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FemdomEmpire – Femdom Addiction – Stephanie West

Princess Stephanie West is ready to completely ruin your simple existence of a life. Once she is finished melting your brain and turning it into a pile of goo you will be completely addicted to your new Master. You will live to serve her every need and desire thinking only about how you
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GloveMansion – Wanking class for stepson part 2

She will expose your love for gloves bit by bit and to your surprise she even starts to tease you. You don’t know what to do but to listen to her voice and follow her instructions as she will show you how to jerk off with gloves.
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Miss Kendra Makes You Cum Before Spanking You Over Her Knee

“I warned you that there would be severe consequences if I ever caught you with my panties again. And look at you! Caught red handed! You’re getting spanked, panty pervert. But before I punish you across my knee, you’re going to rid yourself of every drop of filth as I chastise and shame you…”
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MeanBitches – London River POV Slave Orders

The MeanBitch Gym has a new manager and that means new rules. The new rules are: SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHATEVER MISS RIVER SAYS! She makes you get on your knees and worship her!
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Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is seated before you in a sexy, revealing outfit and a beautiful pair of boots. She commands you to come closer and worship her boots. You lick the smooth, shiny boots and begin to suck on the heel. Determined to make you suffer as you jerk, Ashlynn produces a clothespin that you have to place on your balls.

You return to boot worship and Ashlynn gives you another clothespin to add. She has you spit on her boots and lick it back up. Goddess Ashlynn adds clothespin’s to your balls time and again. She shows you the exact rhythm you need to stroke to her at. She demands you suck both heels at once and stretches your mouth to its limit.

Ever the sadist, Goddess Ashlynn begins to administer strokes of her crop to your already tortured balls. A final clothespin is added and Ashlynn continues to strike with her crop. Sensing your orgasm is near, she makes you back away from her. Ashlynn giggles gleefully as you cum all over yourself. She tells you to clean the floor and depart so she can welcome her next slave.
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MeanBitches – Nina Elle POV Slave Orders 3

Goddess Nina knows you are a weak submissive pig who will do anything a beautiful Goddess tells you to do. She starts by making your put your belt around your neck and choke yourself. Then she drains you of your money and your self-esteem while you worship her! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, JOI, CUM…
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FemdomEmpire – Sissy Clit Makeover – Marley Brinx

It’s time to burn all of your stupid boy clothes as you are about to have no more use for any of them. Mistress Marley Brinx is an expert in turning men into sissy sluts and you are next. Your cock is going to be transformed into a locked up and caged clit after Marley is done with you. This is your chance to have one last and final orgasm before your new life as her slutty sissy pet begins. Time to milk out every last drop of testosterone so put on your sluttiest and frilliest outfit to please Miss Marley. She wants nothing more than to help transform you into her perfect cock loving sissy. So be a good girl for your Mistress and take off all of your boy clothes as your life as her personal sissy begins…
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Jizz Your Face for Princess Becky with Your Mouth Wide Open

“You came to Humiliatrix hoping one of the Princesses would have mercy on you and let you cum? Okay, dumb dumb. Get on your back, arch your back and pull down your shame panties for Princess Becky. You’re going to fuck your own face and swallow it, exactly the way I instruct you to…”
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GlamyAnya – CockOWNED by Seductress

Simply hopeless, when you see Me in that shiny black outfit, teasing you to death…you can not hold back. You only want to lay back and listen to MY cock lead. Follow My lead and let Me have your cock! My cock! My hot hard cock! And you will do exactly like I like. Make your hand jerk it so tight! As tight as your eyes are glued on Me! Jerk until you will explode….but you know, for guys like you, there is no real pleasure…Cum and lock it into MY chastity! Deny it and you’ll be free….but what is wanking without an orgasm… Ah!Ah!Ah! silly boy….you’ll always be SO MINE!
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GoddessFootDomination – You Only Wish – Ashlynn Taylor

Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is lounging in her dungeon. She knows just how much you adore her ass and her feet. Ashlynn teases you, kneeling there before her, dangling her heels off her stocking covered feet. Your Goddess doesn’t think you deserve to touch her, only to gaze upon her perfection. She deigns to let you get a nice whiff of her feet.

You strip naked at Ashlynn’s command. She beckons you to come closer and look without touching. Goddess Ashlynn tells you to begin stroking your cock to her. She warns you not to cum as she runs her fingers along her stockings. You’re stroking faster as she asks if you’ll be able to cum on command. Suddenly, you’re ordered to take your hand off yourself and to imagine having her in the way you desire.

Told to resume stroking at your own pace, you work yourself into a frenzy for your Goddess. She finally allows you to cum and you spurt all over yourself making a huge mess. Smirking and satisfied, Goddess Ashlynn dismisses you.
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FemdomEmpire – Alina Lopez – Oral Fixation

You can’t resist Mistress Alina’s long tongue and sexy wet lips as she looks down upon you. She loves to make you drool and whimper as you are on your knees stroking your cock like a good boy does. Now sit, stay and stare at your Mistress’s lusciously long tongue as she teases your hard cock until you explode all over yourself.
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FemdomEmpire – Hurt yourself for Annie – Anny Aurora

Staring at me makes your cock hard doesn’t it? Stroke yourself, get hard. I want to have some fun with you. I know that you can take more pain when you are fully aroused. If you want to stare at my perfect tits it comes at a price! I want you to slap your cock and hurt yourself for me! Seeing you hurt yourself makes me so happy. If you want to cum you are going to have punish your cock. Show me how obedient you are.
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Chateau-Cuir – Shiny leather and nylon JOI

Soft, shiny and so sexy, I love the combination of luxury Jitrois leather and Wolford nylons. I know how excited you get from watching me dressed in this outfit, my long legs in the best black pantyhose and sexy Louboutin heels to top things off. I want you to listen to my voice, my directions and the sounds of my leathers and nylon. Worship me, stroke your cock and follow my jerk off instructions. Cum share your leather fetish with me.
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You’re going to stroke for me now. I’m even going to give you permission to cum. This sounds good, huh? So good. Too good. Almost too good to be true…

I’m not being deceptive. I really will give you permission to explode…but not until after I set a little trap for you. A frustrating, blue balling, ruined orgasm trap.

You will jerk yourself into oblivion. Tugging that cock up and down, drooling over my hot lingerie, my sexy stockings, my endless edging tease. The trap you’re in doesn’t deter you. It excites you. You’ll hand fuck yourself until an orgasm isn’t just a possibility, but an inevitability.

You cum. You let go. But what happens? Your orgasm is automatically ruined. You’re caught in my trap, with no way to escape your little denial predicament.
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