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Mommy Kiki is all dressed up in sexy lingerie and black high heel shoes. She has Mr. Slayer on the couch with his rock-hard cock ready for her. Kiki gets on top of her BBC lover, reverse cowgirl style, and bounces up and down on his huge dick. Her step-son is forced to watch his step-mommy get fucked. He has his chin resting on Mr. Slayer’s thigh only inches away from Mommy’s pussy getting pounded. She is facing her obedient step-son so she can laugh and humiliate him verbally while she gets fucked. Then Mr. Slayer flips Kiki over and fucks her doggy style with the boy watching from underneath. Finally, Kiki is fucked in yet another position as her step-son watches Mr. Slayer burst with cum all over Mommy’s pussy and legs. Obviously, it’s his job to clean Mommy’s pussy after she gets fucked by her BBC! He thanks Mr. Slayer for making Mommy happy. Someone has to because Daddy sure can’t!
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Miss Roper has her slave in the dungeon on his knees. After dishing out some corporal punishment with her whip and cane, she now decides it’s time to tease her slave with her perfect body. Her slave’s cock is already rock hard. Miss Roper wants to keep his cock hard so she teases him by unzipping her latex body suit revealing her gorgeous breasts. She then sticks her round bubble butt right in his pathetic face to further his torment. Poor guy is so close but is not allowed to touch her perfect body. Miss Roper spreads her legs and forces her bitch to watch as she pulls her latex to the side and begins to rub her pussy in front of him. You can tell how badly this slave wants his Goddess. He would love to fuck her with his now completely rock-hard cock but Miss Roper informs her bitch that he will be fucking her pussy, but not with his cock. Miss Roper shows him the dildo gag and tells him that he will be rewarded now by being allowed to please her by fucking her with a chindo. The cock gag is attached to the bitch’s face and he pleases his Goddess by giving her an orgasm with the chindo. Miss Roper lays back and moans in delight as the dildo goes in and out of her wet pussy. After cumming, Miss Roper gets up abruptly and slaps her slave’s face, telling him that he has served his purpose with this dick on his face. She is laughing with a devilish grin, I think Miss Roper has more in store for this bitch!
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Do you know why you’re so easily seduced and manipulated? The answer is simple. It’s your cocks. The male gender as a whole is so sensitive to the slightest suggestion that a woman may be attracted to you that you lose all sense of logic. Your cock controls your entire decision making. All a woman has to do is give you a smile and you’re ruined. The more attractive a woman is, the less she has to do to utterly control you. Your minds turn to goo and your hand runs to your cock. The pleasure of jerking to a beautiful woman is more satisfying than having control over your life. But it’s purely biological. Your gender has been taught by evolution to hump everything that moves and spread your genetics onto the next generation in every way that you can. It’s weakness that starts all the way at your DNA. There’s no avoiding it. The best you can really do is make sure the women you’re jerking off to don’t have to see it. It’s not their fault you’re genetically inferior.
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MenAreSlaves – Clean My Boots Piggy – Goddess Cadence

Cadence feels like relaxing for a bit, which usually means work for her slave. His hands are bound but that is of no concern of hers, she still wants him to fetch her drink and then lick her boots clean while she lies back and observes with a smile.
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DivineBitches – Nov 6, 2018 – Dee Williams, Kip Johnson, Pierce Paris

Couple’s Cuckold Conundrum

Pierce Paris works tirelessly on the taxes of his and his wife’s, Dee Williams. Dee comes home happy to see her hubby. She tells him that she cant wait to have some alone time with him but Pierce pays her no attention. She exposes her big beautiful tits and strips down to her underwear to catch his eyes but he types away on his laptop. Now angry and horny, Dee texts her tennis instructor, Kip Johnson. She sends Kip a sexy photo and writes to him that she needs some dick. Kip comes over right away and Dee gets right to it. She pulls Kip’s pants off and sucks his cock in front of her husband. Her husband Pierce finally looks up and notices his wife sucking some strangers cock. He gets mad but Dee explains that its his fault for not paying better attention to her and her needs. She tells Pierce that if he wants to make it up to her, he’d better suck Kips cock. Reluctantly, Pierce wraps his lips around Kip’s cock and sucks it. Dee orders her husband to get undressed as she bends over their couch to let Kip lick her pussy from behind. She makes Pierce do pushups while she crops his ass. Next Dee applies clothespins to Pierce’s ballsack and rips them off with her teeth. In the next scene, we find Pierce lying naked on his stomach with a ball gag in his mouth. Dee whacks him with a leather flogger while Kip jerks off in the background. She climbs on top of him and shoves her huge dildo in his ass and fucks him hard with her strap-on. She invites Kip to come fuck her pussy while her dildo is still buried in her husbands ass. After that, Dee puts her husband on his back and shoves both of his nuts up his ass. She enters his ass with her fist with his two balls and makes Pierce watch her get fucked. She comes hard from Kip fucking her and tells Pierce to flip around so that he can get a better view from underneath of her getting fucked. Dee asks for Kip to cum inside her and he blows his fat load up her pussy. Dee tells Kip to scram and pushes all of his cum onto Pierce’s face hoping he’s learned his lesson.
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SubbyHubby – Stretch It For Raven and Bella (POV)

