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Clubdom – Face Smacked Ashtray – Janna Hicks

Mistress Janna Hicks is incredibly sadistic. She smacks her bitch boy in the face until he is beat red. Janna gets off of the power she has over her slut boy. After she takes her angst out, she becomes satisfied and, lights up a smoke, using his worthless mouth as an ashtray. After all, male have their purpose.
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Clubdom – Draining The Balls – Janna Hicks

Janna Hick’s male bitch’s balls are getting a little too full, with male filth. She will not allow him to have an enjoyable orgasm but knows the bitch’s balls must be drained. She strings him up and, begins to stroke his cock. The slut resists an orgasm but, it has been so long, he cannot help but allow his worthless dick to get hard. His body betrays itself as Mistress brings him to a full release, only to humiliate him for having no more control. As he is still bound, she rubs his cum all over his face. Men are such slaves to their own dicks. Jenna laughs. She totally owns this bitch, right by his balls.
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Clubdom – Janna Hicks Punished Spanking Bitch

Janna Hicks is fed up with her mouthy slut. He is due for a spanking. Plain and, simple. She brings out a wooden paddle and, blisters his ass, turning it from pure white to cherry red. As the slut whimpers, Miss Janna decides he hasn’t quite learned his lesson. She puts anal beads in his ass. She begins pulling the beads out, one by one, with every stroke of the paddle. This boy needs to learn his lesson and, Janna is kind enough to help him through.
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