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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Valentine’s Trance

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that’s either terrible or wonderful. For you I imagine it brings up so many negative feelings. You’re very aware of how single and alone you are. Even if you’re not single, I’m sure you’re aware of every glaring flaw in your relationship. Really the only relationship that isn’t flawed in your life is the one you have with me. I want to remove some of the negative stigma from this holiday. I want to watch you fall deep in to a relaxing state of acceptance. You need to accept that the only relationship you should really be fostering is the one with me. Whether that comes in the form of gifts, personal sacrifices, or declarations of your devotion. I am the only woman you should be paying attention to this Valentine’s Day. Think of it. As long as you keep buying my clips, mine is the love that never sours.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Golden Ass

I don’t know what it is with you boy, but you are *obsessed* with shiny leggings. I know my ass is sexy and curvy in all the right ways, of course. However, there is something so specifically arousing to you men when I wear shiny leggings. Is it the shine off the perfect globe of my ass? Is it the thinness of the barrier between what you can see and what’s really there? All you must do is imagine sliding your hand over the smoothness of the fabric and your cock goes hard. There’s no pomp and circumstance to this. This is pure shiny ass worship.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Perfect Tits and Armpits

Admit it. You’re obsessed with my arm pits. You don’t need to hide it from me. I can see the way your eyes trail to my pits when I lift my arms. While most men would be distracted by my pussy, all you can think about are my armpits. You just want to press your face in them and drink deep the scent of my pits. It’s part of the reason you love my breasts too. With their proximity to my underarms, they too gather sweat in much the same way. I know you dream about burying your nose in the deep heat of my cleavage and being overwhelmed with that feeling. I know it’s all you want. My armpits and my tits are a grueling obsession of yours you’ll never break.
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MistressT – Be My Service Sub – Sale Priced!

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If you served me in real life you would be expected to perform all kinds of duties…including oiling me down after my bath…from head to toe…massaging the oil into my Goddess body. You can think about that while I talk to you about your life as my slave…& cum for me as I command you to…
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YoungGoddessKim – Leather and Lust

The most amazing boot worship instruction and domination is about to begin as you await in anticipation on your knees. I have just got dressed into My leather outfit to go out. I know you can’t stop admiring how I look in My full leather outfit. Kiss My divine boots and greet Me properly, slave. I see how affected you are by My power and authority. you are stripped of your ego and grovel before My boots like the bitch you are. you need thorough guidance on how I like My boots worshiped and cleaned. Beg. Follow My boot worship commands as you work hard to please Me. I will take you by the leash and guide you, boot bitch. And don’t think that I don’t notice how it makes you feel being so low beneath My boots desperately licking My soles and sucking My heels. I know how horny and weak you are. Shut up and bite on this gag. you drool for My boots in desperate arousal begging for relief. Come here boot slave, I have a surprise for you..
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – My Tits Are Too Good for You

I continue to find your obsession with my breasts extremely fascinating. Since the beginning of my career I’ve been inundated with requests to bare my beautiful tits to the world. Now I’ll be fair, they are amazing breasts. I love to tease men with them. I love to play with them. I love the way they look and feel when wrapped up in leather or latex. Unfortunately for you, I’m never going to bare them fully. I don’t have to, so why should I? I get an immense amount of pleasure teasing you with them. I just cover my nipples with my hands and you’re a raging jerk monster. It’s so satisfying to me. You’re one strip of cloth away from seeing my full, round, amazing breasts. But you’ll never see them.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Positive Reinforcement Trance

There are moments in your life where you feel downtrodden. You feel like the world has disrespected you, overlooked you, or dismissed you. For many of you there are moments of humiliation in your day to day lives that you never escape. Now some of you have turned this into a fetish. Feeding on a thing that would otherwise shut you down. But I know that this isn’t always possible. Sometimes a good slave needs a bit of positive reinforcement to bolster his confidence and set him on the path to be the best slave he can be. Today I’m going to do this for you. I’m going to walk you through this place where my words of encouragement are the only reality. I want to build you up. Your service is better and more efficient when there is some confidence in your that you can be a good slave. This is what I want from you. I want to encourage you to do all the things that make you better. You are my property after all. Don’t I deserve the best?
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Humiliatrix – Sadistic Princess Asheigh Cages Your Cock to Tease & Deny You

