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GlamWorship – You Wish I Had a Cock

Hello my dirty little faggots. Can we PLEASE stop with the “I’m not gay that’s why I buy your clips Miss Harwood.” Please. By the end of this clip you will be wanting cock and in particular my cock. This banana will work perfectly. I want you to picture a big hard cock. That’s right. Get on your knees like a good boy for me. Get that cock out and stroke it for me. Now get nice and close and suck this cock. That’s it loser. Suck this big fat cock! I should buy a strap on so I can fuck your ass with it. Bend over for me and spread that ass. Good boy. Just imagine that I’m fucking that tight asshole of yours. I bet you would love it. Nice and deep in that asshole of yours. Take that cock for me. Deeper and deeper. Now take it out of that asshole of yours and suck it clean like a good bitch for me. Get it nice and clean bitch. No, you don’t get to cum today loser, maybe next time! – Dannii Harwood
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YoungGoddessKim – Shoe slave Gets Fed

I am busy at My desk with the shoe slave underneath My divine heels. The only concern it should have is My comfort, if it moans from My heels digging into it I simply kick it. “Make yourself useful. Lick My soles.” If the piece of furniture doesn’t please Me I will just sell it online. The only nutrition it deserves is the dirt on My soles. But since I’m done with My work and have a scrap of food I decide to let the slave eat it….Like the mutt it is! I prepare it first and crush it beneath My soles and with My heels and make the slave lick it off My Superior Soles and suck it off My heels. I start to get impatient and mop the floor with its face. What a pathetic sight the slave is. “Now thank Me for your lunch and kiss My soles.”
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Raven tells her husband, Marcello, that she wants to start dating again. His penis is too small to satisfy her. She feels entitled to getting fucked by a guy with a nice cock and retaining her marriage to her wealthy husband. Marcello is kept locked in chastity by his wife because his cock is useless to her. She explains to Marcello that her daughter, Kimber, will be in charge of him while she is out on dates. Marcello hates being entrusted to his stepdaughter. Kimber is so cruel to him. Raven has her first date scheduled for later this evening. She can’t wait to get fucked while her husband stays at home with Kimber. Raven sends her husband to get his wallet because he will be paying for dinner for her and her date. After dinner, Raven returns home with a little treat for her husband in a napkin. Inside the napkin is a full condom from their date. Raven forces her husband to drink her lover’s cum from the used condom. She wants him to do it to prove his devotion to her. Raven’s husband is obedient to her and swallows as his wife commands.
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DivineBitches – September 10, 2019 – Dee Williams, Jonah Marx

Nurse Williams: Dee Williams Dominates Patient Jonah Marx

With a face covered in bandages, naked from the waist down, and lying on a hospital gurney, Jonah Marx appears to be unconscious. Nurse Dee Williams comes to check his vitals and slaps him in the face, waking him up suddenly. Confused, Jonah finds himself strapped to the hospital bed by his wrists and ankles. He can’t remember what happened. Nurse Williams reminds him that he’s been in a terrible accident and Jonah isn’t sure that she’s telling the truth. She insists that she must cane his thighs to test the feeling in his legs. She grabs her cane and whips him from his thighs up to his chest, leaving red stripes across his body. She applies surgical clamps to Jonah’s nipples and then four of them onto his sack. Nurse Williams rolls a pinwheel slowly across Jonah’s cock and he yells in agony. She wheels him out to the middle of the floor in a wheelchair and makes him suck her huge amazing tits. She dumps him on the ground, gets naked, and makes him lick her pussy from behind. She scolds him for not showing enough gratitude and kicks him repeatedly in his nuts. She smothers his face with her pussy and he says thank you when he’s allowed air. She gets him on all fours and fucks his ass deep and hard with her strap-on while hitting his back with a riding crop. She jerks his cock and he blows his load and Nurse Williams collects his semen in a vile. Unhappy with the volume, she jerks his sensitive dick back to being hard and climbs on top, shoving his dick into her pussy. She makes him fuck her from the bottom and humiliates him for his failed performance. She turns around and sits on his face and makes him lick her pussy until she cums.
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This collection features some of my hottest facesitting videos, 5 videos in one now for a fraction of the price! Enjoy!

