May 02, 2014 – Hazel Hypnotic, Cyd Black

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014
Duration: 00:50:08 File size: 1026 Mb Format: mp4 Hazel has been with us for a while and she knows what we are capable of. That doesn't mean we won't surprise her. A blindfold allows her imagination to work wonders as we prepare the unimaginable. First the nipple cups. You just turn the nob and the piston sucks the nips in. As the blood balloons in her nipples it brings a new level of sensitivity to her tits. Soon they are the perfect targets for a sharp caning that will have her eyes welling up with tears in a matter of seconds. The Wartenberg… Read More

Apr 18, 2014 – Hazel Hypnotic

Monday, April 21st, 2014
Duration: 00:40:57 File size: 838 Mb Format: mp4 You probably don't think of orgasms as being a form of intense torment for the person having them. Hazel Hypnotic never did either. But when Cyd Black got his hands on her she suddenly saw the potential. The first step is increasing the sensitivity of her pussy as much as possible. That doesn't mean going at her with a vibrator right away. In fact, it is all about the impact toys at first. A cane, a riding crop, then a thin and stinging flogger all fall across her pussy, one after the other,… Read More