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DivineBitches – July 16, 2019 – Gia DiMarco, Mason Lear

The House Slave: Gia DiMarco Brings Mason Lear Out to Play

Poor little Mason Lear is a slave who is kept locked in a dark cage by the super hot mistress Gia DiMarco. The only light this slave sees is when his master Gia uses him for her pleasure. She brings her slave out to play from one cage to another and quickly lets him know she is his mistress and his only purpose is to please her and satisfy her needs. She warms up her slave’s mouth by making him worship her feet while he is helplessly caged. She makes him beg for her pussy but Gia has no intention of giving her slave any pleasure. She rubs her wet pussy while Mason can only watch. Gia then zaps her helpless little slave while he is caged with nowhere to run. Then she brings him out of the cage for some corporal punishment. She asserts her authority over him with a few spanks. Then she catches Mason stroking his own cock so she has no choice but to punish him with a few hits from the crop. Then she puts her nice round ass in his face and makes him lick her up and down until she orgasms. This little slave likes to please his master so he begs to be fucked in the ass. Gia gives him a nice hard pounding with her big strap on to put him in his place. Then she uses his cock for her pleasure, riding it until she cums all over it. This poor slave is ready to bust his load but Mistress Gia has no plans of giving this slave any pleasures. He begs to cum but Mistress Gia already got what she wanted. After cuming over and over Gia locks this poor slaves cock in a chastity and is left denied. No pleasure for this house slave.
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FemdomEmpire – Cock Teased by Feet – Jane Wilde

Mistress Jane wants to know how far her slave is willing to go to have sex with her. Will he lick the bottom of her soles? Smell her stinky stockings? Worship her sweaty toes? Of course he would! The slave happily submits his mouth to the will of her feet in hopes he will get the reward of a lifetime.
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KinkyMistresses – The Fitness Slave – Mistress Susi

Here is our brave slave! Brave for not having done his homework(out)! To first give him some inspiration, the ladies have him lay on the floor while Mistress Susi is sitting on his face in her shorts.Then Jet Setting Jasmine is sitting on his face,white Mistress Susi is stepping on his cock with her leatherboots.

The next idea is to strengthen his core.He has GREAT motivation to do so! Mistress Susi is bending over letting him kiss her ass everytime he does a situp.Of course he is cheating, swinging with his ellbows,because he is so weak!! Then he gets to do situps to get to kiss Jet Setting Jasmines crotch.

Oh well,maybe we should open a gym!!
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FemdomEmpire – Degraded Foot Piggy – Anastasia Knight

Master Anastasia may be young but she is a cruel and brutal Owner who will stop at nothing to get her way. Her newest piggy has a lot to learn about servitude especially when it comes to learning how to worship her fishnet covered soles. She humiliates and verbally whips the piggy into shape as her toes get shoved down his throat where they belong. A true Humiliatrix in the making!
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TeaseandThankYou – 2019-06-28 – Chemistry

A really smooth scene. Also, thinking of an early or mid-August return. So watch for official dates being posted soon. Starting to think of the Northampton house as a home. Miss you guys!
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Playboy Humiliation

You have big thoughts of yourself, don’t you? You have quite the ego. We’ve been out a couple of times together and I can see that you think yourself quite the playboy. But I think it’s all an act. I don’t think you live up to the hype. Wanna bet? Alright. If you can stare at my cleavage for 30 second without cumming in your pants, you and I will have sex. Sounds easy enough, right? I don’t think it will be easy. I can see you’re so very hard just thinking about it. I don’t think you’ll last. But let’s give it a try anyways. 30. 29. 28. Oops. There you go.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Unique Humiliation

You boys know how I much I love to see you debased and humiliated. Proper humiliation really puts a slave in his place, I think. Public humiliation has a much more lasting effect than private or solo humiliation. So, we’re going to focus on that today. I’m going to put you through the gambit and make you put yourself in one humiliating pose after the other. Then you’re going to take pictures of yourself in each of these poses! Sound like fun? Well it shouldn’t. Your submissive nature and your need to be humiliated will be captured forever. Your life as a humiliated whore will be forever remembered in these images.
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FetishLiza – Foot and Shoe Domination (Complete Movie)

I summon my SHOE SLAVE for a rare treat: he may WORSHIP my sexy SO KATE Louboutin heels. But he must be gentle and not get any scratches on them. I take my shoes off and shove my FEET in his face. Making him SNIFF, taste and inhale them deeply. His slave cock is growing so it will be perfect underneath my foot, towering over him, always showing his lowly spot. I make him JERK OFF in to my SHOES because it is funny and sad at the same time the way he desperately tries to CUM. When he does I only see one drop of SPUNK in my shoes! The rest was dropped on the floor. Now he can LICK the SPUNK from the inside of my heels.
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DivineBitches – May 21, 2019 – Mia Little, Papa Georgio