If you cross me before a face sitting session, you shouldn’t be surprised when I take matters in my own butt cheeks.

Your mistress is here for your facesitting session. You know the rules, pay up first. No one gets to touch Sydney’s ass without paying first. She’s pretty adamant about that. And when she smacks you in the face, you get worried that this session might turn out a little different than what you had anticipated.

The second hit to the face actually puts you on the floor. At least you’re in a great position for face sitting now. Actually, today’s session is called “No Tap out Facesitting”. At first it doesn’t seem too bad. But it looks like this session will end with you passing out.

Face Sitting bitches while drinking wine is the highlight of this night!
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TeaseandThankYou – Kat’s Your Sister

Blazing hot bro/sis play. Your friends think I’m hot, huh? Do you think I’m hot too? Do you know I see your porn? Do you know I look at your facebook and instagram? Do you know I have your passwords? Do you know I set this up for you? Wanna get teased by me?

PLUS, same boy but different bondage, and really fun bonus piece, of Blake slipping in and meeting one of my boys when he doesn’t expect it and has been languishing in bondage for hours. REALLY HOT.
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FemdomEmpire – Kendra James – Slutified Male Toy

Mistress Kendra’s male slave has failed as a man in life and in sexual slavery. He is no longer of any use to her as a man but she has better plans in store for the bitch. Instead of throwing him to the wolves she decides he would be much better suited as a sissy slut for her business ventures. His cock is worthless and will now be permanently caged shut so the only sex life her sissy will be having is with his holes. Mistress Kendra orders him to strip the last of his manhood away as she begins transforming him from boy to sissy whore. Big, extra thick and gigantic anal balls will do just the trick to start stretching out the sissy’s holes so dicks can just slip right in. Kendra’s sissies must be stretched, hollowed out and constantly filled if they are going to impress her big stud cocks she has lined up.
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TheLaughingLatina – Xmas takeover! HD

You are a secretary at a local large company at Christmas.Your boss has asked you stop by his house on the way home to finish off some paperwork. Your boss secretly has a thing for you and you know it. You have dressed in your sexiest work wear and have on a Christmas hat as you have had a little Christmas party at the office. Your boss lets yo in and you sit on the rather grand throne that he has in his front room . He sits on the couch as you get out the paperwork. You notice he’s a little nervous this close yo you with it just being you & him. You decide to tease him by opening your legs and flashing your panties at him. He cant help but notice and pretends to drop his pen on the floor in front of you.

While crawling over & picking it up he is looking up your skirt. You see this and decide its time to take advantage. You pretend to be shocked and ask what he is doing. He is speechless, so you go to him and force him to lie back using your feet. You s tep astride him and tell him how you have seen him looking at you in the office and you have wanted to be his boss. You sit down on his chest and ask how he likes you being in charge. He does! You ask as he was looking up your skirt would he like a closer look at your panties and inch up to sit on his neck, pinning his arms under your knees. You ask how it feels to have you sat on top on him. Then you ask if he would like a closer look which would mean you sitting on his face. He’s not keen, but you’re not bothered, so you squat on his face trapping his wrists under your heels.

You like sitting on your boss and had this planned as you have in your bag a document transferring 75% control of the company to you. You tell him that as you are sat on top of him and he is helpless that you are going to sit on his face for progresily longer periods, in all positions, until he signs the document. He is shocked so you get on with the plan, which involves grin ding and bouncing on his face and smothering him to near suffo-cation. Near the end you sit back on his neck and tell him that you will sit on his face every day if he signs the document, which he does. Once signed, you tell him that he is now the sleeping partner but you are going to put him to sleep permanently. You sit back on his face in the squatting position, with his wrists pinned and tell him you will sit on him until he passes away. When done you thank him before collecting the document and leaving.
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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a domestic slave to not one, but two Goddesses? Well watch and find out!

Being a domestic Domme requires having a domestic slave. These are real life situations that a Domme like me can’t come up with. Take for example the slave in this video. His name is David. After a long day of shooting, he came over from his boring ass 10 hour a day job just to bring Katelyn and I dinner. He prepared it by putting the sushi on plates and serving it to us.

