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You remember Me? Of course you do, how could you forget. You keep begging Me to come back to you. As your ex-girlfriend, I already know dumping you was the best thing I’ve done.

You keep thinking maybe you can impress Me into coming back? I don’t think so. You were a terrible boyfriend and a pathetic wimp.

I’m going to tease you, show you the body you miss so badly. You wish I would start dating you again but you haven’t earned My respect.

You jerk off for Me while I tease. You’re going to do anything to impress Me. You’re even going to eat your cum. That’s right, jerk your dick and lap up that cum like a good boy.

Maybe I’ll give you another chance if you work extra hard for Me, you poor loser.
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GoddessHarley – Touchless Footgasm Goals

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I made you cum. just by showing you my feet??? Mmmm, that’s the dream, huh??? Is it even possible??? Well, I think it is. I know it is. and it’s about to happen to you!
I mean you can’t even get hard for sex with girls anymore. what kind of amazing video is this where I’m gonna show you my feet and your gonna cum in your pants! Haha.
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A mesmerizing and haunting glimpse into the side effects of letting this Asian Goddess into your head. I am the voices inside your head. I know what’s going on in your head. Your brain is mine. Your heart is mine. There is no escape for you. I am all the voices inside your head: sweet and sexy, demanding and feisty, dominant and seductive. I control you. You know it. Trust me. Let go. You are mine.

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As your girlfriend, I’d love to let you live out your fantasies, just be careful what you wish for!

You’re having a Skype session with your girlfriend Sydney. She’s thrown on some super hot lingerie and is just looking super sexy.. she tells you how she was thinking about the role play stuff you always wanted to do, you know, all those fantasies you’ve had of her being dominant and controlling? She’s been reading a lot about it, checking out all those sites you visit.. and she’s ready to play!

Suddenly her tone changes.. She informs you that as of right now, you’re no longer her boyfriend. She says your new role is her slave! She’s going to take charge of you now.. and you’re going to do what she says! She starts telling you how much of a loser and selfish little cunt you are. Now that she’s got your attention, she commands you to start stroking. Yes, stroke like you do when you’re home and she’s away, you little jerkoff.

It’s amazing how natural she is at this role.. she knows deep down that maybe, this is the way you’ve always wanted it, and your pathetic little hard on seems to agree with her. She shoves her ass in your face and orders you to keep stroking. But you’re NOT allowed to cum unless she says so. Every time she give’s you an order you are to say “Yes Mistress”

It turns out she likes this arrangement more than she expected.. you may have opened pandoras box! Who knows if this is how your relationship with your GF will remain from now on?…
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STROKE TO MY ASS CONDOM feat Astrodomina

I love wearing my latex pants, and you will too!…

Sydney is going to mesmerize you today with her shiny latex ass.. she knows you already love her ass, but you especially love seeing and hearing her ass squeeze into latex, looking like the absolute perfect ass. She says you get to jerk off to it today, but with one condition – you’re going to have to ruin your orgasm! Ready, ass slave?

She orders you to start jerking.. as she waves and wiggles her latex-clad ass right in your face. You get the most amazing view and closeups, her ass just looks too good in them! This is such a treat for you! Keep jerking! Don’t get TOO excited, she wants you to last throughout the entire video.

It’s going to be a challenge, for sure. Her ass looks too hot in those pants. Can you imagine if she were to sit on your face with them? Slowly lowering her Goddess ass right on your face, covering you up, not even letting you breathe.. her ass just might swallow you whole! She constnatly teases and toys with you, ordering you to jerk the entire time and controlling your pace..

Can you last until the end? If you do, don’t forget – you had better RUIN that orgasm! She will instruct you at the end how to do it and give you a cum countdown, so make sure you follow her commands!
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FemdomEmpire – Chloe Cherry – Slave Orgasm Devotion

Good boys jerk their cocks and devote their orgasms for Princess Chloe and only her. Now crawl on your knees over to your Princess and hand your leash over to the one that owns your orgasms. She wants to watch how obedient you can be with your cock in your tightly gripped hands. The only reason you are touching your cock is for Princess Chloe as you begin to worship every part of her young, perfectly tight body like a good stroke slave. “Your dick is mine and your orgasms are devoted completely to me. I am the reason why you are jerking off right now. I am the reason why you have your hands wrapped so tightly around your cock while you stroke it up and down just wishing you could be anywhere near my perfect tits, ass and pussy. You are not allowed to stop stroking your cock until you have an orgasm completely devoted to me” xxo – Princess Chloe Cherry
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FemdomEmpire – The Ultimate Sacrifice – Alina Lopez, Gianna Dior