Do you want Goddess Bella and Mistress Raven’s big purple cocks in your ass? Of course, you do! You’re a slut and your dream is to be used and abused by dominant women. You dream of being taken from behind like the whore you are. The only problem is that your tight virgin ass can’t handle Raven and Bella’s cocks yet. Your little asshole needs to be stretched. Awe. Don’t worry, Raven and Bella are here to show you the way. Watch as they teach you how they like their slut to be prepared for fucking. You better pay attention and take notes because these Ladies expect you to be ready, willing and able to take their cocks when they see you.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Panty Jerking Loser

Aww, if it isn’t my little panty jerking loser. You know, you’re probably the most pathetic little loser that’s ever crossed my threshold. You panty obsession is all that keeps you alive, isn’t it? I mean, you have to know how absolutely ridiculous you look as you jerk furiously. Any video or picture of mine in my panties is enough to send you in a rubbing frenzy. You’re going to have to be careful. Your dick might just fall off from your masturbation addiction. I think I want you to really see how pathetic you are. I think today you’re going to wear these panties you’re obsessed with and jerk and jerk until your little cummies soak those girlie panties of yours. So go on, fetch a pair. I want you to experience just how much of a loser you really are.
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SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude (Full Movie)

Bella Ink and Raven Eve are looking hot in their skimpy bikini’s relaxing by the pool. They are bored though because they are the only one’s there. They wanted to have some kinky fun today. Just when they almost gave up hope, two pool dudes showed up. While they are cleaning the pool, they notice the two beautiful vixens. They whisper to each other that they are going to try to hook up. The ladies notice the two young guys and decide that they will have to do for their kinky games. First Bella and Raven have the guys give them foot rubs. The guys do a good job with the massage, so the women allow the boys to worship their feet. They suck and lick the ladies’ feet. Bella and Raven are pleased with the new prospects. They want to find out how much of their kinky games the boys can handle. They bring the pool dudes inside and make the one with the smaller cock, suck the bigger cock. After they are amused by forcing the boys to be bi, they let the guys know their plan. They want to fuck them with their big strap on cocks! One of the guys can’t handle having his ass fucked so he leaves his willing friend there. The remaining guy turns out to be submissive. Bella and Raven put a collar on him and make him their new slave. He is forced to watch Bella play with her pussy and orgasm in front of him. Then it’s his turn to take Bella’s cock in his ass while Raven rams her cock down his throat. In the end, everyone is happy. The Ladies have a new slave and the pool dude gets to be the submissive slut he always wanted to be.
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MenAreSlaves – Cocks Should Be Shocked

With Phoenix, Princess Leya and Black Widow in the room you know it will be a good time. Well not a good time for the slave of course, he has the cock shocker wrapped around his balls and the girls fully intend to torture him with it for their amusement.
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Clubdom – Pleasing Mistress Crystal – Crystal Rush

Mistress Crystal is tired of her slave’s mouth and tongue. She asks her bitch if he wants to please her. Of course, he says, “yes, Mistress!” She then tells him to open his mouth and takes the dildo gag from behind her back and shoves it in his mouth. Mistress Crystal spreads her legs and demands that her bitch fuck her pussy with the chindo. At first the slave isn’t working hard enough, so Mistress Crystal yells at her bitch to fuck her harder, faster and more intensely. Once her bitch begins using the proper motion with his head and neck, Mistress Crystal begins to moan and scream in pleasure. She instructs her bitch to make her cum, as he continues the dildo fucking from behind now. Mistress Crystal grabs his head and grinds her ass in his face as he makes her cum with the chindo. This bitch knows now that he is here to please Mistress Crystal. What he wants or needs doesn’t matter anymore.
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Clubdom – Forced to Worship Mistress Crystal

