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HouseOfSinn – Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation

Mistress Kennya keeps Her slave hubby caged under Her bed, humiliated again and again with each and every bull She takes to Her bed. She loves to fuck real men, not the worthless wanker that breathes only to pay for Her lavish lifestyle. As She fucks the bull lovingly, the poor bastard wanks pitifully to the humiliation of hearing and seeing his beloved wife being pleasured by a real man. But the real nasty humiliation is yet to come; Can you guess what it is?
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House Of Sinn – Mistress Saida – A perfect toy for My sadistic streak

Mistress Saida knows very well how to break Her pain sluts and this one is in for a treat tonight because the cruel Lady has in mind to use every implement in the room just to see which one is more painful…What will hurt him the most? How much will he take before the first whiny scream? And after that, She will use that very implement to beat him all day long…a perfect toy for Her sadistic streak. Her slaves are so lucky! Don’t you think so?
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House of Sinn – Too eager to last

When a male creature is bound like this for Queen Lissandra, hes more than helpless to Her beauty and power, so eager to please, so mindless with pleasure that he cannot last. Wrapped in clean foil, teased with the aroma of his Mistresses pussy, face sat, there is only one outcome.His eager cock is overwhelmed with excitement and is bound to cum but no pleasure in sight for this pathetic male, no real orgasm, just long streams of cum with barely a touch. His Mistress hasnt granted him the right to cum so he will eat his own spunk in preparation for the punishment he’s about to endure soon, very soon…
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House Of Sinn – Mistress Saida – The pleasure of your screams

Mistress Saida wants to be pleasured today by Her loser slave and Her pleasure is to hear him mewl and scream, terrified and crying like a big baby. What better way of doing it than by dripping scorchingly hot wax on his pristine skin. For a cruel Goddess like Herself, whipping is boring sometimes, the cane too soft, humiliation not enough so fire play may present the perfect opportunity for intense pain for him… as well as intense pleasure for Her…
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House Of Sinn – Miss Tressa – Beg for My cane

Miss Tressa walks her mutt slave in the forest enjoying his torment as he’s stung by the abundance of nettles. She cannot let the opportunity of a punishment pass so She decides to whip him with the nettles picked by his own hand until they are as tattered as his back. The only way to stop this punishment is to beg for Her cane; and he does so with enough conviction as to be granted the soothing pain of his Mistress cane. Little does he know that Miss Tressa enjoys to inflict pain without regard of the implement, the harder, the better. He finds out though as the canning session is much harder than the nettles and now he’s confused, what can he beg for to be granted a little mercy?
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House of Sinn – Mistress Saida – Ashtray for a Goddess

Mistress Saida is a stunning, elegant and sophisticated Goddess, revered and worshipped by all Her miserable male subjects. This one is secured as a service table dutifully holding his Goddess’ premium brand cigarettes in his mouth ready for when She may wish to smoke. His steel encased useless cock twitches in its restrictive metal prison as She seductively applies fresh lipstick to Her full perfect lips.There is no need for a glass ashtray when a slave’s mouth is at a Mistress’ disposal. This creature is so desperate to impress and serve his Goddess that he holds his mouth wide open to accept the gift of Mistress Saida’s ash. He pleads and begs to serve and touch Her magnificent body but as befits Her low life subject the only touches he will get will be the slaps on his sad face and the burning butt on his tongue.
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House of Sinn – Queen Lissandra – Caged Anal Whore

Mistress Lissandra is the Queen of strap on whose favourite activity is fucking the asses of Her male whores. Today She has a surprise for Her naked caged slave – well it is not really a surprise because once he sets eyes on Her big strap on he knows he is in for a vigorous ass pounding that will only stop once his Mistress is tired of him. She releases him from the cage where he spends most of his lowly life and straps him to the bondage bench before driving Her big black cock forcefully into his willing ass. He is such an anal whore that the cock slips in easily and as She thrusts hard this fuck toy soon starts to moan with pleasure betraying his slutty pleasures. He will be left tied to the bench, ass stretched and exposed ready for much more cock.
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