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GlamWorship – You Wish I Had a Cock

Hello my dirty little faggots. Can we PLEASE stop with the “I’m not gay that’s why I buy your clips Miss Harwood.” Please. By the end of this clip you will be wanting cock and in particular my cock. This banana will work perfectly. I want you to picture a big hard cock. That’s right. Get on your knees like a good boy for me. Get that cock out and stroke it for me. Now get nice and close and suck this cock. That’s it loser. Suck this big fat cock! I should buy a strap on so I can fuck your ass with it. Bend over for me and spread that ass. Good boy. Just imagine that I’m fucking that tight asshole of yours. I bet you would love it. Nice and deep in that asshole of yours. Take that cock for me. Deeper and deeper. Now take it out of that asshole of yours and suck it clean like a good bitch for me. Get it nice and clean bitch. No, you don’t get to cum today loser, maybe next time! – Dannii Harwood
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A mesmerizing and haunting glimpse into the side effects of letting this Asian Goddess into your head. I am the voices inside your head. I know what’s going on in your head. Your brain is mine. Your heart is mine. There is no escape for you. I am all the voices inside your head: sweet and sexy, demanding and feisty, dominant and seductive. I control you. You know it. Trust me. Let go. You are mine.

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TheLaughingLatina – Xmas takeover! HD

You are a secretary at a local large company at Christmas.Your boss has asked you stop by his house on the way home to finish off some paperwork. Your boss secretly has a thing for you and you know it. You have dressed in your sexiest work wear and have on a Christmas hat as you have had a little Christmas party at the office. Your boss lets yo in and you sit on the rather grand throne that he has in his front room . He sits on the couch as you get out the paperwork. You notice he’s a little nervous this close yo you with it just being you & him. You decide to tease him by opening your legs and flashing your panties at him. He cant help but notice and pretends to drop his pen on the floor in front of you.

While crawling over & picking it up he is looking up your skirt. You see this and decide its time to take advantage. You pretend to be shocked and ask what he is doing. He is speechless, so you go to him and force him to lie back using your feet. You s tep astride him and tell him how you have seen him looking at you in the office and you have wanted to be his boss. You sit down on his chest and ask how he likes you being in charge. He does! You ask as he was looking up your skirt would he like a closer look at your panties and inch up to sit on his neck, pinning his arms under your knees. You ask how it feels to have you sat on top on him. Then you ask if he would like a closer look which would mean you sitting on his face. He’s not keen, but you’re not bothered, so you squat on his face trapping his wrists under your heels.

You like sitting on your boss and had this planned as you have in your bag a document transferring 75% control of the company to you. You tell him that as you are sat on top of him and he is helpless that you are going to sit on his face for progresily longer periods, in all positions, until he signs the document. He is shocked so you get on with the plan, which involves grin ding and bouncing on his face and smothering him to near suffo-cation. Near the end you sit back on his neck and tell him that you will sit on his face every day if he signs the document, which he does. Once signed, you tell him that he is now the sleeping partner but you are going to put him to sleep permanently. You sit back on his face in the squatting position, with his wrists pinned and tell him you will sit on him until he passes away. When done you thank him before collecting the document and leaving.
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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a domestic slave to not one, but two Goddesses? Well watch and find out!

Being a domestic Domme requires having a domestic slave. These are real life situations that a Domme like me can’t come up with. Take for example the slave in this video. His name is David. After a long day of shooting, he came over from his boring ass 10 hour a day job just to bring Katelyn and I dinner. He prepared it by putting the sushi on plates and serving it to us.

He then waited on his knees for more instructions. Katelyn poured some beer in his man bowl and forced him to drink it like a good puppy. We took things a little further by putting wasabi in the beer and a worm for him to try. There is nothing a real slave can’t do in front of two beautiful Dommes, is there?
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MistressT – Exploiting Your Need To be Controlled By Me

Of course I’ll take advantage of your weakness. Your craving to give yourself over to me. To follow my instructions. To do what I tell you to do. You want me to have power over you. You’d happily hand it over to me, your everything…
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Mandy Marx – Too Much Too Much

I actually see myself blowing a fuse in some poor boy’s mind at some point during a scene like this, which is so much fun. Just a super hot positive destructive chastity tease that I really think you all need. As real as it gets. Very sweet, unrelenting.

Making someone wish they had a safeword, in scenes with chastity devices, is becoming routine. I do hope I don’t start getting a big head over it.
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OMG this loser worships me!! The chastity device was the best thing I ever purchased!! it has turned my slave into a glossy eyed, mushy puddle of patheticness at my heels…TOTALLY drooling over my sexy ass, legs, calves and feet! he will literally do ANYTHING I say without question because he knows NOT to fuck around, or he’s NEVER getting out of that chastity cage!! I HAVE ALL THE POWER, and it makes me wet.

This clip is general torment and exploitation of my slave’s desperate mental state– since locking him up (this is day 3), I’ve noticed an improvement in attitude and focus: I have literally become his world…he follows me around like a little puppy, drooling at my feet and obeying my every little command at the snap of my manicured fingers. I have him wrapped around my little toe, it’s actually really pathetic but at the same time utterly hilarious to watch a grown man being reduced to crawling around on the floor, following my feet around–ANY command is instantly obeyed without question. I’m going to have fun with this >Smiley And oh yes, I flaunt my hot, sexy body every second of the day–tormenting his weakened male brain with my tight, toned feminine curves, cute bubble butt, shapely legs and calves, and my cute pedicured princess feet. he doesn’t stand a chance!!!

In this clip, I allow my slave the privilege of worshiping from his knees–my ass down to the heel of my shoe, making him lick the kitchen tile around my feet, the bottom of my shoe, arches of my sweaty feet…and press nearly full weight into his swollen balls with my powerful feet. Torturing him is an extreme turn on, and my dripping wet pussy is orally serviced into an amazing orgasm, after which I have my bitch massage my goddess feet while I relax. Enjoy!!!
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You Will Quit the Dating Sites to Be Ashleigh’s Chastity Puppet

“Why are you wasting time on those dating sites? You know you have zero chance of hooking up with someone as super-hot as me. So. Why don’t you get real with yourself and devote yourself to your true destiny: being Princess Ashleigh’s anonymous internet chastity puppet…”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – No God Before Me II

I am very disappointed in you. In the hustle and bustle of every day life, you’ve forgotten me. You’ve slacked in your tributes and servitude to your Goddess. I don’t understand how this can be. You know you owe your entire existence to me, right? You owe your life, you wealth, your sense of being to me. I took you and formed you into being with my own hands. I crafted you into who you are today. So you’re going to remember that. You’re going to watch and worship and jerk to me until you give me proper tribute. I am not a merciful Goddess.
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“I want you addicted to my beauty. I want you crippled by my commands. I want you up all night tonite, watching every one of my devastating videos. Over and over. So that you wake up a sleep-deprived, Ashleigh-obsessed wreck. With blueballs and a tiny throbbing cock. And then do you know what you’re going to do…?”
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