mentions how her lovers please her, just to insure there is a decent amount of humiliation tied in while you learn. Highly recommended for anyone that has fantasized about sucking a cock or just wants to improve their skills.
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Today I’m going to give you a personality test to see just what kind of person you really are. I will then add up your score and give you some advice on how to live your life based on how you did on the test. So lets get started…
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Walking slowly on the pool deck to recline on the lounger, elegant, gorgeous and completely out of your league. On your knees! What a pathetic little slave. I tease you with My gold heels and legs, stretching them out in front of you as I sit back. What would make My afternoon by the pool even more relaxing? I shouldn’t even have to ask, you should be begging to be useful to Me. you beg like a little bitch. Now, lick and worship Goddess’ gold heels and feet. you crave Me using you this way, you are completely devoted to worshipping Me and all your excitement has caused a disgraceful erection in My presence! your tiny little dick is throbbing hard and dripping right next to Me! you disgusting pathetic slave. Go and get rid of that thing and hump the hard ground away from Me. Make sure you rub it off really hard on the ground. I know it makes it even worse for you when I splash My legs with water to cool off and all you can think about is how you wish you could lick the water drops off My silky legs and feet. Denied! All you will get now is My heel down your throat – My heel is bigger than your tiny dick and you will suck it and show it respect!
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Look, it’s the little beta slave bitch. Have you done your chores for the day? Good. my boyfriend is coming over later and I don’t want him seeing a dirty house. I know how jealous you are of him. My boyfriend gets to come over and touch my body in any way that pleases me. Including spanking! You could never touch me in any way that wasn’t in subservient reverence. You see, my boyfriend is an alpha male. He challenges me on a physical and intellectual level. And you’re just a wimpy little beta bitch.
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Sexy BBW Goddess Jewels has you in the corner and tells you to turn to face her. She is sitting naked on the toilet and tells you that the next few days will be dedicated to the next important step in your training as her 24/7 slave, full toilet duties. “A Goddess should never have to sit on porcelain” she says, adding “not when she has a toilet like you, anxious to do anything I want.” She explains how farts and body waste will be part of your daily existence. Now she calls you closer to smell between her legs as everything has gone into the toilet today, and your training will take a few steps until you dine directly from her body. “Starting tomorrow you will be eating it” she informs you. She asks if you are excited and tells you in time your only meals will come from her and soon it will be the most delicious thing you have ever tasted.

She tells you that she will sit on your face and you will become the toilet seat. You will prob her ass with your tongue to loosen her up and then she will give you her nectar. Any you miss will be licked up from the floor, you must consume all of it. Then she will get back on your face and have you stick your tongue back up her ass. Her massive ass will engulf your head and you will fight for air but she will stretch your limits so you can keep your tongue inside her as long as possible. She wants your tongue to move in and out and in and out and in and out. “That loosens me up and soon it will be time for dinner to be served.” Now she tells you that her ass is dirty and while she flushes the toilet you are to lick her clean. She stands up and turns so you can get your nose between her ass cheeks. She spreads her cheeks wide showing you her anus and tells you to get the dirtiness cleaned up and soon you will be addicted to it and want more than just a taste. Starting tomorrow you can consider yourself Jewels 24/7 slave, your training is done!
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What is that little tiny thing anyway? You call that a dick? HA! That’s cute. Miss Xi has never seen one so small before. What do you do with it? You can’t please a woman with that because she wouldn’t feel a thing. You know a gorgeous woman humiliating you for your tiny little clitty arouses you, and that’s why you can’t resist all 9 minutes of this clip… daily!
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This hot trample POV features just Jasmine and you. You on the floor, her above you. She waves her expensive white stiletto’s above your face and says she plans to trample your chest, your stomach, your groin and legs. She brings the sharp heel right above your face and she tells you to open her mouth and lick the soles completely. “I’ve owned them for years and I just want to crush you with your own spit” she says. Your eyes shift from her shoes to her exposed pussy and you are to weak to resist even as she tells you how she will dance on you, jump on you, and march on you.

“Seeing you wince in pain is such a turn on for me” she tells you. She says she wants to see tears and puncture marks and as you are tied there in place on the floor she’s about to be very aroused. “When you scream, I’ll just laugh and take some selfies and send them to my girlfriends and then they will probably want to come over and trample you too” she says with a deviant look on her face. She says they will have a party on you and she assumes some will even want to trample your face and cock and balls. “Your sacks serve no purpose other than they are amusement for me when I kick them” she tells you as she starts to swing her foot between your legs. She says she wants to see you suffer more than any trample enthusiast ever has and then says in fact she thinks she should go put on stilettos with even a thinner heel, but not before she removes her shoe and sticks her foot in your mouth. You get a great close up of her feet to end this scene as she crinkles the soles and spreads her toes wide. Suffering never felt so good.
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