Little Man: Mia Little Punishes and Pegs Papa Georgio

Divine goddess Mia Little is the kind of sadistic mistress that likes to keep a spare man-slave locked up and restrained in her garage. Her sex-pet, Papa Georgio, is fully incapacitated by stiff, leather wrist and ankle cuffs that make it impossible for him to escape. He sleeps on a pile of cardboard and trembles restlessly in anticipation of the stern hand and sadistic whims of his mistress. He hears her stir and he startles awake. From the basement garage he can hear Mia pleasuring herself and purring with sexual moans. He can feel his cock stiffen with hunger to serve his master. The masochistic man-whore hears Mia approach so lifts his head to make sure that she knows he’s fully attentive to her presence. Mia then drags him upstairs to punish him with brutal corporal punishment and impact play. She makes him crawl across the floor to fetch her large wooden spoons so she can beat his undeserving ass. Mia spanks him until it’s raw and swollen from her stern hand. She proceeds to hit and abuse his balls and taint which causes her pain-pig’s cock to drool pre-cum. He can’t help himself; the mere touch of his mistress fills him with delight. He lives to be punished because he knows how unworthy he is. Growing tired of his cries and yelps of pain, Mia tosses him onto his back and makes him watch as she toys and plays with her tight and hungry pussy. She grinds her ass on his face and shoves her stocking covered feet into his gaping mouth. He devours the divinity of her foot worship and chokes out platitudes of thanks and praise. Mia grinds a vibrator onto her pussy and her male sex slave begs to watch her cum. Mia cackles and pleasures herself over and over and watches her servant drool with desire. Now that he is warmed up Mia yanks his legs into the air and jams her strap-on dildo deep into his tight asshole. He howls from the pain of the anal penetration, but a little man like him relishes the attention. His asshole quickly gapes open and Mia begins to slam his asshole, pegging him into submission. As the giant dildo massages his prostate his cock uncontrollably oozes precum and grows stiff with desire. Mia begins to stroke his shaft and laughs at his pathetic pleads for release. She cruelly milks his dick and repeatedly and relishes in her slaves pain as he winces from the of orgasm denial. He entreats his mistress to allow him to cum and when he can’t possibly hold it another second, Mia allows him to blow a giant load all over himself. Tired of her little slave, Mia tosses him to the floor and makes him crawl back to his hovel in the garage.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Cybill’s Way – Super HD

The slave guy thought he was going to get a boot worship session, but Cybill Troy decides to make his life a little more challenging. If he wants to lick and suck on her sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, he needs to earn the privilege, do as he’s told, endure whatever form of suffering she desires… he’ll have to do it Cybill’s way!
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SubbyHubby – Life As Josi’s Houseboy – Josi Valentine

After locking James in his cage for the night, Josi lets him know that this is just the beginning of his suffering. She will use and humiliate him all she wants, flaunting her hot body in front of him while denying him any pleasure at her whim. Just to show him how pathetic he is, Josi blows smoke in his face and ashes her cigarette on him as well. Josi lets her new bitch know that he is going to be spending the night in a cage, but she is not totally heartless. Josi at least leaves him something to drink if he gets thirsty during the night. This clip is part of the movie “Houseboy Slavery.”
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EvolvedFights – Billy Boston, Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre is Laughing at the fact that she is wrestling Billy Boston. She is small and got destroyed by Lance Hart but now that she is impregnated by Lances Power seed, she has a new set of skills and power to show off. Billy Boston thinks he just hasn’t been able to get a break with his match ups. Evolved Fights has been throwing him to the wolves his previous pairing with the likes of Cheyenne Jewel and Tori Avano who both have formal wrestling training. Billy is certain that because Charlotte is so submissive and small that he will finally be able to get his win and prove he’s not a worthless male. He shows off a little in round 2 which puts him in a good position for round 3. Round 3 is do it time for both wrestlers. No one wants this sex fight to go to the judges decision so they are going all out to inflict the coveted OOTM (Orgasms on the Mat). One wrestler fails completely and gets the utter humiliation. The winner uses the loser for pain only. The loser must endure over the knee OTK Spanking and painful camelclutch submission holds. The Winner Squats over the losers face as if they are sitting on a toilet and makes the loser like their asshole clean with their “toilet…
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