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GlamyAnya – CockOWNED by Seductress

Simply hopeless, when you see Me in that shiny black outfit, teasing you to death…you can not hold back. You only want to lay back and listen to MY cock lead. Follow My lead and let Me have your cock! My cock! My hot hard cock! And you will do exactly like I like. Make your hand jerk it so tight! As tight as your eyes are glued on Me! Jerk until you will explode….but you know, for guys like you, there is no real pleasure…Cum and lock it into MY chastity! Deny it and you’ll be free….but what is wanking without an orgasm… Ah!Ah!Ah! silly boy….you’ll always be SO MINE!
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GoddessFootDomination – You Only Wish – Ashlynn Taylor

Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is lounging in her dungeon. She knows just how much you adore her ass and her feet. Ashlynn teases you, kneeling there before her, dangling her heels off her stocking covered feet. Your Goddess doesn’t think you deserve to touch her, only to gaze upon her perfection. She deigns to let you get a nice whiff of her feet.

You strip naked at Ashlynn’s command. She beckons you to come closer and look without touching. Goddess Ashlynn tells you to begin stroking your cock to her. She warns you not to cum as she runs her fingers along her stockings. You’re stroking faster as she asks if you’ll be able to cum on command. Suddenly, you’re ordered to take your hand off yourself and to imagine having her in the way you desire.

Told to resume stroking at your own pace, you work yourself into a frenzy for your Goddess. She finally allows you to cum and you spurt all over yourself making a huge mess. Smirking and satisfied, Goddess Ashlynn dismisses you.
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FemdomEmpire – Alina Lopez – Oral Fixation

You can’t resist Mistress Alina’s long tongue and sexy wet lips as she looks down upon you. She loves to make you drool and whimper as you are on your knees stroking your cock like a good boy does. Now sit, stay and stare at your Mistress’s lusciously long tongue as she teases your hard cock until you explode all over yourself.
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FemdomEmpire – Hurt yourself for Annie – Anny Aurora

Staring at me makes your cock hard doesn’t it? Stroke yourself, get hard. I want to have some fun with you. I know that you can take more pain when you are fully aroused. If you want to stare at my perfect tits it comes at a price! I want you to slap your cock and hurt yourself for me! Seeing you hurt yourself makes me so happy. If you want to cum you are going to have punish your cock. Show me how obedient you are.
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Chateau-Cuir – Shiny leather and nylon JOI

Soft, shiny and so sexy, I love the combination of luxury Jitrois leather and Wolford nylons. I know how excited you get from watching me dressed in this outfit, my long legs in the best black pantyhose and sexy Louboutin heels to top things off. I want you to listen to my voice, my directions and the sounds of my leathers and nylon. Worship me, stroke your cock and follow my jerk off instructions. Cum share your leather fetish with me.
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You’re going to stroke for me now. I’m even going to give you permission to cum. This sounds good, huh? So good. Too good. Almost too good to be true…

I’m not being deceptive. I really will give you permission to explode…but not until after I set a little trap for you. A frustrating, blue balling, ruined orgasm trap.

You will jerk yourself into oblivion. Tugging that cock up and down, drooling over my hot lingerie, my sexy stockings, my endless edging tease. The trap you’re in doesn’t deter you. It excites you. You’ll hand fuck yourself until an orgasm isn’t just a possibility, but an inevitability.

You cum. You let go. But what happens? Your orgasm is automatically ruined. You’re caught in my trap, with no way to escape your little denial predicament.
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Chateau-Cuir – Cum on My catsuit JOI

Wow, how tight and sexy is this catsuit?! I know, it makes me horny just wearing it! Does your cock also gets hot from seeing me dressed like this? Of course it does! You cannot stop watching my tight leatherclad body and you simply must follow my wank instructions and cum on my command.
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IWorshipAmanda – Holiday Meal CEIIWorshipAmanda – Holiday Meal CEI

Everyone is sitting around the table eating delicious turkey or ham. All the while are going to be eating something else… something far more delicious. A tasty creamy treat. Skip the meal and go straight for dessert. My body looks so yummy in this shiny bodysuit you won’t be able to resist.
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FemdomEmpire – Addicted to Angela – Angela White

The more you watch my big tits and ass bouncing in your face the more addicted you become to your one and only Mistress. You just can’t say no when you are hard, horny, and ready to erupt in the presence of your Goddess. I am going to keep you addicted to the very vision of me, the more you jerk it to me, the more addicted you will become. I will give you purpose for your mindless wanking and you will never look back. xxo Mistress Angela White
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Steady Thorough Stroke

I know you’ve been a little pent up lately. I know you’re in neat of a good stroking to release some of that wound up sexual energy. Today I’m going to help you do that. But there’s a catch. You know how much I love controlling your orgasms. So today your assignment is going to be simple. You get to pick one stroke, one speed, to get you all the way to orgasm. You won’t be allowed to speed up or slow down while you’re stroking. You have to make it all the way to the end of the video at one speed until I give you permission to cum. Keep that in mind when you pick your initial speed. I don’t want you cumming before I say you’re allowed.
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MistressT – Be My Service Sub – Sale Priced!

Get “There Is More To The Story” by Mistress T, read it then rate/review it! Good boy.

If you served me in real life you would be expected to perform all kinds of duties…including oiling me down after my bath…from head to toe…massaging the oil into my Goddess body. You can think about that while I talk to you about your life as my slave…& cum for me as I command you to…
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Chateau-Cuir – Jerk-off for kinky Yasmin

Such a hot milf in leather and such a kinky one too! Miss Yasmin loves her leather boots, tight hotpants and long leather gloves and she can tell they are getting you all excited as well! Follow her instructions as she commands you, teases you and orders you to jerk off for her.
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FemdomEmpire – A Princess World – Stephanie West

What Princess Stephanie wants, Princess Stephanie gets and she is just craving to watch you be a good boy and make a hot & sticky mess all over yourself. Now start jerking as you don’t want to keep your Princess waiting now do you?!?!
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“I should probably just fire you, as disposible as you are. But instead I’m going to demote you. Keep you around. For my amusement. You can quit. But I think you’re going to stay. Even though I intend on degrading you. Every day. You’re going to be my foot slave. Do a good job and I’ll let you make me a worship piddle…”
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