He then waited on his knees for more instructions. Katelyn poured some beer in his man bowl and forced him to drink it like a good puppy. We took things a little further by putting wasabi in the beer and a worm for him to try. There is nothing a real slave can’t do in front of two beautiful Dommes, is there?
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This useless slave, have been in cage for the last 8 hours. Now is time to take him out and feed him! I will give him some extra dry pretzels. To add taste and flavor to it, I clean My sweaty armpits with it , I keep them between My buttocks and even add a little from My Sanctum juices to it !

Now, they rich flavored with My feminine scents …but, they still very hard …and My pathetic slave can not chew it . I am always taking a good care of My pets , so I do now ! I pee on the pretzels to soft them ! What a lucky slave: to have such a gourmet dinner: pretzel soften in pee with dirty ass fragrance and a little bit of salty sweat to increase the delicious taste!
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BananaJacks – September 4, 2019 – Bridgette B, Billy DeWitt, Mark Frenchy


YOUR WIFE BRINGS OVER HER NEW BOY TOY TO SHOW HIM HUBBY’S COCK IN CHASTITY. They have a good laugh at hubby’s expense. Then Wifey makes Hubby lick and suck her Boyfriends cock. Her Boyfriend gets her pussy and gets to suck her nice tits. But Hubby doesn’t get to. Hubby has to suck dick to get it ready for his Wife’s pussy. Hubby is made to watch Wife gets her ass licked and fondled by her new boyfriend. He has to suck cock while his Wife pushes her red heels against his chastity cage and balls. She has Her Boyfriend humiliate Hubby by cuming all over his face. All the while Wife keeps hubby in chastity.- HOT MAKE ME BI WITH FACIAL CUM SHOT – BRIDGETTE B.
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As your girlfriend, I’d love to let you live out your fantasies, just be careful what you wish for!

You’re having a Skype session with your girlfriend Sydney. She’s thrown on some super hot lingerie and is just looking super sexy.. she tells you how she was thinking about the role play stuff you always wanted to do, you know, all those fantasies you’ve had of her being dominant and controlling? She’s been reading a lot about it, checking out all those sites you visit.. and she’s ready to play!

Suddenly her tone changes.. She informs you that as of right now, you’re no longer her boyfriend. She says your new role is her slave! She’s going to take charge of you now.. and you’re going to do what she says! She starts telling you how much of a loser and selfish little cunt you are. Now that she’s got your attention, she commands you to start stroking. Yes, stroke like you do when you’re home and she’s away, you little jerkoff.

It’s amazing how natural she is at this role.. she knows deep down that maybe, this is the way you’ve always wanted it, and your pathetic little hard on seems to agree with her. She shoves her ass in your face and orders you to keep stroking. But you’re NOT allowed to cum unless she says so. Every time she give’s you an order you are to say “Yes Mistress”

It turns out she likes this arrangement more than she expected.. you may have opened pandoras box! Who knows if this is how your relationship with your GF will remain from now on?…
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MistressT – Freak Cock Cuckolded & Ruined

This is the slave from “Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock”. He so badly wants to be my sex slave but his cock is too big. I tease him & make fun of his freaky giant cock…I humiliate him by making him suck the cock that does get to fuck me (ENCOURAGED BI), watch me have sex & then I make him CLEAN UP the CREAMPIE! As if that wasn’t enough I then manipulate his horny freak cock, telling him how useless he is until he starts to cum then I RUIN HIS ORGASM & make him lick up the escaped cum off the floor!
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FemdomEmpire – Marley Brinx – Foot Feeder

When slaves are hungry Mistress Marley Brinx gives them exactly what they need. A mouth full of her beautiful 9.5 size feet shoved right down their throat.
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FemdomEmpire – Mackenzie Moss – Barefoot Princess

Mackenzie Moss is a true Princess in every way. She is young, bossy, demanding, spoiled and only desires the best service from the lucky boys who worship the ground she walks on. If there is one thing Princess Mackenzie really desires it’s having her feet completely spoiled by a slave’s mouth. She can’t get enough of the sensation a slave’s tongue gives as they polish every inch of her size 8 1/2 bare soles. Being able to tease and toy with a slave’s locked cock is just the topping on the cake as she shows the bitch boys whose really in control.
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