The ultimate sacrifice will bring you the ultimate reward when you give up everything to your new Owners. Get on your knees and be ready to jerk to the command of Mistresses Alina and Gianna as they make you into their perfect little plaything for their own selfish amusement.
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FemdomEmpire – Ivy Lebelle – 7-Day Chastity Challenge

Chastity is good..no Chastity is great for you and you need it in your life. Mistress Ivy has put together the perfect challenge for a horny boy who can’t keep his hands off his dick. Once the little lock clicks shut over your cock your life will change for the better. It seems lately you have been lacking focus and perhaps need to get your mind straight without temptation. You will become a better worker, better in studies, and overall a better slave for your Mistress once locked in chastity. But because Mistress Ivy cares so much about you she is here to guide you through your last moments before you spend the next 7 days locked up tight. She wants to see just how hard you can get your cock before she completely takes it away. Once your balls have turned a nice shade of blue then she knows you are ready to experience an entire week locked up just for her. Making Mistress Ivy proud to own you and your dick is what you want right? Of course it is! Lets Begin….
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This may be your lucky day as Mistress Valentina might just allow you to finally cum. You have been such a good boy servicing her daily and deserve a reward for being on your best behavior. Mistress Valentina knows how addicted you are to her perfect curves and big beautiful ass. Her round, juicy ass has become your new god as you fall deeper and deeper into complete submission. You just can’t get enough of your Mistress’s curves as you work hard every day to please her. Being allowed to stroke for your Mistress with her ass pressed right against your nose is exactly the reward you crave. She loves watching you be a little slut for her as she orders you to put a finger in your tight hole while allowing you to smell and kiss every inch. Now stay on your knees where good boys belong and obey my every command. If you want to blow that long awaited load for me you will de exactly as I say as only good boys get to cum.
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FemdomEmpire – Obey Mistress Gianna – Gianna Dior

Don’t be afraid and crawl over here on your knees my good and obedient slave. You are going to do any and everything you say as you know how much that pleases me to see you so subservient. I am going to turn you into my perfect toy as I tell you just how to stroke your cock and be my pretty little entertainment. I love controlling your every stroke and your every orgasm as you fall deeper and deeper into being all mine. xxx Gianna Dior
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FemdomEmpire – Draining Your Balls – AJ Applegate

Goddess AJ is in complete and total control of your cock. She has you right where she wants you so she can milk you dry. All you can do is lay there helpless and obedient as she teases, edges and toys with your cock any way that she desires.
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather ass worship reward

You start to drool the minute you see my ass covered in a tight leather skirt, don’t you? But are you a good slave? Can you follow my orders and do you worship my butt in the way that I like it? I will unzip my tempting leatherclad bottom and give you a peak at my peachy asscheeks underneath. Now you are allowed to jerk yourself off but follow my instructions carefully to get your reward.
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FemdomEmpire – Becoming a Sissy – AJ Applegate

You have become a worthless man in life but luckily Goddess AJ has a special love for sissy sluts. Instead of throwing you to the curb she has decided you would make a much better sissy with the proper training. If you want to stay Goddess AJ’s slave you will need to let go of every last ounce of your precious manhood. Don’t be embarrassed as your Goddess loves seeing a strong man all dressed up in sexy black lingerie ready to obey her every wish. Once you step into your new sexy lingerie Goddess AJ picked out just for you then your life as her personal sissy slut will begin. Are you ready to let go of everything you ever knew? Yes? Then let’s begin your transformation…
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Princess Tiffani Teases Your Tiny Cock Stiff Merely

“Have you ever imagined your trembling, sputtering cock between my luscious lips? Do you dream of me licking and sucking it, the way I do for my alpha stud boyfriend? Then why don’t you unzip for Princess Tiffani. I promise not to laugh in your face when you show me what you’ve got…”
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