Strict Restraint – The Lesson of Breath – Holly Michaels

Sunday, November 6th, 2016
  Holly's first day of BDSM continues as I ramp up the play...even a newbie can adjust fairly quickly to the rigors of enduring all types of play....the adjustment is made in their own head...and Holly does begin to figure out how to process lots of extreme input...I help her out with one word....BREATHE...through electricity in her pussy, bastinado, clamp play, water play...well, it's not so easy to breathe during water play, but she even finds a way to deal with that stress...very impressive for a young woman...Holly will be… Read More

Strict Restraint – Newbie Skin – Holly Michaels

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016
  Here's a very fresh face for you in Holly Michaels...y'know what else is fresh? Her tits...amazing...She's a young woman who is new to just about everything BDSM...she has no could she? She hasnt been through it and she doesnt know about it...So, I explain her RED word very well and tell her to communicate when she needs to...and I decide to keep a close eye as I put her through many tests...I hold back a bit on the impact play as I find how sensitive newbie skin really is...Holly does a great job, abosorbing… Read More

Girls Abuse Guys – Shy Girl

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
  It's Aubrey's birthday and because her friends Holly and Nikki are concerned about how shy she is with guys, they decide to get her a naked guy as a present. He walks in and they announce that he is her own personal fuck toy to do whatever she wants with. But to their surprise, Aubrey doesn't want him to fuck her - she wants to fuck him and wants… Read More