“Why am I wearing this sexy lingerie? Why did I permit you into my bedroom? I want to make your cock ache. Make your heart break. I want to see the desperation in your eyes and the drool streaming down your ugly face. Is your penis prison locked tight? Good. Then it’s time for you to worship your sadistic goddess…”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Encompassing Your Life

Tell me, how does it feel to be so utterly consumed by my beauty? As a dominant woman, I couldn’t even imagine having my life revolve around a singular person like yours does. Day after day your waking hours are spent jerking to me, thinking of me, and worshiping me. All of your nights are spent dreaming about me. It consumes you in a way that is so complete that you even imagine you have control over it! You think it’s just a fetish. You think I’m just a fantasy. But my power and my image consume you. Hours after you’re done watching a clip of mine you can hear my words on repeat in your mind. I enjoy watching your inner turmoil. Part of you knows you’re being taken by me every second of every day. Part of you wants to refuse my voice, but every other part of you aches for it. Now that you’re mine this ache never goes away. This hunger for my presence will never be satiated.
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Humiliatrix – Mistress Kendra Stokes Your Shameful Desire to Be Her Cuckold

“You lust to be my cuckold. To cower in the closet watching me get fucked by a real man, afraid of getting caught, knowing that I’m going to humiliate you after he finishes. It makes you ashamed and excited at the same time. Take out your cock right now, stroke it, and beg to be Mistress Kendra’s cuckold…”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Holiday Treat

Winter is here and nothing says winter like celebrating the holidays. When I think of the holidays, I think of how grateful I am for all of the good things that have happened in my year. When you think about the holidays, I know you think of how grateful you are that you get to experience my body the way you do. Especially my tits. It wouldn’t really be a holiday celebration without celebrating these perfect mounds of mine. There’s nothing like them really. Just the sight of them can send you into an aroused frenzy. So today you’re going to spend a few minutes out of this busy holiday season to worship my breasts. Who knows? Maybe I’ll give you a little present and slide off my blouse.
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GoddessJasmineMendez – Double Dom FaceSitting CBT!

Men are so fucking Pathetic , you have no use in a woman’s world. That tiny little dick just can’t get the job done that’s the reason you can’t enjoy life because you know just how disappointing that dick is. so no cumming or enjoying our big beautiful ass on your face Losers like you are not allow to cum let alone breath the same fucking air with breath . We can’t have you enjoying things like this , Only real men with Big Dicks get that privilege Oooh you can’t breathe with my Ass on your face Lol my Ass is eating up your whole face isn’t it C’mon bitch take it like the man you say you are hahahaha This is Domination to a new level bitch you can’t breath or get hard because we own your Dick . Look are these balls getting so purple awwww bet they hurt so much Lol , Yes I bet it does bitch Slowly we are Breaking you & teaching you how worthless you really are!!!

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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Slave Puppet

With just a word and a glance I can make you do anything. You don’t even need to go down for me anymore. All I need to do is tell you to worship and you’re on your knees. But today you are going to go down for me. You’re going to go into a place of such sweet submission that you won’t even feel in control of your own body. You’ll feel your hands pressing against the floor in worship. Your lips will move to worship my boots as you kiss them. You cock will stiffen with arousal without ever being touched. Why? Because you’re my little slave puppet, that’s why. I move my hands and yours move the same way. You dangle on little strings for me, just waiting to do as you’re told. You’ll worship every inch of my shiny slick ass and my leather boots because I make you do so. There’s no control here. There’s just me and you, my little obedient slave doll.
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MistressT – No Escape From Me: Your Addiction

You thought you could kick the habit? You really thought you had that much self control? Ha! You’re a junkie & you always will be. No one makes you feel the way I do. You can’t help yourself. You keep coming back for more. Thigh high leather boots with a slender stiletto heel…opera length leather gloves…my naked, gorgeous body…you never had a chance. I’ll edge you this time, toy with you, draw it out…enjoy making you squirm & beg for eventual release.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Slave Positions 101

Now that Mistress Ezada Sinn has demonstrated some of the work she’s completed in conditioning her slaves, I’ve decided I’d like to show her a couple of things I like for my slaves to do. So we’re going to run this particular slave through his paces. He’ll have to follow my every instruction and memorize each new position as it comes. I don’t stand for vapid slaves who don’t know how to properly worship Goddesses like Ezada Sinn and I. Like a puppy in training, we’ll walk him through every trick one by one until he gets it right. If his performance is unsatisfactory, we’ll have to reinforce his submission by giving him a brutal fucking.
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