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IWantJasmine – You Can’t Call That A Penis!

White Dick or Black Dick? Who’s fucking who here?

Lets be real, no one really wants to fuck a white dick. Watch me turn this whIte boy into my cock craving cuckold little bitch in less than 30 secs. I love setting white boys straight. BBC is the Only way. All other dicks belong in chastity!
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IWantJasmine – Double Dom Trample Art

We all know how much you love watching my slaves get torn up by my high heels but this Time we have Mistress Taylor Knight Visiting and things get a little extreme for my slave !

One things for sure I am beyond merciless & only care for my profit. Who needs the gym when you’ve got Whipping Pig to beat, abuse and use LOL Oh the Life of a Brat Princess is sooo Hard LOL
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IWantJasmine – Breaking In My New Whip!

Some pigs need a lot of training (Whipping ) some I just whip the sh-it out of them for my pleasure or sometimes like today I use them to break in my newest whip.

Men are just objects I use and abuse, their cries and begging make me feel all warm inside.
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IWantJasmine – Cum Licking Footbitch

My Feet enslave you don’t they? You would do anything just to serve my beautiful feet. Even Lick all this cum off my feet. So warm and sticky in between my toes, just a big mess for you to clean up. Thats all you are good for, my dirty little cum eating foot bitch. Thats right, My Dirty… Little….. foot bitch. Im going to Transform you into a cum loving foot slave. You don’t have a choice anymore, don’t try and fight it because in the end I always get my way. So get on the floor, kiss my cummy toes and lick this mess up.
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GoddessJasmineMendez – Double Dom FaceSitting CBT!

Men are so fucking Pathetic , you have no use in a woman’s world. That tiny little dick just can’t get the job done that’s the reason you can’t enjoy life because you know just how disappointing that dick is. so no cumming or enjoying our big beautiful ass on your face Losers like you are not allow to cum let alone breath the same fucking air with breath . We can’t have you enjoying things like this , Only real men with Big Dicks get that privilege Oooh you can’t breathe with my Ass on your face Lol my Ass is eating up your whole face isn’t it C’mon bitch take it like the man you say you are hahahaha This is Domination to a new level bitch you can’t breath or get hard because we own your Dick . Look are these balls getting so purple awwww bet they hurt so much Lol , Yes I bet it does bitch Slowly we are Breaking you & teaching you how worthless you really are!!!

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JasmineJunkie 50% / PaytoCum 100% / LoserDickTax $50 / SitOnMe 75% / Cuck4Life 50% / Loser4Life 100%
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