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MeanBitches – London River POV Slave Orders

The MeanBitch Gym has a new manager and that means new rules. The new rules are: SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHATEVER MISS RIVER SAYS! She makes you get on your knees and worship her!
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MeanBitches – Nina Elle POV Slave Orders 3

Goddess Nina knows you are a weak submissive pig who will do anything a beautiful Goddess tells you to do. She starts by making your put your belt around your neck and choke yourself. Then she drains you of your money and your self-esteem while you worship her! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, JOI, CUM…
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The boss’s daughter Sami is a spoiled rich brat who always gets what she wants. She’s working as an intern at your company and she knows that if you don’t make her happy, her Daddy will fire you. She makes you worship her like a Princess!
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Jason’s new boss is a MANEATER! She looks at him with disgust and tells him she doesn’t tolerate losers. She makes him beg for his job and then to keep it, he has to get on his knees and kiss her sweaty asshole. She teaches him how to succeed in her company!
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