A young man arrives at the estate thinking that he has scored big time. He answered an online ad of a kinky, hot Russian chick. She told him to show up wearing a hood and a collar. Just as he is finishing to tell his friend on the phone about how he is going to bang a hot Russian today, Mistress Crystal Rush comes over and grabs her new bitch out of his car and forces him to his knees. Mistress Crystal is a very demanding Russian Dominatrix. She is going to teach her new slave who his Mistress is and how to respect her. She slaps his face hard and commands her bitch to smell her pussy and ass. After the new slave properly shows respect to his Mistress, they proceed to the dungeon. Mistress Crystal leads her slave on a leash, forcing him to crawl on all fours. She spreads her legs and plays with her pussy while her slave worships her boots. Mistress Crystal commands her bitch to deep throat the long heel of her boot. She tells him to suck it just like a cock. Finally, she allows her slave the privilege of licking her pussy. Mistress Crystal moans in ecstasy as she pushes her slaves head deeper into her wet pussy. This is just the start of Mistress Crystal’s fun today!
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SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude Part 4: Strap On

The Ladies tell their slave that it’s time for phase 4 of his training. They have already made him worship feet, suck cock and teased him with pussy. Now it’s time for his real slut training! Bella Ink and Raven Eve are wearing big purple strap on cocks. They already know this bitch can suck a good cock. But he has to get their cocks wet, so they can pound his tight asshole. Goddess Bella fucks the slut in the ass while Raven makes him suck her cock. He moans with pleasure and pain as the Ladies are having a ball, smiling and laughing. It’s been awhile since they’ve had a submissive bitch like this. They have more plans for this slut in the future!
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SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 5: Strap On Slaves

Brianna and Dava have their cuckold slave kneeling on the floor. They are standing next to him both wearing strap on cocks. I guess cuckold slave is going to get to go to pound town after all! Out of nowhere the pathetic neighborhood pervert shows up. He kneels before the Goddesses holding a bottle of wine that he obviously has been drinking himself. The ladies told this loser to bring them champagne and flowers hours ago. Not only is the creep late but he didn’t bring flowers and brought wine instead of champagne. Now they are going to make this pervert their bitch just like the cuckold slave. Brianna orders the pervert to suck her cock. The cuckold is already gagging on Dava’s big strap on. After getting their cocks nice and wet with their spit the slaves are put on the couch. They are on their hands and knees facing each other as Brianna and Dava pound their asses. The ladies laugh as both of the bitches scream and cry from the big cocks stretching their asses. The cuckold is useless so he is dismissed. The cuckold is warned to be good or they will bring him in the dungeon next time!
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FemdomEmpire – Femdom Foot Spa – Adria Rae

After a long day standing in her heels Mistress Adria only want’s one thing in this world, to have her sore feet worshipped and pampered like a Queen.
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MistressT – Therapist Assesses Perversions

Custom vid for Simon, his name is mentioned a few times. During our therapy session today I am going over your sexual habits:

– you’ve never had sex (you’re a virgin)

– you live alone & masturbate at least twice a day

– you view a lot of porn. Mostly pics of women’s asses but also gay porn

– you fantasize about sucking cock, eating cum & having anal sex with men

– you like to wear panties & put dildos in your anus

– you save loads of ejaculate in the freezer & eat them when you’re masturbating

– you fantasize about sexy women telling you to do these things

Using professional language I assess you to be a deranged pervert who will never have a normal sex life with a woman. I am cruel & cutting with my remarks. Determining that you will not be able to listen to reason while you have an erection, I tell you to masturbate & get it over with so we can have a civilized conversation about your issues. I then try to encourage you to do better things with your time & to get some control of your disgusting behavior.

BONUS PART 2! There is a 2nd part that acts as a web cam check in at a later time. I ask if you’ve made any progress & finding that you are becoming aroused by our conversation I forbid you from masturbating & deem you hopeless.

So part 1 includes a stern masturbation instruction to climax with lots of humiliation/shaming. Part 2 (about 5 minutes) is just harsh judgement/rejection/orgasm denial.
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